Silent Steps Of Some Decentralized Instincts In The City


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by Kaybid

New street art series “Uni’s”
Will be minted on May 5th* on SuperRare!
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Instinct and intuition are emotions that are decentralized. They come from the ancient times with gene chains and re-exist in us, which is the last link of the chain.

These decentralized structures on the blockchain are derived by humans, who are physical beings. And it only makes sense and value for people. Just like works of culture or art, like architecture, music or painting. They are not only in blockchains, but they also walk with us on the streets, on the sidewalks, between buildings, and they come to life with us.

“Uni’s” will be minted on May 5th* on SuperRare!

“The basis of my work is the vitality, the place of life in the world, the people, the people and the civilizations that we have created. All my collage works are original and unique. None of them are copies, prints or stickers. I made them all myworks with my own hands, I make them very traditional  methods. I use as few technological tools as possible when creating my collages. I’m almost never using the scissors and cutter tools. I’m trying to get as little waste as possible. By evaluating all the parts in my collages, I provide an organic integrity in my works. A piece of paper that I used in my first work can also be included in my last work, like  transmission of genes. And finally I leave them to the streets; into life, to live their lives…”

About Kaybid:

Kaybid is a street artist who brings together painting, collage, GIF, animation, video, augmented reality. Kaybid consists of small scale walking animal figures that are spread across the urban landscape. The project has been going on for over two years, and includes 400+ handmade collages of 30+ different animal species.

The animals that are wandering the streets silently may remind the viewer that the world does not only belong to the humans, or that the urban ecosystem is one that actually is quite alien to the organic realm. The animal images not only bring about an immediate reaction of compassion, but also due their ubiquity, archaicness and approachability exist beyond all norms and biases.

Every single frame of the movement of the animals is created individually, and make up the cohesive walking animation when watched back to back thus bringing motion and life to the image of the animal.

Motion is at the very heart of life.

The singular animals that are installed on the walls are actually each a single moment of a continuous inertia. The passer by on the street does not only see “an animal”, but also gets to witness “a moment”. Videos and gifs allows for these moments to coalesce and unite in motion. When asked about life or livelihood, we can’t yet talk about non carbon based beings or a habitat other than planet earth.

The installation locations are all spaces that the urban life passes through: outside of buildings, sometimes the insides, walls, the pavement, abudments… These, the cities indeed, are spaces that these animals would normally not exist, nor would they ever want to. There isn’t much chance we could encounter any other creature anyways. Because we would not let them.

“I follow and document the processes of aging and wear off all the animals I paste. Thus, I have the opportunity to follow the time, the urban conditions and the effects of the streets.”

“Kaybid uses handmade collages for each and every frame in the animation. The artist then fixes the collages onto streets, photographs them, and creates cyclical animations to make the videos of animals walking through streets. The artist marks the locations of all animals in the streets on Google Maps to follow their existence in the city, how they stood up to urban conditions, and how they deteriorated and became extinct, and photographs these processes to post them on their social media accounts.“

Kaybid’s works has been exhibited in various exhibitions such as Mamut Art Project (İstanbul, 2020), 16th Istanbul Biennial “The Seventh Continent” Public Programme (Istanbul, 2019), Digital Graffiti Festival (Florida, 2019), Greenpoint Gallery Night: “Vitrine” Screening, Plexus Project (New York, 2019).

Also Kaybid works in tandem with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to create merchandise that funds animal conservation efforts in Turkey.

“I can’t write code for a decentralized and open-source culture, but I can collage with torn papers.”

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