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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Karina (karinaraf_)

69 carat by @planttdaddii


SOAK ❉ Emotion Paradox Series: 3 of 4 by @animalitoland

When problems come in droves, there’s no time to strategize. You try dodging the 1st, 2nd, 3rd.. Until you realize everything is overflowing. You surrender and let it go through you. Your new shape, polished by the mud, shines solid and calm. ❧ SOAK is the 3rd of the 4 pieces from the EMOTION PARADOX series. This series aims to visualize strong complex emotions, difficult to describe with just words. Looking at them “in the face” is a good way to start coexisting and accepting them, a part of us .·:·.✤.·:·. DIGITAL PAINTING based on a previous series of my own, exhibited at Pictoplasma’s “Form follows Empathy” (Berlin 2015) .·:·.✤.·:· 4500 x 3500 PNG (Uncompressed)

Gazelighting by @untitledarmy

I remember as a kid catching myself thinking, well in 200 years I won’t be breathing. Imagining, what the Nothing is like? the Void. That is some scary feeling. Seems it’s part of one’s existence to gaze into the abyss at some point in life. I wanted to capture that feeling with this piece, the dance between the mesmerizing void and the constant call of the present moment. This piece is a 1080x1350px loop. Art and Sounds created by the UntitledArmy.

Bugs – Dragonfly by @zunino

Have you ever seen bugs bug? Available in its amber case which should last, at least, a few millenniums. 1200*1200, .mp4.

Open Your Eyes by @oelhan

Can you see what I see ? Created in Illustrator, After Effects and Cinema 4d. 2000px × 2000px

Spring Bloom by @kristyglas

Air was fresh and sweet and luminous petals flowed in the warm breeze. Plants and trees bloomed in magnificent colors, so much beauty to take in. The hero strolled among the giant trees as they whispered to her the stories of the past. They were the ancient guardians of this dominion that had dreamed through the ages of what’s to come, and they were finally awake to witness the world changing. The hero recognized melancholy among the muttering excitement, the longing for tranquility for just a little longer that she felt. She had many places to go to, but here she felt at home, hidden until she wanted to be found. Sun embroidery on her cloak glittered as she continued, hope and luck woven into the magical cloth, her travelling companion. She paused, as she heard rustling in the thickets of leaves-a small head popped out, it’s eyes observed her with friendly curiosity. —— Adventure series is a journey about discovery, persistence and personal growth, set in a fantasy world that takes life of it’s own.

Actinia by @jaschasuess

1920 x 1920 | 30 FPS | Seamless Loop | Sounddesign by un.studios | Generative simulation inspired by corals and marine plants

Polyphasic sleep in Helsinki by @vimparijoonas

need for sleep. twice a day. made with procreate.

Mãinha, meu chinel quebrô! by @patriciacosta

Scenes: Mom, my flip-flops broke! To be a child is to live running and breaking flip-flops. To save durability, a piece of wire or paper clip. Creation process: acrylic paint, collage with colored paper and digital editing. // Cenas: Ser criança é viver correndo e quebrando chinelos. Pra salvar a durabilidade, um pedaço de arame ou clipe de papel.

Going Green by @grif

An abandoned classic Porsche 911 in the desert is overtaken by a wave of energy, re imagining the steel shell as a fertile garden. Part of the Equinox Collection
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