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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Squad by @tierras_raras

Edition 1 of 1
Un poco raros los 90’s pero la squad on point.

The use of colors really makes tierras_raras’ art stands out. Nobody else dares to use colors to such full saturation while the whole composition is rather minimalistic. The main figures usually only occupies very small space in tierras_raras’ art, leaving the rest of the image to the fullness of colors. Visually it’s very powerful and unique.

PILGRIM by @adampriester

Edition 1 of 1
Oh, brave Pilgrim, lost on a journey that never began.

In adampriester’s previous artworks, you see all kinds of things growing out of human bodies to portray feelings such as wounds, doubts and thoughts like thorns. In PILGRIM, countless cables/wires growing out of a face (or are they actually plugged in?), it’s a clear continuing of the main theme with which the artist’s obsessed. I don’t really get the meaning of “PILGRIM” in this art. But focusing around the brain, I’ll guess it’s about an inner search, with countless cables symbolizing thoughts – all are futile, frustrated and lost.

Supreme Pole-01 & 02 by @currytian

The 1 & 2 are inseparable in this series as they are about the duality of Yin and Yang, East and West. One is incomplete with the other. There are so many counterparts in both of them, corresponding with each other. Very, very interesting to look at the details in both together.

Chinese elements are such as the cinnabar red, the lotus throne in the Buddhist totem, the hand gesture of Añjali Mudrā (praying), the spire of a Chinese temple, and a Buddhist nun.

Counterparts are western elements such as flying angels, Christian church, gesture of making an oath, and the Elizabethan Collar.

Happy to see a Chinese artist onboarded on SuperRare and bridging the gap between eastern and western culture in such an interesting way!

The Cryptofixtion by @philipcolbert

The Cryptofixtion
Edition 1 of 1
Today we are consumed by technology completely, it’s become a new religion, and as an artist I find myself completely immersed in it, it seemed completely obvious that my creative persona THE LOBSTER should be on the cross of technology. Titling this first NFT, THE CRYPTOFIXTION, Colbert identify’s the role digital ideology is playing in the re-brith of a more digital orientated era for humanity, and the defining role art plays in such times. Colbert has created a global following for his cartoon lobster persona and his masterful hyper pop history paintings. His work powerfully explores the patterns of contemporary digital culture and its relationship to a deeper art historical dialogue. “I became an artist when I became a Lobster” says Colbert. Verisart Certified: https://verisart.com/works/philip-colbert-1d3ea413-9f86-4d5b-9c2c-9bce0e82920b

As a fan of Pop Art (sorry) I really love the Lobster guy. I’m fascinated by how dynamic, fun and full of youth energy his art looks. Known as the “godson of Andy Warhol” British hyper pop Artist Philip Colbert is celebrated for his masterful hyper pop Paintings and has created a global following for his iconic cartoon Lobster alter ego. He’s currently having a show in The Modern Art Museum in Shanghai that’s super popular. The vivid colorful scene can really cheer you up.

Fish_1824 by @soficrespo91

Edition 1 of 1
What would the fish in natural history books say if they could see how they’ve been depicted? – Part of Artificial Natural History series

Sofia Crespo is a very underrated AI/GAN artist on SuperRare. If you are an AI art collector, she’s a must have. Mostly on sea creatures, biology, and artificial aliens with such class, her works are exquisite, elegant and refined like biological specimen stored in a scientific lab, or the illustrations you see in an encyclopedia.

SHADOW by @marctudisco

Edition 1 of 1
1/1 EDITION // SHADOW by Marc Tudisco

marctudisco’s art is always dominated by color of silver. It gives a very metal, alien/post-human, cold feeling to it. The 3D model in this piece is not unusual in the crypto art scene but the artistic rendering of it is so beautiful and elegant. The body is cover with black ink, and is in the process of splitting into 2. There’s a hand of shadow around the neck, so quietly threatening, ready to end his/her life. The background is dark and greyscale, black butterflies flying around like shadows. The dark mood is totally set.

Fear The Old Blood – Blood Moon by @spizak

Fear The Old Blood – Blood Moon
Edition 1 of 1
When I was young, my father showed me “Jet Set Willy” on his ZX Spectrum. I remember being completely blown away.. What is this magic?! ..Now, over 30 years later, I’m still a fan of video games; I love playing them, talk about them, and creating art inspired by them. “Bloodborne” is truly an artistic and technical masterpiece; I felt it deserved art of equal quality. Thank you, Adam.

Recommend reading spizak’s Editorial Intrigued by “The Why”, you will understand the motivation behind his art: a homage to his love and passion for video games, an effort to revoke past feelings and emotions. There are always small details waiting for viewers to discover, to connect with, like easter eggs for the nostalgic enthusiasts.

Selfportrait 01 – Future of skin by @ondrejzunka

Selfportrait 01 – Future of skin
Edition 1 of 1
In 2018 – I digitized myself. In 2021 – I tokenized myself. I visited a facility in London that usually 3D-scans Hollywood actors for big AAA movie productions. They scanned me to create this model, which I went on to use for various self-portrait animations. This one speculates the future of skin, and decorative embellishments of an increasingly personalised nature. Among other symbols, the tattoos display names of the studios I have worked at around the world before starting my own practice. Hide the Zebra in Copenhagen, Aixsponza in Munich, Onesal in Tokyo as well as Future Deluxe and Man vs Machine in London. I have worked with some of the most amazing 3D artists and directors in the world, and my time at those studios has become a part of me. The teardrops are a bittersweet homage to leaving that chapter behind.

“In 2018 – I digitized myself. In 2021 – I tokenized myself.” Can’t think of a better self-portrait to represent digital art/crypto art of the 21st century.

It has very personal, emotional stories about the artist’s past forever recorded on an art piece stored on blockchain: the moving tattoos are the past studios he’d worked with, and teardrops are a bittersweet homage to leaving that chapter behind to start his own practice.

000X by @rubahitam

Edition 1 of 1
“in 2081, humans are plugged in with a power cord connected to 4555 battery. Plants grow out of their finger nails. 000X Device for daily use.” [H264-MP4/0:23/1760x2200PX/25fps] in collaboration with my brother (neodivisu) for the audio & visual

Besides the signature color palette of pink-blue and ample summer sunlight that make 000X instantly recognizable as a rubahitam piece, the relationship between see-through electronics and human body (usually with machines surrounding/plugging in humans), is also a recurring theme of the artist. There are fantastic details in his art – the more you look at it, the more you like it.

AIR-E-ILL V3 by @decentartwork

Edition 1 of 1
This is another 3D render of an aerial view of a skatepark that has been combined with graphic hand drawn illustrations. This piece completes the AIR-E-ILL series. (2500 x 2500)

Love decentartwork’s combination of 3D renders with hand drawn illustrations. Unlike most of other artworks which all feel quite other-worldly, futuristic, sci-fi, or larger than life, decentartwork’s art usually stays at a small scale, close to our daily lives, and has an intimate feeling. The vivid colors, dynamic hand drawn lines, and lovely 3D components are grouped together by the artist in a beautiful, unique way.

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