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Jakarta, Indonesia
Crack is a graffiti artist, toy designer and digital artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Hatred of the society he lives in and the way that society thinks is what drives Crack to make his art. He is inspired by things in his daily life and a lot of his childhood memories. When creating graffiti, animations and designer toys, Crack likes to include elements of graffiti, Hip Hop and Japanese culture in his pieces.

Choose Wisely
Edition 1 of 1
Your life is not the real game, it’s a simulation. Play wisely.

Jaiden Stipp

15yr old Vector Artist/Illustrator with a passion for cartoony characters

Forever Colored
Edition 1 of 1
True colors showing through | High quality signed print included

James Tralie

Washington, D.C.
James Tralie is a Planetary Science Video Producer and Animator at NASA. His films, including documentaries, music videos, dramas, and animations have been selected by international film festivals for screenings and awards. Some of these include a screening at the White House to meet President Obama, screening at the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater, winning a Student Emmy, PBS screenings, and receiving YoungArts recognition.

Sun Room
Edition 1 of 1
A place to sit and relax amongst the sunflowers. Have a seat and breathe.


I’m a degree graduate from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. I have done ad design for Carlsberg, mobile phone carriers, numerous brands and titles in the gaming industry + hundreds of apparel designs. My goal for making art is to provide a true fill to emotional void. I want my creations to be able to resonate for years to come. I guarantee collectors who own a ROKK piece that the quality will reflect the thousands of hours spent and seen throughout my works portfolio and craft.

Edition 1 of 1
The year is 2021 and the rise of crypto is among the entire world. Prices are surging passed record highs . Bitcoin is leading the race for a decentralized economy with alt coins like ethereum trailing behind. This collection is a blend of creative art showcasing this exact point in time making history through a 5 part series of art pieces created and numbered in sequential order. This is the first collection on the NFT market from El Rokk. There are no other prints available except for what is included in this collection. These are all 1/1

Elise Swopes

Brooklyn, NY
First Drop 3/2 – As one of the original Instagram artists, Elise Swopes learned to connect with a worldwide audience of millions by melding art with a message. Since then, the Brooklyn-based iPhone creator has worked on countless ideas showcasing her surreal cityscapes and streetwise style.

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows
Edition 1 of 1
When Mother Nature and architecture fuse together, we are presented with a fine line between utopia and dystopia. I’ve walked this fine line by creating a surrealist combination of cityscape and waterfalls using only an iPhone as my tool of choice.


London – Paris
Neo-future 3D Hand-coded Generative Artist / Technical Director – Shader Writer Former Creative Technologist at Google Creative Lab, Paris- London. Helping people to understand the technical and graphical challenges that might one day influence the very fabric of the new Digital-Era, mostly 3D interactive graphics, VR prototypes, computational code and visual arts. TWITTER : @samsyyyy / INSTAGRAM: samsyhony

Derivative Simulation Super-Serie #2
Edition 1 of 1
Derivative Simulation Super-Serie is a sonorised 4K video-collection of GP-GPU hand-written real-time generative simulation composed of 11 Neo-Future unique 3D artworks. Noise algorithms may be random and anarchy, chaos and systematic. Exploring domains of definitions and warping an input data-set leads to unexpected behaviors, sometimes surprising, often fascinating. The 2nd edition of the Derivative Simulation Super-Serie collection is an observable « Cold Blossom » art-piece composed of a swirling cold particles desintegration. For the first owner of each Derivative Simulation Super-Serie editions perk : exclusive physical custom-made GameBoy Cartridge that connects digital and physical work containing one 8-bit frame of the artwork corresponding + the contract number. 524.288 particles – 480 Frames – 3840 x 2160 -MP4 / Ableton Audio-Track – 45.5Mo

Jacob Eisinger

Hamburg, Germany”
YIPPIEHEY is the alias of digital artist Jacob Eisinger who specialises in 3D illustration/animation. Working in the industry since 2008 he also gained experience in internationally known studios. Jacob is now focusing on freelance work and expressing his own voice in digital art. His skillset covers a wide variety of styles and techniques, but the past years he’s been specialising in colourful illustrations and character design which are full of fun details; smiles and good vibes guaranteed!

Edition 1 of 1
Diversity is my genesis NFT piece inspired by the powerful Black Lives Matter Movement and expresses the manifoldness of humankind and the urge to stand together against racism, neoNazism, right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism, and all other forms of hate. All profits of the sale will be donated to organisations dedicated to the eradication of systemic injustice.

Patrícia Costa

Brazilian – Artist – Designer . The reflections did develop a new essence, a new outline. The creation became even more loose, where the sinuous lines give life to everyday scenes, imagination, observations and experiences, represented in a much more free and figurative way. The acceptance that there is beauty outside of a standard. The perfect Imperfect.

Edition 1 of 1
In times of pandemic, hugging is rare, valuable and desired. Em tempos de pandemia, o abraço é raro, valioso e desejado.

ʏ ☮ ɴ
in-between 70s psychedelia and 80s nostalgia.

Edition 1 of 1
i’m emotional, a real human being.

Musketon is a visual artist from Belgium with the main focus on vector graphics and an extreme eye for details. Zoom in up to 64000% on my work to still discover new details. I started my career as a self-employed artist straight out of school. Today, 10 years later, I’m still doing the same thing.

The Last Supper
Edition 1 of 1
The Last Supper is a digital remake collecting all events of 2020. It’s packed with extreme details and references to pop-culture (Breaking Bad, Toy Story, Up, The Shining, Back To The Future…). Zoom up to 64000% to discover the smallest details. Important: I released this a limited series print in 2020, but now I’m offering a unique NFT version of this work.


twitter: @gf_simulation ig: @lava_baby

Edition 1 of 1
Melody-1 is the first in a series of digital variations on physical paintings.

Alberto Carbonell

Artist & Director. He has been influenced by architecture, product design, photography, cinema, and many more arts, that helped to grow a unique visual style. Alberto Carbonell loves to mix strong concepts in a realistic way.

Espai Verd
Edition 1 of 1
New visions from old buildings. Inspired by the architectural surroundings of my home city, Valencia.


San Francisco
A visual designer and artist working in the film industry. Recent films include Matrix 4 , Thor, Morbius, Godzilla, and Blade runner 2049 . Super excited to be here to create my brand of digital art.

The Queenship
Edition 1 of 1
The Queen Ship ——————- 6000 x 3000 pixels

Flavio Carvalho

San Francisco CA
Brazilian Art Diretor / Designer based in San Francisco, California

Tracer Experiments – 06/2020
Edition 1 of 1
In this neon blue animation (06/2020) which is part of a series called Tracer Experiments. It revolves around the idea of creating variation out of the same canvas. This work was inspired after a trip to Japan.


Malmö, Sweden
Artist working with illustration, animation, and code

Follow your mind
Edition 1 of 1
Being curious, playful, brave, and challenging the status quo, are great ingredients for a good state of mind.

Video Music not Music Videos

Crypto Funk
Edition 1 of 1
The legendary Bootsy Collins’ genesis crypto art piece is an audio-reactive collaboration with Eclectic Method. This manifestation of Bootsy’s cartoon mind rides a lotus leaf of purity through the multicolored waters of the metaverse. Here Bootsy is bringing the power of the one which is the rule of funk with a drum and bass edge in this exclusive audio visual piece. Bootsy has been a foundational part of not only the sound of James Brown, P Funk and West Coast Hip Hop, but he was a pioneer in the concept of story telling and creating your own metaverse around music. SIZE : 2048 x 1152 BPM : 170 BPM FRAME RATE : 30 FPS

Ry David Bradley

Ry David Bradley is a digital native painter who has shown work both at galleries and museums around the world. For over a decade his work centers around 21st century painting in the digital sublime. His work is in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark, Lyon Housemusem, Melbourne, the Musuem of Contemporary Art, Krakow and numerous international private collections.

The Seer
Edition 1 of 1
This work is the first NFT of a set of original files that are being released at precisely the same moment as a show of screen-like woven tapestries are on the wall at The Hole Gallery in New York. The show is called Once Twice. The Seer in this work is someone who has visions, with an eye to us, and an eye to beyond.

My work explores the recursive conversation between our environments and what we perceive and consequently create. I contemplate the existential implications of future psychological/technological gateways that would allow us to think our perceptions directly into physicality. My style is inspired by the connections that lie between apophenia, surreal automatism, dreams, and artificial neural networks

Genetic Memory
Edition 1 of 1
There is a recursive conversation between the physics of our environments and the patterns we seek. Life is a struggle to optimize our environments. In this struggle, we aim our technologies to enable a reality built by dreams.

Andy Duboc

Andy Duboc (born in Paris, France) is a new media artist based in Montreal, Canada. With a strong background in computer science and programming, his work oscillates between procedural systems, programming and art

Growth System #0202
Edition 1 of 1
This animation has been procedurally generated in realtime. Each generation is unique and based on a random seed. This animation is the result of the seed #0202 – Details: 2048×2048, 230 Frames, 30 FPS

Elliot O’Donnell

San Jose
Askew One/Elliot O’Donnell is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist hailing from the capital of the South Pacific, Auckland, New Zealand currently based in San Jose, California. With roots in graffiti from 2010 onwards Askew One has evolved his art practice into the Post-Graffiti realm, focusing on studio work and large scale outdoor murals. His current work is a hybrid of analogue and digital made in several iterations.

Digilogue 8
Edition 1 of 1
The eighth in my series of Digilogue works – the previous seven were made with a combination of paint and UV pigment on paper. This subtly animated version is my very first tokenized creation I’ve made available. The Digilogue series is an exploration of abstract formalism beginning with hand made marks informed by my background in graffiti. The 3D components are created in response and mapped with the original texture. This version was created in ProCreate, Forger, Photoshop and After Effects.

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