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Since the COVID era, a lot have changed, new questions and disruptions are brewing, innovation is happening from every corner of the globe, NFT’s and digital art are leading the way,  creators energy and synergies have never been so powerful.

One sector that has been the most impacted by it is the fashion industry. With retail stopped, fashion shows on hold, factories slowed down, everyone wonders : what is the future of Fashion ? 

We think the future of fashion will come from a new generation of creators, and will happen in augmented reality, have skins, IRL and in game. 

With the launch of our first non-sneaker item, the METAJACKET, we want to showcase what the future of fashion can be when created by gamers and fashion lovers, while highlighting the creative force of the new generation of digital artists. 

RTFKT Design

We designed the METAJACKET to be a piece you’d be proud to wear in the streets, and in game. An over the top puffer jacket, enhanced with mechanical anime ears and cuffs, dynamic screens and power levitating necklace. With the Metajacket design, we wanted to bring to life the cultures we love and come from to make something truly unique that will inspire the next generation of designers. 

“Retail” Distribution

We’re approaching NFT platforms as retail stores, with each getting an exclusive edition, replicating a known exclusive fashion distribution mechanic, selecting unique retail destinations with exclusive designs. A bit how you can find unique Comms des Garçons designs in different Dover Street Market. SuperRare has the exclusive METAJACKET OG Edition, and DIGITALAX the 4 Artists skins 

Artist skins

RTFKT being a creator led brand, we wanted to feature some of our favourite artists and creators by giving them our latest creation to skin and make their own. For this drop, we’ve enlisted some of our favourite creators, coming from different background, to skin the Metajacket. Their designs are available as auction on DIGITALAX, and we do a rev share with all these amazing artists. 

Recollecting the past, living the present, representing the future. Retrocoin is a creative collective of 3, working on creating a unique and connective style to every piece. 

Artist, Zaid creates wonderful worlds and creatures, bringing collectors into his colourful imagination for a unforgetable journey. 

Artist, known for his disappearing tweets and overuse of the 🥺 emote. 

Toby Evans
With a distinct attitude to design, Toby has worked with industry defying brands such as Versace, adidas Originals, Palace Skateboards, RTFKT, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry & Boiler Room.In 2020 Toby launched a new creative studio ZOME.


Social Flexing : 
Owners of the NFT will be able to have their picture edited on DRESS X the world’s largest platform for digital clothing, to allow for Social Flexing.

DECENTRALAND ! Owners of the NFT will receive and exclusive METAJACKET in Decentraland. + other metaverse coming soon.

Try before you buy :
We’re realising Snapchat virtual try on lenses for each design, allowing collectors to try before they buy. In the coming month, we’ll be releasing exclusive filters for owners and new possibilities to flex your goods in AR. Via a partnership with Snapchat, we’ll upgrade our AR experience as the technology continues to evolve. We believe AR is the future of fashion. 

Open distribution and games

We’re making the METAJACKET available as a free download on the Unreal Marketplace, allowing game developers to use it in their games and Unreal Projects. 

Sketchfab : 
We’re also proposing the METAJACKET model as a free download on Sketchfab for all artists to use it for their projects, and skin it. The best skins will be selected and dropped as NFT as part of the on-going Artists skins collabs we’re launching.


This is the beginning of a new ERA for fashion and creatives, and we are honoured to be a part of it and empower the next generation of creators to make their mark in the digital fashion revolution. Stay tuned, be sure to check Crypto Fashion Week [ ] where we’ll be participating along with dope people to continue to build the blue print of digital fashion together. 

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