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Ahmed Emad Eldin the Egyptian digital artist who created the last album cover for Pink Floyd recently joined us on SuperRare and he just dropped his first piece! We would love to introduce him to everyone.

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In 2013 Pink Floyd contacted Ahmed when they saw his work on his online portfolio and they asked to license one of his artworks for the new album which was The Endless River, they were choosing between Emad Eldin’s artwork and Damien Hirst’s created options! and as a huge surprise for Ahmed, it was him to be chosen by David Gilmour and Nick Mason to be featured on the album cover. Ahmed was the only designer to fill the place of Storm Thorgerson who passed away in 2013, Storm created every album artwork for Pink Floyd. 

In 2015, Emad Eldin was chosen by Adobe for their “25 Under 25” for the most creative visual artists under 25 worldwide and he was a part of the official TV commercial and Oscars spot for Adobe Photoshop and his work was premiered at the Academy Awards in 2015 and it was nominated for any Emmy, along with a nomination for Forbes 30 Under 30 list! 

Emad Eldin has been described as an acclaimed digital artist and photo manipulator whose work has been displayed all over, from museums to the sleeve of Pink Floyd’s album The Endless River and who has made a name for himself in the global digital art space often producing commercial work though much of his artwork comes from his own dreams. Emad Eldin is an Oniros Film Awards winner and Platinum Award winner for his album cover with Pink Floyd. His work has been part of exhibitions, including the “Bad Consumers” exhibition at Doge’s Palace, Genoa and “Kahlil Gibran: Guide for our Times” at Sotheby’s Gallery in London and “Their Mortal Remains” at Victoria & Albert in London. 

Emad Eldin created more than 10 posters in Hollywood and many other album art. Often, his works get top listed in the artworks of the year. One of his latest album covers was for MONO (Japan) which is listed in the best 20 rock album covers in 2019. One of his recent movie posters won The Best Poster award at Oniros Film Awards.

As the cryptoart scene became widely known, Ahmed wanted to join and share one of his artworks with us to have a new owner.

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Ahmed Emad Eldin

The multi-award-winning Pink Floyd’s “The Endless River” album art designer. Adobe listed me as one of "The Most Creative Visual Artists under 25" worldwide. I'm featured on CNN, Independent, The Guardian and many more. My artworks have been exhibited in museums including Victoria & Albert in London, Doge's Palace in Genoa and Sotheby's Gallery in London. I produce artworks for films and albums for the biggest names in the entertainment industry. I'm a Pharmacist as well!


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