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viii interviewed by Benoit Pagotto

1) Hi VIII, can you tell us about yourself and the work that you make in one or two sentences.

hiii! first of all it’s a pleasure to meet you all and i hope you’re all having a great day ^^ describing myself and my work in a sentence is pretty difficult but if i had to pick one; i’m trying my best.

i don’t think my artwork has reached anywhere near its final form, nor have i been doing art long – so all i can do is try my absolute best to keep on going till one day i reach that level.

2) What made you start to get into illustration?

ooo good question, honestly there were three main reasons. one of the reasons was a game called MapleStory – i grew up playing this game and i thought the art in this game and cosmetics were awesome, definitely inspired me to want to do art.

Naruto is definitely the second reason – it was my first ever anime and i fell in love with how everything looked and the art behind the show.

The third and final reason is a little sad, but i found myself depressed in life and slowly gave up on all my hobbies and school. as a result of me feeling lost in life, i started drawings.   

3) What are some of the projects you’re the most proud of ? 

honestly, this is a difficult question haha. i think every artist/creative finds it difficult to be proud of their work – personally i hate all my work ; however i’m really proud in my improvement – so in one way every project is a part of a bigger and longer journey.

(first attempt at making an art piece to most recent, not even three years apart)

that being said, there are definitely some pieces that i’m super proud of just because i never expected for these people to believe in my talent and vision. 

in late 2019, i had the opportunity to work with megan thee stallion and create her cover for paper magazine – it ended up going viral on twitter and social media and everyone was in love with it – it felt amazing to get such a global response from something i put my heart into. 

the following year, Lil Nas X also ended up using my art as his wallpaper ; this was also another piece i was proud of in the moment.

i love fashion, like a lot a lot – earlier this year i designed and painted this Louis Vuitton bag and i’m really happy with how it turned out (i was shaking a lot when i was painting it) . i definitely will find a way to combine my love for fashion with crypto art!

i think every project i’ve done has a little bit of a story behind it – when you try your hardest at something and you can see it slowly starting to work, you can’t help but feel proud. 

i’m a constant work in progress myself, the project i’ll always be most proud of is myself – i went from wanting to give up in life to finding something i truly love and want to become the best at. 

4) How do you see your style and the possibilities crypto art can inspire you ? 

constantly evolving is a good way to describe my style, as someone who’s only been drawing for 3 years almost i understand there’s a lot to learn – i am always changing the way i do things to help me learn shortcuts and new secrets 🙂

crypto art is the same in a way, constantly changing and constantly growing. i think crypto art will help me and push me to my limits by trying new and bizarre concepts.

5) Can you describe your creative process? 

okay, if i’m honest, i don’t really have one… it’s super weird but i sort of just go with the flow of things – i’ve never really struggled with ideas or such , it’s just the knowledge and skill that i’m lacking in. as beeple says, dont worry about the idea, just sit down and start working and something will get done 🙂

6) What words and phrases would you use to describe your work.

i think my work is my life, i mean all i do is draw pretty much and i would love to become a well know artist one day and be super talented. if i’m pretty much putting my everything into art that i guess you could describe my work as a part of me? they’re just small fragments of time in my life put into a picture.

when you purchase an artwork from someone you’re pretty much buying a piece of their life, don’t you think that’s awesome? 

7) How did you first find out about CryptoArt?

i kept annoying my manager that i wanted to do something cool and he introduced me to SuperRare and explained cryptoart to me late 2020. yeah, it’s such a beautiful thing. 

8)What excites you about the movement? 

i think what interests me about the movement is the collectors – i find it beautiful how people are supporting artists and purchasing artwork for thousands in a digital format – it shows their love for art and’s very cool and i would love to speak and find out more about crypto artists and the collectors (i don’t bite hehe).

9) Who are some of your favorite artists on SuperRare?

@fvckrender, @jstn and @bakaarts are the first ones that come to mind, along with @rtfktstudios of course who got me into the space. However i really love seeing everyone’s work on SuperRare, its helped me find some crazy artists these past few months and can’t wait to discover more and get engaged into the community 🙂

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