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Matthew Stone

United Kingdom
“Painting is an early form of VR” Digital artist combining traditional painting mediums with 3D software.

Edition 1 of 1
In ‘Dreaming’ a gestural brushstroke floats free from the canvas. Brushes and paint strokes have been used for thousands of years to render and represent visions of reality in art. Here, the brushstroke, the means of representation, represents itself as a digital and sovereign being. The traditional linen canvas transforms from the organic ground of being, to backdrop and void for a new realm of liberated activity. “Real world, physically painted brushstrokes are the genesis of my largely digital, creative process. This work holds the sense of elegance, expansiveness and peace I hope to find and share with those who connect with my work.” A high resolution video file will be shared with the collector of this work.


Brooklyn, NY, USA
Jason is an award-winning artist / designer based in Brooklyn. His work explores the communication of human emotions and he is most known for his electric color palette and his positivite words, often seen on large scale murals. Jason’s work has received global recognition including the Golden Novum Design Award and two CLIO Bronze medals. He works with brands such as Coach, Pepsi, Guess, Rag&Bone, and Maybelline. Jason loves spreading love with his art, and invites you to join him…

What color is my OPN HEART?
Edition 1 of 1
OPN HEART is a motif and icon I’ve used in my work for years. It lives on walls, paintings, apparel, jewelry, vinyl toys, sculptures, a hot air balloon, a boat… and now it will live MINTED on the blockchain. For my first OPN HEART NFT, I chose to animate with a simple concept, and this relates to a question I am commonly asked, “how do you choose what colors to use?” So the motion here is a visualization of my response to that question… and the answer is, you don’t always have to choose just one color… you can use them all.

Stefano Colferai

Planet Earth
Highly attracted by the melting between the digital and craft world, I produce stop motion and still frame reflecting my addiction to any hilarious aspect of life. Lucky enough to collaborate with Nike, Adidas, Footlocker, Converse, Uniqlo, Apple, Sky, WeTransfer, Disney, NBA.

In front of Marina
Edition 1 of 1
1920×1920 Plasticine, Stop Motion

Curry Sicong Tian

los angeles
Started as a Student Academy Award Winner, los Angeles-based filmmaker Curry Tian has held various roles including 3d motion designer, concept/digital artist, illustrator, animator, photographer, creative director at studios internationally. Born and raised in China, she is aiming to bridge the gap between eastern and western culture, video art and film, expanding beyond into 3d motion graphic and alternative modes of storytelling. twitter:

Edition 1 of 1
天と地の恵み 天与地的恩典 Grace of heaven and earth 両親の恵み 父母的恩典 Grace of parents 仲間の恵み 同胞的恩典 Grace of fellow beings 法の恵み 法律的恩典 Grace of laws

César Pelizer

London, U.K.
César Pelizer is a London-based illustrator and animation director. With 10 years of experience working in the Design and Animation industry, César has worked with clients such as KROGER, Google, Apple, Headspace, Youtube, and TED. He has also won two Wooden Pencils at D&DA and a Webby Award under the “Weird” category.

Head Spin
Edition 1 of 1
We all have those head spinning days? Why? I don’t know. 1920×1920

Fine Artist

Pray For a Better Time
Edition 1 of 1
This painting was inspired by renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch and is centered around the daily performance of social media.

Robert Chew

Concept artist, illustrator, creator. Working my way to creative and personal freedom. I create and explore ideas so I can share them with you.

Night Owl
Edition 1 of 1
The Rave Series: In the future, live entertainment will become a merger between advanced animatronics, drone technology, AR, and VR paired with advanced audio/visual systems. Artists can brand themselves using not only their music, but the musical experiences they create for their audience. Producers, visual artists, technicians, and engineers can come together to craft intricate multi layered events for their audience to create memories they’ll never forget. Illustration by: Robert Chew (ig: MasterChew) Animation by: Leo Dasso (ig: Haunt.ii) Audio by: Cyrus Shahmir (ig: byrnbryter)

Gavriil Klimov

Gavriil Klimov is an award-winning Designer and Creative Director. He works on real-time graphics and robotics to push the boundaries of what is possible in these areas.

Edition 1 of 1
Nostalgia is a double-edged sword. It can increase meaning in life, however, it’s possible of being engrossed with the past, so much that one cannot stand the present, hiding behind a mask; a mask of perceived golden youth memories. Obsessed with a past that is long gone one could end up in a downfall spiral.



The Alchemist
Edition 1 of 1
Destruction as a form of Creation. // This is my genesis work // 10000 x 6000 pxl +700 layers work

Frederik Heyman

Heyman’s work, created in a digitally altered environment, results in digital installations. He stages worlds out of relics from the past, exploring the desire to overcome humanity. Technology and the human body are the protagonists. His imagery, whether based on fact or fiction, ask us how we want to remember. This reflects in his commissioned works as well in his personal, more eclectic oeuvre. CLIENTS: Arca, Nike, Lady Gaga, Burberry, Nowness, Paper,… [email protected]

Edition 1 of 1
Ceremonial Formality explores the post-human body under influence and in interaction with technology, the desire to overcome humanity. A surrender to an external higher force, the protagonist taking control via mechanics to reach an emotional state of empowerment. “Transcending the limitations of our natural condition.” This work was originally created for ShowStudio.

Visual Artist

Edition 1 of 1
Graphite x Digital


OELHAN is a French digital artist, motion designer and VJ. His works intend to share emotions. He is interested in the “in-between” such as, between warm and cold, sadness and happiness, joy and fear, weird and ordinary. His dark artistic style of both illustration and animation calls inspiration from visual motifs of psychedelia, primarily in depictions of plants and humans.

Edition 1 of 1
‘AMPHORA’ comes from a period of insouciance when travelling was still a thing. I was on a train trip across Europe when I stopped in Rome and visited the Capitolini Museums. There was so many old potteries with inspiring patterns, representations and styles. Back at home I made this artwork mixing my own references with the pictures I took there. This piece reminds me the joy of travelling. Created in After Effects, Procreate and Cinema 4d. 1080px × 1080px

Marinel Sheu

Marinel Sheu is an Albanian Illustrator currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Marinel is known for his signature sunflower artworks or the cinematic evening sunset, you cannot help but notice his colour palette and details that make every artwork special. Through his work, Marinel’s Art tells a story or captures a moment in a very introspective way. His art evokes a melancholy, nostalgic feel and speaks in a universal language which most people can understand or relate.

‘Working Nights’
Edition 1 of 1
Working Nights is one of my favourite personal pieces that I created for Valentines Day 2020 when Covid-19 started. Resolution: 2800×2046 [9seconds loop].

Niklas Lundberg

Umeå, Sweden
Diftype is the artistic presence of Niklas Lundberg. Notable for his evocative style of contemporary art, bold compositions and intense textures. After working professionally in the industry since 2006, he has gained worldwide recognition as well as the opportunity to work with clients such as Cisco, Oppo, Audi & The Grammy’s.

Edition 1 of 1
My work is influenced by my current state of mind. Sometimes it can take me a while to process and understand what emotions I have captured in the artwork itself. During this process, I look back and reflect. This piece has a lot of emotional meaning to me and represents a bit of the stress I have been dealing with during the last couple of months. 4000x5000px.

Digital & Concept artist. I worked on projects such as, Cyberpunk 2077, Halo, Love Death & Robots, Blade Runner 2049: Black out 2022, Final Fantasy XV and many more.

Abandoned Fleet
Edition 1 of 1
Abandoned Fleet | Personal work 2020 | 6000x2550px 300dpi.

Friend Five

Vienna, Austria
*1980 Studies of art and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Freelance Artist since 2012. Exhibitions in Austria, Germany, UK, Russia, Finland, Greece

Edition 1 of 1
Rare photograph of the legendary Medusa at a young age. Can you resist her gaze? ///// friend_five is a visual artist from Austria (Europe) who collects old photographs from the beginning of the 20th century at flea markets. He digitizes the photos and edits them in a way to make them look fantastic and surreal. The title of this series is called DELUSIONS. His inspiration comes from dadaism, surrealism, literature, movies, pop culture, street art and so on. friend_five´s images invite you on a journey into a strange world that seems similar to ours but is completely different.

Mehmet Geren
I love taking on new design challenges and making ideas come to life for 14 years. INSTAGRAM: @mehmetgeren

Edition 1 of 1

Antoine Collignon

Freelance Artist crafting story telling science-fiction and surreal visions.

E x t i n c t i o n
Edition 1 of 1
EXTINCTION™ Part 1 – 15000 x 8435 | .PNG – The Extinction Collection is a series of hypnagogic paintings that depict the wandering of a man with two dogs as only companions in an altered version of Earth. This series works as a whole, as the more we travel by his side discovering this surreal reality, the more abstract the landscape becomes. This trip beyond what we know opens the sight to another physical dimension, explored by the character but also by the viewer. Mixed 3D + Digital painting artwork.

BK Zhou

London, Ontario
Hi! I am a freelance voxel artist loving creating Asian-style/Cyberpunk scenes! Hope you will like my artworks.

Train on the Whale Tail
Edition 1 of 1
“Voxel Artwork: Train on the Whale Tail” This piece is inspired from a Nederland news picture. The scene is so impressing that it records a silent communication between human-made architectures and the soul of creatures. The rescue from the statue makes people believe that when a statue is built, it may also be given its own soul. Fully built and rendered in software Magicavoxel.

Clara Bacou

Clara Bacou is a 3D/AR artist and director who has exhibited internationally at group and solo shows in Toronto, Miami for Art Basel with Gucci and Spetcacles 3, Lisbon, LA, Berlin for Pictoplasma, Florence, Budapest, Arizona, and at Frieze-registered galleries in her hometown London, with work sold in charity auctions for SWT and LandAid. An OLC for Snap, her AR art lenses have over 41m views, 32m shares, and 2k days of playtime and have been featured in: Forbes, Adweek, Elite Daily, The Verge.

Crying Dragon
Edition 1 of 1
Sadness and grief is temporal but the strength gained from going through these are eternal. This is Clara Bacou’s NFT genesis with sound by Nick Scarcella.


3D Digital artist, film maker, digital creator.

Edition 1 of 1
3840 x 2160 high-res poster for sci-fi short film ‘Dreaveler’ Are you ready to travel the dream world?

Andy Gilmore

Rochester, New York

Edition 1 of 1
9000×9000 jpg

Universal Everything
Universal Everything are an international digital art and design collective established in 2004. Using emerging display technologies, UE produce screen-based artworks that subvert cinematic CGI, physics simulations and real-time gaming graphics. Their work is at times immersive and interactive, often journeying into augmented or virtual reality. It exists at the balance between abstract and figurative. UE have collaborated with Nike, Google, Zaha Hadid, Chanel among many others.

Nature Always Wins – Airport
Edition 1 of 1
Universal Everything are an international digital art and design collective established in 2004. Using emerging display technologies as their canvas, UE produce screen-based artworks that subvert cinematic CGI, physics simulations and real-time gaming graphics, to create new forms of moving image. UE have collaborated with Nike, Google, Zaha Hadid, Chanel among many others. ‘Nature Always Wins – Airport’ is the first in a series of infinite film loops gliding over our cities, briefly reclaimed by nature. Triggered by the ‘re-wilding’ we’ve seen around us during the lockdown, these vistas offer a glimpse of a potential new normal. This work uses a Fair Trade Art Certificate and 50% of the artist’s proceeds will benefit GiveWell – Maximum Impact Fund. Verisart Certified:

Ugly filmmaker.

Sharing BBQ
Edition 1 of 1
Simulated marionettes. Part of the UGLY project.


Amsterdam, Netherlands
PosterLad is a graphic design project by Czech designer Vratislav Pecka. Designing posters almost daily since 2016. Abstract shapes, vivid colors, inspired by the 90s and Bauhaus school, that’s what my art is all about. I sell physical prints in shops and online stores in Europe, USA and Asia. German Design Award Winner 2020. Silver A’Design Award Winner 2019.

Bauhaus Tribute
Edition 1 of 1
The biggest influence on my work has had the Bauhaus school and I decided to pay tribute to it with my first NFT. The design itself is simple, almost minimalist. Hence I have also animated it simply, yet (I hope) appealing to one’s eye. Collector will receive the design on a physical canvas (30,5×30,5cm / 16x16inch). 30 sec | MP4 | 2000x2000px.

Thor Elias Engelstad

A Norwegian born Australia based visual artist, known for his innovative and recognisable characteristic style fusing fashion, art and technology.

New Breed N°4
Edition 1 of 1
Mind meets machine, A generative fiction project experimenting with neural networks and artificial intelligence.


art programmer

Edition 1 of 1
Mystical abandoned portal. Nobody knows where it is leading. Perhaps you want to check
it out?

Erik Ly

I’m a contemporary illustrator from L.A. I draw with my arms and sometimes those arms draw cool stuff. Please check out my website for more words about my career.

Drifting Away
Edition 1 of 1
“I feel her moving further away from me…” 4447 x 6500 PX


Gallery represented artist working in both digital and analog worlds

🧠 Brain 🐖 Farm
Edition 1 of 1
🍩 Donut ⚡Storm The original mission was Heavy Moon🌙, but somewhere along the way they got lost in Krovblitland. Digital collage with augmented and mashed up illustrations, obsessively pieced together to transport you in my world…Krovblitland


Los Angeles Born Digital Artist fascinated with biological utopian architecture and worlds where man-made developments have a symbiotic relationship with nature. Schmooze is an award-winning mixed media artist with over 10 years of digital art production.

Tower 01 – Hydrology
Edition 1 of 1
Tower 01 desires to be reclaimed by the natural environment. The circulatory system extends its reach to the waters below, harnessing hydro energy to fuel the adjacent towers. Towers of Ecologies. 1/1 Single Edition

Jerico Santander

Canary Islands
Jerico Santander is a Spanish digital artist & illustrator who represents the inventive world of post-digital media. He has worked as a freelance artist for clients such as Adobe, Nike, Coca-Cola, ASICS, EA Games or Toyota.

Edition 1 of 1
This piece is part of a series of 3D artworks depicting abstracted mycological ecosystems. It was created in 2015 and instantly became one of my most iconic artworks. “Mush” has been featured on platforms and blogs like Behance or Adobe Create. This artwork remains one of the most important pieces in my career and should be my first NFT listed on SuperRare.

Ryogo Toyoda

Tokyo, Japan
3D artist based in Tokyo. Clients: FENDI, Apple, Google, Nintendo, Disney. I got huge inspiration from local video games and comics, not only 3D art. Previously comic artist and graphic designer.

Mr. High-Fashion
Edition 1 of 1
It is said that wearing luxuary brand means success of life and we can show off our power and higher social status. On the other hand, some people wear luxuary brand to hide our weakness or complex/feel inferior. Like us, sometimes gorilla wears luxury brands to show their social status / how much bananas do they have or attract attention from female gorillas. There are high-fashon gorillas and non high-fashion gorillas but I’m not sure of the correct answer. 3800x3800px, SR-001

Simon Denny

Berlin / New York
Simon Denny (b. 1982 Auckland, New Zealand) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He makes exhibitions that unpack the social and political implications of the technology industry and the rise of social media, startup culture, blockchains and cryptocurrencies, using a variety of media including installation, sculpture, print and video. In 2016 he co-founded the artist mentoring program BPA//Berlin Program for Artists and has served as Professor of Time-Based Media at HFBK Hamburg since 2018.

NFT Mine Offset: Ethereum Kryptowährung Mining-Rig
Edition 1 of 1
Simon Denny’s NFT Mine Offsets recast each minted NFT as an automated mining unit—a crypto miner—using second-hand Ethereum “mining” computers purchased by the artist from (, where these machines currently fetch anywhere between $3,000–$20,000. Denny has worked with a gaming illustrator to produce detailed 3D portraits of these miners to create new digital artworks. Following their images’ release as NFTs, Denny will retire the mining computers represented from the Ethereum network altogether. Instead of the hardware using the energy typically required to host the intangible collectibles of the NFT wave, the processing power from these machines’ GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) will be donated to environmental research via, a not-for-profit climate modeling project overseen by scientists at the University of Oxford, using volunteer computing to study and predict climate change. The artist sees this material and market swap as a kind of offset in the NFT world, mirroring “carbon offsets” that many companies today are leveraging to redress the negative impacts of their business practices. The artwork is a poetic transformation between states—moving energy, matter, likeness, and attention from one network of value to another.

Jason Seife
Jason Seife is an Artist based out of Miami, Florida. Simultaneously making a name for himself in both the Graphic Design and Fine Art worlds. Jason has worked on projects with Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams, Mac Miller, Big Sean, and more. His paintings and sculptures have been the basis of successful solo exhibitions in galleries and museums across the U.S, Europe and Asia as well as collaborations with Nike and Kobe Bryant.

Edition 1 of 1
This work is my first ever mint. For this piece i took a smaller composition from one of my larger hand painted designs and rendered the image digitally. Inspired by the ancient meaning of birds in carpet imagery, which are said to be representative of fertility and new life. I chose to model and animate the birds evolving from 2d to 3d and wandering above and beyond the painting. Conceptually representative of this new chapter of further exploration in my artistic career. — Sound Design by Simon Oscroft

Ville Ericsson

Freelance Concept Artist and Fine Artist from Sweden. Worked predominantly in the games industry on projects like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Rage 2.

Igenkännande / Recognition
Edition 1 of 1
A digital painting made in Photoshop. A symbol for recognizing another consciousness, where does one end and the other begin?


TIME Is God Dead?
Edition 1 of 1
TIME Magazine, April 8th, 1966. Is _ Dead? is one of the most iconic cover designs in TIME’s 98-year history. Originally published on April 8, 1966, “Is God Dead?” was the first cover in the brand’s storied history to include only typography with no image and was designed for a story by TIME religion editor John Elson. As Elson wrote, “it is a question that tantalizes both believers, who perhaps secretly fear that he is, and atheists, who possibly suspect the answer is no.” The cover inspired countless angry sermons, 3,421 letters from readers and a lively debate at a time when 97% of Americans told pollsters they believed in God. This NFT is part of an exclusive series of three incredibly prescient TIME covers, including one of the most iconic covers in TIME’s 98-year history, and the first-ever cover designed exclusively as a NFT. The typography used on the 1966 cover was based on Bodoni Poster, designed by Chauncey H. Griffith in 1929. The bold contrasting strokes, strong verticality and easily recognizable serifs and ball terminals were perfectly suited for advertisements, posters and signs in the early 20th century. The typography on the two most recent covers needed to be hand drawn, as we could find no modern type foundry which has an exact interpretation of the one used on the original cover.


Orphic Phantasm
Edition 1 of 1
A composition that began out of a process of first asking: what did Orpheus see when he turned around? From the cycle of life between two legs in a birthing position, to a woman’s head as a house releasing a stream into a river – Orphic Phantasm unravels knots between myth and unconscious fantasy. Deconstructed into parts, the scene offers a glimpse into certain anxious messages caught up in our relationship with “where we come from” and “where we seem to find ourselves constantly trying to return to.” The scene was entirely designed in 3D, using several light passes, and a camera split diopter filter.

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