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Weekly Top 10 Picks by jhsilvis70 (@SilvisJohn)

Distance Dance by @grif

‘Distance Dance’ finds it title from the social distancing guidelines outlined by the World Health Organization to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The subject explores his space, out-stretching his arms to embracing the emptiness. The infinity mirrors on either side represent both the monotony of self isolation, but also the seemingly infinite repetition of time & routine. The soft cylindrical fibers represent the catalyst of movement as it pulses through the body, creating a wave of expressive energy. The subject, overwhelmed with this new sensation of expression, becomes tangled within his own creation. The film combines motion-capture technology with dynamic simulations, and digital cinematography. Audio by Echolab.

Lunch in a boat by @sixnfive

We create digital imaginary spaces where we would like to be. In this creation, we also decided to remove the mosquitoes. From our collection of favorites made in 2020.

Mosquito Acid Valley by @trochut

Mosquito Acid Valley is an image created for the legendary Italian parties of 2005. I was invited to take on the character created by @superexpresso and remix it into a gravity zero moment of euphoria, love, and psychedelia. At the time, I was very interested in the use of digital airbrushing in Photoshop, and combining them with fluid shapes and cartoonish surreal images. /// I’m committing 10% of my gross sale of these works to Carbon180, a climate nonprofit working to create a world that removes more carbon than it emits.

Tristan and Isolde by @gmunk

A thousand years in the making, the legend of Tristan and Isolde endures. In this re-imagining of the epic romance, we place the lovers in the moment of their rapture: after drinking from the psychedelic potion that binds their souls and places the adulterous lovers in mortal danger. Tristan pulls Isolde back from the underworld, her breast filled with longing for her tragic, true love. He watches as she remerges, her face possessed by a kind of ecstasy that only eternal love knows. They will die in this moment, to live forever.

Catch the mole by @stefanocolferai

After exchanging glances several times, Tom and Lucy finally decide to meet for the first time at the carnival. She would like to escape and go elsewhere but something is holding her back, and she will probably watch Tom play to ‘Catch the mole’ endlessly continuing to chewing her cotton candy.

The Dreamer by @codyseekins

A boy finds himself within a vision of animated mutations. Their forms encroach so much they threaten to overwhelm him. At left are a mass of denizens, exhibiting mammalian, fungal, plant, snake, and bird characteristics, all in the process of a slow fermenting metamorphosis. The least mutated member of the group is a crow, mouth open and facing vertically in a soundless “kaw!” as it is absorbed into the mass. At lower right is a particularly toothy creature; something akin to a giant chlorophyll green membrane, thick and embedded with innumerable moving eyes setting above a dark maw passively laying in wait. In the middle beyond the young man an entity yawns wide a beak-ish mouth, around which are more spiny and pincer-like projections branching out of a segmented green skin existing corporeally somewhere between amphibian and plant. Its teeth are like maize covered in a thin cataract. It jiggles its beak and moves its pincers in a display that is somewhere between creepy and silly. Further still in the distance are a variety of strange sparkling eyes and a mushroom cap with human teeth. Hovering before the boy is a psychedelic alien, communicating via its manifestation as a nexus of colors, forms, and shapes spanning the spectrum from butterfly to bird to fish to mandrake vegetation and more. Its left side precipitates into glowing blue-green worm-like transparent fingers, from which a dancing broadcast of blue filamented energy engages the boy’s mind. The alien is dynamic in its expression, from blue auras, to busy writhing digits, to a radial fin that illuminates, to three upward facing beaks emitting energetic particles. Haloing the boy’s head is a dim cratered moon setting against a dark starry sky. His eyes and face are illuminated by an unknown and intense multi-hued light source. His hand reaches out timidly to touch the alien vision before him. The image speaks to a reflection of how personal transformation relates to identity.

Palmer by @_james_owen_

Part of the Xavier series by James Owen. Audio by @gallahertz

CEREMONIAL FORMALITY – Chapter A by @frederikheyman

Ceremonial Formality explores the post-human body under influence and in interaction with technology, the desire to overcome humanity. A surrender to an external higher force, the protagonist taking control via mechanics to reach an emotional state of empowerment. “Transcending the limitations of our natural condition.” This work was originally created for ShowStudio.

YOUNG MEDUSA by @friend_five

Rare photograph of the legendary Medusa at a young age. Can you resist her gaze? ///// friend_five is a visual artist from Austria (Europe) who collects old photographs from the beginning of the 20th century at flea markets. He digitizes the photos and edits them in a way to make them look fantastic and surreal. The title of this series is called DELUSIONS. His inspiration comes from dadaism, surrealism, literature, movies, pop culture, street art and so on. friend_five´s images invite you on a journey into a strange world that seems similar to ours but is completely different.

Mush by @jerico

This piece is part of a series of 3D artworks depicting abstracted mycological ecosystems. It was created in 2015 and instantly became one of my most iconic artworks. “Mush” has been featured on platforms and blogs like Behance or Adobe Create. This artwork remains one of the most important pieces in my career and should be my first NFT listed on SuperRare.

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