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Grinning is sometimes mischief, sometimes contempt, sometimes a façade. Waking during a flight to wash his face and still half-dissolved in a dream, Feed Me ignores the wrong expression reflected back at him from the water. The moans of other passengers around his head are faint and of no consequence, mainly because moulded earplugs are brilliant. Reflection is a 1 of 1 unique perfect audio-visual loop – painted, animated, manipulated and edited by Feed Me. The piece is accompanied by an unreleased and original Feed Me track, written exclusively for the artwork. A high-resolution, high-bitrate version will also be made available to the first buyer.

Karan Singh
Karan’s distinct work is a playful combination of op-art and mid-century graphic design. Through restricted yet vibrant colour palettes and hypnotising pattern, he explores and exploits our perception of depth and movement. His work is a culmination of his life as an expat, having lived in and been inspired by the cities of New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam and now Melbourne. In the past he’s made work with Apple, Adobe, Louis Vuitton, Herman Miller, Nike, OK Go and IBM.

Lip Sync
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Geometric patterns have long inspired my work. The repetition of a simple shape creates a hypnotic effect, maximising a design which is ultimately made of one element. This animation is part of a series where I explore creating patterns through movement rather than shapes. I look for movement in objects and things that we might miss in everyday life, to change the way we look at them.

Ahmed Emad Eldin

Cairo, Egypt
The award-winning Pink Floyd’s “The Endless River” album art designer. Adobe listed me as one of “The Most Creative Visual Artists under 25” worldwide. I’m featured on CNN, Independent, The Guardian and many more. My artworks have been exhibited in museums including Victoria & Albert in London, Doge’s Palace in Genoa and Sotheby’s Gallery in London. I produce artworks for films and albums for the biggest names in the entertainment industry. I’m a Pharmacist as well!

Us and Them
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A surreal digital artwork created as a tribute for Pink Floyd by Ahmed Emad Eldin who is the official award-winning designer of their last album art The Endless River, Ahmed is listed by Adobe as one of the most creative visual artists under 25 worldwide. Many of his artworks has been exhibited in museums including Victoria & Albert in London, Doge’s Palace in Genoa and Sotheby’s Gallery in London.

Clinton Jones

Los Angeles
Hello! I’m a Director and CG Artist based in Los Angeles, CA. You can see my work all over the internet, from Corridor Digital, to RocketJump with Freddie Wong and on my own channel, Pwnisher. I have a love for creating detailed, story-driven art regardless of the medium. My art is inspired by music, travel and the ridiculous situations life can offer. Always learning and always growing.

The Swamp | Rescue Mission
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INFO: The Swamp | Rescue Mission This piece was crafted over five weeks with the goal of creating a detailed, photorealistic environment that tells a story. I really focused on the atmosphere, lighting and character in order to warrant an emotional reaction from the render. I am inspired by a number of things: — (ONE) An obsession with fog, rain, bad weather and the peace it brings me. It allows me to really slow down and be inspired by the beauty around me. — (TWO) Ambient music. Not that cheap spa music, I mean good stuff by Mount Shrine, Warmth, Boards of Canada, Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid and Ryuchi Sakamoto + Alva Noto to name a few of my favorites. It immediately puts me in another world. It’s the perfect idea starter. — (THREE) Video games like Silent Hill, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding are big ones for me. They all combine atmosphere, character, and music into a perfect playable story. — (FOUR) And travel. Exploring new worlds gets me excited like no other, especially when combined with ambient music and moody weather! St. John’s, Newfoundland offered a lot of the inspiration for this render. — The creation of this piece was live-streamed on my YouTube channel over the course of 5 weeks. It was the inception for a massive montage of renders by other powerful 3D artists that you can find on my channel as well.


Los Angeles
Jonathan Winbush is a multi-award winning motion graphics artist with over a decade of experience working in a wide arrange of mediums from television, movies, to virtual & augmented reality. Over his career Winbush has done work for Epic Games, Marvel, Warner Bros, & Happy Madison to name a few. Notable works include Iron Man 1, Lego Batman 2, Transformers, NFL on FOX, Power Rangers, Fantastic Four, Deadliest Catch and My Little Pony. He also creates tutorials on YouTube for free 🤙🏾

ənˈrē(ə)l sinəmə
Edition 1 of 1
ənˈrē(ə)l sinəmə aka Unreal Cinema was created using a unique combination of Unreal Engine and Cinema 4D. This award winning animation is a 1/1, Single Edition with custom sound design.

Benjamin Garcia

Madrid Spain
Venezuelan-born visual artist exploring the limits of traditional and digital image-making. Interested in the flow of consciousness and the connection between the theory of simulation and the possibilities of abstraction of reality. TWITTER: @benjamingarciaart – INSTAGRAM: @BenG_art

Edition 1 of 1
“Various methods of interpreting these ripples through space and time”

Amrit Pal Singh
✨3D Illustrator and Art Director

Malala Toy Face
Edition 1 of 1
A tribute to the girl who brought a pen to a gunfight. 30% of the proceeds go to the Malala Fund, a non-profit organization that advocates for girls’ education around the world.


KEPLER 88 88
I’m in game, holding popcorn and watching how The MATRIX changes my life. ::)

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The legendary duo Daft Punk

AWGE | @wallypdf

Edition 1 of 1
Proceeds will be donated to FreeRoss Freedom Fund. In 2011, my first experience with Bitcoin was using Silk Road. Then I learned how Ross Ulbricht, a first-time offender was sentenced to double life plus 40 years for a non-violent crime, without the possibility of parole. That didn’t sit right with me, and it’s only right to pay it forward. FREEROSS.ORG/DONATE

Alex Pardee

Los Angeles, CA
As a pop-surrealist artist, illustrator, toy designer and transmedia pioneer, ALEX PARDEE creates brightly colored nightmares, or as he calls them, BRIGHTMARES. His neon-colored work—often blending cute with horrific—is iconic. In addition to his personal paintings, crypto-art, storytelling and character developments, Alex has helped art-direct musical projects and film projects like Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch”. Alex is currently creating as many Brightmares as he can in Los Angeles, CA.

Edition 1 of 1
We all hide our actual mood behind a smile. Or at least we TRY to. 24-frame hand drawn, hand colored and photographed animation loop using traditional animation techniques, and assembled digitally.

Trey Holt

Dallas, TX
An artist and graphic designer working for BUCK in LA who’s based in TX and loves to skateboard, ride dirt bikes and play drums when he’s not creating art.

An Abstract Sculpture
Edition 1 of 1
This abstract digital sculpture is a modern take on traditional three-dimensional signage that one would see in the real world. (2096 x 2096) Enjoy

Neïl Beloufa
Neïl Beloufa (b. 1985) is a French-Algerian artist living and working in Paris. His films and videos have been presented at several international film festivals. He has had solo exhibitions at Pirelli HangarBicocca, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Palais de Tokyo, Pejman Foundation, K11 Art Foundation and MoMA among many others. His works have also been shown at major group shows including the Busan Biennale and Venice Biennale.

B, trying to reach out to its audience
Edition 1 of 1
Host B, is an NFT with a counterpart of the same name mapped physically in Neïl Beloufa’s solo exhibition “Digital Mourning” at the Pirelli HangarBiccoca in Milan. In the exhibition, Host B argues with two other hosts (Host A and C) about what the visitors should watch, think and consume as if it were the materialization of a politicized algorithm in a social network feed. Host B uses any argument it can to control the exhibition connected to its program. I was interested in the work as an NFT because it affirms its digital existence and, as stated in the exhibition, means the activity, life and value of the artwork are also on the internet. The certificate includes exclusive access to a 38-minute film shown on the physical counterpart to the NFT in the exhibition. Verisart Certified:


Edition 1 of 1
1080 x 934


Paris, France
Mattey is a 3D artist based in Paris currently focusing on Art direction, 3D and Motion Design. Working in a universe mixing abstract 3D and Space/Cosmos theme. From another universe… 🪐

Mushroom Meditation
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Mushroom Meditation. 2100x2625px 10s, 300 frames, 30 fps. Meditation allows us to enter into a relationship to an other self dimension. Mushrooms Garden can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance. So, when you meditate, you may clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress.


Brooklyn – NY
Untitled Army are the broken pieces of the Brazilian artist Lucas Camargo. Obsessively drawing the stream of life and puppet of a big art masterplan that might take him to nowhere but helps him to struggle through life.

I fall, You fall, We fall.
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The long months adapting to the idea of being single again brought a new perspective about myself and the people around me. Relearn to relate with others proved to be as hard as to how I connected to myself again. With time I found that I could paint my tears with colors and from that was born the UntitledArmy. As my first digital collectible piece, I chose this one. Like a kid, I had to learn how to conjugate life. Understand that there is I, You, and We. That there is pain and you can’t deny it but we choose to stay or to move. That there is so much to love and beauty even in the dark bits and I catch myself falling to what’s next over and over, hoping that will take a long time before I hit the ground. This is a 1080 x 1350 px loop. A ProRes version can be provided. Visuals, Sounds, and Life captured by the UntitledArmy.

Jan Sladecko

Los Angeles
Jan Sladecko is a 3D artist based in Los Angeles with experience from leading design studios across the world and many awards winning projects. Throughout his career, he has done multiple publics speeches in conferences like Siggraph and others. He enjoys experimenting in his work by combining humor, motion design, and storytelling.

Space Struggle, Ep.1 – Desire
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Space Struggle is a tragicomical series where we meet astronauts in all kinds of grotesque situations. Episode 1 – “Desire”, got loosely inspired by sending Tesla into space in 2018 by Elon Musk. Since then every astronaut needs a space car.

Ariel Lu

Ariel Lu is a 3D artist based in Berlin, occasionally Sweden. Born in Taiwan. Her work explores the beauty of softness and vulnerability through abstract forms found in nature. Always thrilled to find new color combination possibilities. ‘ I’m interested in building a world where lines are curvy, softness is perceived as strength. ‘

Edition 1 of 1
guéhniu | WIND YOUKAI | Named after Lady Moon in Taiwanese. A youkai can only be spotted during full moon. Power | Truth Reveal Mirror | The power can’t be used when the soul cage behind is broken.

Nicolas Sassoon

Vancouver BC Canada
Nicolas Sassoon is a Franco-Canadian artist using early computer imaging processes to create a wide array of pixelated forms & figures, moiré patterns & architectural structures. Nicolas often engages in cross-disciplinary projects online, in electronic music (New Forms), fashion (Balenciaga, UNIQLO) & contemporary art. His work has been exhibited in numerous art institutions, including the Whitney Museum in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris & the Chronus Art Center in Shanghai.

Home Study – House at Night
Edition 1 of 1
Home Study – House at Night is an animation referencing suburban homes, using a minimal visual language informed by early computer graphics to render impressions relating to architecture, landscape, light, depth and flatness. The animation is created using 3D modelling and image post-processing (dithering algorithms). This is the last artwork from this series. Artwork information: 777 x 800 pixels, loop, 256 colors, 192 frames, 25 frames per second. Included in this NFT is the original animation in GIF format in 5 different sizes, as well as HD and 4K video versions of the animation. Custom video versions optimized for various displays are available upon request.

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