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by Animalitoland

There’s a world of moving creatures, invisible to our eyes. I feed them feelings that turn into light and colors. Once their shape is revealed, I crystalize it with pigments and pixels, so we can all perceive them and compare notes. ❧ For 15+ years, I’ve been exploring and mixing new media from Street Art to Animation & Character design. You’ll find my work in Group & Solo Exhibitions, Conferences, Books, Documentaries, and Street Art projects thorughout North/Latin America, Europe and Asia.

We all carry around some weigh in our minds. It might be as subtle as background noise, popping in between your thoughts; or as tangible as a persistent stomachache.

Identifying what you feel is not easy. I try learning new words everyday, yet they feel short by themselves. Therefore, I paint all that I can’t name. It’s like photographing the moving forces of the soul, and then have a still image to contemplate and evaluate what’s going on in that chaos. 

When people say they like my paintings, I don’t take it as a compliment but as a bond, a sign that they felt something similar at some point. Since vocabulary is limited and talking about our feelings is not included in our cultural habits, these forces usually remain in the shadows. Art is the opportunity to make an exchange, to connect with ourselves and each other.

Over the past years I’ve been spreading this idea around the world’s streets. (warning: the following video has loud noise -cause I was painting over one of the busiest avenues in Shanghai)

New Series

Cryptoart motivated me to go back to my DigitalArt roots, a practise that I left aside after having “finished detailed pieces” sleeping in my harddrive. 

For my first SuperRare adventure I revisited the first series I did about emotions: 4 digital paintings  presented in Pictoplasma’s exhibition “Form follows Empathy” (Berlin 2015). I repainted them all digitally, applying what I’ve learned so far from traditional paint. An interesting process: to make new versions of previous you.

Here’s a preview (work in progress):

Contrasting the bright paintings I make in the street, this series features darker moods, as it is meant to be contemplated in the privacy of your own space and time. 

You might recognize some of them: a painful but beautiful wish for what’s unreachable; an extreme fear that grows as you turn your back on it, a darkness that finds you in their relentless way, and a mixture of curiosity with anxiety as you get free from layers and layers of protective shells. 

Inspired by the discomfort I faced leaving my homeland to face the unknown, all these forces are still current. Looking at them in the face is a good starting point to coexist and learn how to deal with them. 

I’ve finished “YEARN” and it’s now available on SR.

YEARN ❉ Emotion Paradox Series ❉ 1 of 4
Edition 1 of 1

❧ YEARN: wishing for something, especially something that you cannot have or get easily, or something treasured in the past.

As I finish painting “DREAD” “SOAK” and “DETACH”, the complete series will be released during March.

About the Artist

Entering the Cryptoart world means leaving my comfort zone. But after years of jumping from design to animation to streetart… one thing I’ve learned is that new media brings good new horizons. So join me here on SR as we find out together what can we do.  

You can also follow me on instagram where I post most updates, dive in my website where you’ll find all my works, such as an interactive mural about emotions, or the inspirational mixed-media talk I gave at Pictoplasma

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