Top 10 Picks by MaryAnn Ead: Abstractions and Non-figurative


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Weekly Top 10 Picks by MaryAnn Ead (@Maryannead)

Abstractions.  Non-figurative. 

Coincident #2 by @mikedotalmond

In pixel portals they found similarity, and through a window saw the sky. // In their place they could compare uncertain futures, the rain, a tear. // A tear before the window, realising they were outside. // When darkness formed a mirror, from which they could not hide.

Abstract Thinking No.2 by @melduarte

Lines that loosen you up and bind you. — Original artwork by mel duARTE.– 7088x6300px – 300DPI – JPG.

Inside the Stellation Pattern by @gmunk

By mapping the vertices of a Convex Icosahedron and lensing through an optical distortion field, the stellation of the polyhedron remodels the resulting symmetries.

Finnigan by @goksiuta

A composition of geometric shapes inspired by Bauhaus artists. Shapes are mathematically calculated to create feeling of harmony and peacfulness.

hx_8e003 by @hexeosis

has the ocean lost its way // 1920×1080 px // 60 frames // GIF // infinite loop

The Fold Ep2 by @_james_owen_

The Fold, part of my DesignEpisodes series, has been featured in various architectural and design publications around the world. A mesmerizing blend of fine art and motion design.

Liquid Crystal 4 by @jsf

Wave series.

Wish Resigned. by @hisartwork

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d.

Clicking Into Place by @thesarahshow

When the mood is right and the rhythm’s with you, everything comes together. Signature VideoFeeling by Sarah Zucker / @thesarahshow. Created in studio with digital animation and analog processing on VHS. Filmed in 4K from vintage CRT TV screen. Single Edition. Created 2018, remastered and editioned 2021.

Flowers II/VI by @jonaskasperjensen

With the series ‘Flowers’ Jensen is exploring the rendering of analogue images into digital images in computers. The base images for the series are a collection of photographs taken in a small German village. The photos were taken on Kodachrome film, a slid-positive film that is now discontinued. What is so special about Kodachrome film is that the light that creates the image is exposed directly into the film and that the unexposed material is extracted in the process of developing the slide. It is as if the slide-film is taking a tiny slice of memory of reality with it in the shape of thin layers of colors. The films have been scanned and thus digitalized and then again rendered into 3d models in an attempt to reconstruct the city landscape. To create the 3d models that the final ‘Flower’ images are made from, Jensen has been setting up some parameters that make the computer render the images with slight variations. These variations sometimes turn out very different from the original and thus give the result a ‘life’ of its own. Jensen is interested in this failed transition from a pure analogue medium to the digital sphere and the new alternative worlds that is created in this failed transition. Flowers understood as the reproductive part of a plant are in a sense the core of this experiment. How will a new artificial nature within a digital rendered world look and most importantly, how will it re-generate itself and evolve? As our biological beings come under ever more pressure from increasing unhostile environment, we might need to find solutions to where to live our lives and exist. If the tendency will be an increasing time shared in the clouds of computational graphics and virtual worlds, how will this then look and how will we populate this space in coexistence with the digital? The series ‘Flowers’ has been uploaded and tokenized to the Ethereum blockchain and then staged in the blockchain based virtual world Cryptovoxels making the circle complete. The material images of the real tangible German city have become distorted flowers with a life of their own in an intangible world. The installation ‘Flowers’ can be seen by visiting Cryptovoxels from the middle of November 2020 following this link:[email protected],263S , the parcel has been sponsored by the crypto art collector Tokenangles The work will also be featured in the publication ‘Into the clouds’ by CICA museum press.

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