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Ondrej Zunka

London-based artist and director Ondrej Zunka began experimenting with design and digital art out of disillusion with the Master of Economy and System Engineering degree he graduated with. After working with various esteemed design studios around the world and acclaiming a reputable status in the commercial design world, he’s now running his own design practice and has worked on projects for brands including Nike, Prada, Adidas, Puma, Apple, Burberry, MTV.

Edition 1 of 1
My first Superrare artwork. Goodboi Adventure, inspired by the Dynamism of a dog on a leash is my take on blurring the lines between the imagined and the real. This artwork features original audio also created by me.


Los Angeles
I’m TILLAVISION. Bringing visions to reality through art and technology. Clients include Swae Lee, JuiceWRLD, DJ Khaled, Drake, Bape, Nas, Busta Rhymes, and more.

Gotta Glo Up One Day
Edition 1 of 1
Colourful Mula and I go back almost a decade. We were both working in the Hip Hop mixtape world. He designed covers for the hottest tapes. I would cut animated promo videos. Since then, I took up 3D design creating for DJ Khaled, Drake, JuiceWRLD and others while he launched Glo Gang Worldwide with rapper Chief Keef, the pioneer of Chicago Drill music (now a global phenomenon) who’s risen to legendary status still in his mid 20’s. After Glo Gang’s first vinyl toy drop sold out in minutes, we thought it would be cool to incorporate into a 1/1 digital collectible. This would be the perfect opportunity to expose Cryptoart to a new audience while bringing our vibe to SuperRare. Complete with 3D models by rising talent Cattyum, a Chief Keef appearance and vocal drop, we present ‘GOTTA GLO UP ONE DAY’ winner of the auction will receive the 1/1 animated video as well as a Keef autographed Glo Gang vinyl toy.

Motion designer and artist

Edition 1 of 1
Personal work created in Cinema4D and After Effects. Original audio composed in Ableton Live. 1920×1080, MP4.

Guy Warley


Old Earth
Edition 1 of 1
Returning to Earth to find the world had changed

So Youn Lee

[email protected]
Visual artist based in sunny LA, painting narratives what’s being human bringing original character ‘Mango’ and their companion dog ‘Choco the French’.

Edition 1 of 1
Moon Mango floating under traveling stars

illustrator, animator. making animation series [Modern Life is Rubbish]

#02. Work or Life
Edition 1 of 1
A bad morning as always. Trying to recall last night’s dream but it only caused a damn headache. What the hell was that? Anyway it’s time to go to work now. -Animated version of Mr Misang’s original series, [Modern Life Is Rubbish]. 1800×2546 pixel, sound included.


Aswoood is a freelance 2d animator and gif artist that makes object-head, character-centric, looping animated .gifs.

Edition 1 of 1
Animated Object Head Character. Vector animation meets a real-world texture total of 72frame looped 1500X1500PX – Polaroid 600 Head – KAMEKAMERA

Jesper Lindborg

London, UK
Jesper Lindborg is a Swedish 3D Artist & Director based in London, UK. Working in the industry for over 10 years, Jesper strives for a unique and clean aesthetic alongside the highest of technical standard in his work.

Melting gold
Edition 1 of 1
Part one of the Liquid Gold series. A Popsicle with two contrasting substances smoothly gets dissolved.


Vincent Schwenk is a Hamburg-based 3D artist who explores the boundaries of texture, lighting, renderings, materials and motion for various art projects.

Edition 1 of 1
This is the second piece from “The rocks” series which goes by the name “Noctus”. It’s an underwater installation which is linked to the sea life and it’s current challenges. The center of the artwork is an octopus which inspires me with his intelligence and creativity.

Stuart Ward

Vancouver Canada
Mueo – to initiate into the mysteries. Stuart Ward is a Canadian artist, trained in the Fine Arts, he made the transition to digital work in Tokyo during the heyday of its vj scene in the mid 2000s. He created experiential work for the likes of Lyft, Dom Perignon, Rolls Royce, Absolut Vodka, City of Vancouver, Park Hyatt Shanghai, ASICS, and Cadillac. A core theme through his work is the possibility of a transformational experience; a moment of awe emerging from the aesthetic experience.

Zeus Emerging
Edition 1 of 1
This is the head of Zeus, king of the Greek Gods, God of the sky and thunder. It’s a 3D scan from the original sculpture which sits in the National Art Museum of Denmark. The opening face, inspired by a wooden Japanese sculpture of Amitabha emerging from a Jizo statue, represents the relationship of the inner true self, and the outer presented self, and the morality of their congruence. This piece’s style fits within Stuart Ward (Mueo)’s NeoBaroque series of artworks. The series, including still imagery, 3d printing, and animated works, is a reinvestigation of the forms that created the decorative elements of Baroque sculpture, furniture, and architecture, using digital processes to progress the style further in innovative ways than was possible when it was originally developed and practiced. The artwork is a 1200×1200 x 4 second seamlessly looping video.

Ferenczy András
Animator and illustrator

Bon Vivant
Edition 1 of 1
An exploratory stroll into your convenient dystopia


Milan, Italy
Dangiuz, pseudonym of Leopoldo D’Angelo (born 11 July 1995 in Turin, Italy), is an Italian Visual Artist and Art Director.

Grand Challenge
Edition 1 of 1
“Grand Challenge” is the glorification of self-made people’s success. Featuring a legendary Samurai standing on top of one of the highest buildings in one of the most congested, futuristic and fictional cities, almost representing that peace and tranquility are obtainable in such a chaotic scenario.


I am Darius Puia alias BakaArts, a 30yo Digital Art Designer based in Germany. I have been doing Surreal, Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi art for over 15 years and I design and have a keen eye for modern & colorful types of artwork but I also like to test newer themes. Lately I have also been trying darker and grittier themes. I love taking on new design challenges and making ideas come to life. TWITTER: @TheBakaArts – INSTAGRAM: @bakaarts

The Ethertales – Acrophobia
Edition 1 of 1
6.7.8 // The Bad, The Good, The Infinite. // Welcome, to The Ethertales. Make sure to read the Main Story on: or //// In this illustration we take a look at Messengers, a special branch of Surrogates. Messengers take care of the transportation of goods in the vacuum of space. They were designed with high agility, strength and endurance in mind. They are able to withstand the sub-zero temperatures and carry heavy cargo transport. They played a massive role during The Journey, when hundreds of thousands abandoned Earth to travel through space for their new home, Mars. Messengers are typically identified by their red attire and a special hoverboard called a “Sprinter” which they control with the two Golden Tori (Hover Bracelets) to fly between the ships and transport necessary supplies. Additional tasks include emergency ship repair and clearing debris.


Juice WRLD: Remastered
Edition 1 of 1
Featured on XXL Magazine, this is the first-ever artwork created by RetroCoin (crypto exclusive artwork studio). Authentic animation of the original still piece.


Concept artist working in films and games. Worked on Mandalorian, Lone Ranger, Transformers 4, Maze Runner, Godzilla, Paranormal Activities, Spider-man 2, War of the Planet of the Apes, Dumbo, Star Wars – Rouge One, Battle Angle, Ad Astra, Deadpool, Wonder-Woman 2, Jungle Cruise, Avatar Sequels (2,3,4,5)

The Search
Edition 1 of 1
Digital Painting – 4000x3745px

Grzesiek Wroblewski

Illustrator and Designer based in London. His work is all about detail, colour and emotional intelligence. He specializes in human form. Surrealistic portraits of man and women who move him and inspire with the unconventional and unique beauty of their souls, extravagant note of madness or passion.

I Need You No More Sweetheart
Edition 1 of 1
“I am only responsible for my own heart, you offered yours up for the smashing my darling. Only a fool would give up such a vital organ” – Anais Nin Illustration is a part of my Artificial Love series

Petter Pentilä

I create GIF animations with a humorous touch. My animations are relatively well known and have been viewed millions of times and spread across social networks. Twitter/Instagram: Framesequence

Remember to Brush Your Teeth
Edition 1 of 1
This is a continuous loop of a toothpaste tube applying toothpaste on a toothbrush.

Angie Mathot

Maastricht area, the Netherlands
Nerdy Graphic Designer with a real love for vectors, colors and shapes. Less is more, I love minimalism, straight lines and bold hues. I create beauty and share it with the rest of the world.

Airplane Window View
Edition 1 of 1
A little freshness and escape with this airplane window view. Night is falling, your head’s in the clouds, soft colors are gently cradling you while the Moon watches over you.


KATSU is a Media artist who is active in New York City He works with technology, Public Intervention, and includes commentary on commercialism, privacy and digital culture. As a result, his work includes traditional graffiti, digital media, and conceptual artwork.

Criminal Vision 1
Edition 1 of 1
This is one of the earlier renderings of KATSU’s AI criminal portraiture series. Using machine learning and thousands of criminal images an AI learns to draw non existent figurative portraits. KATSU’s portraiture series consists of a generative adversarial network built using Google’s TensorFlow machine learning library and trained using vintage black and white mug shots scraped from the web, to output unique portraits. The pieces explore themes of inherent bias in algorithms, Wired Magazine notes that “there’s more to AI portraits in KATSU’s view, than just a comment on the growing power of technology—it’s a warning about humanity’s lack of control over what these tools can build”.

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