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Samy La Crapule is a French artist, designer and director based in Paris. After a graduation in  graphic design with a thesis about Fashion Images in the Virtual Era, Samy had great success among the fashion and musical scenes. He considers himself as an image maker who tries to explore the digital image and its different forms, to blur the limit between the virtual and the real. Samy’s aesthetics is very inspired by fashion images and his work deals mainly with the future: transhumanism, the human of tomorrow. 

Black Winter
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Black Winter by Samy LaCrapule — Rick Owens X Moncler. 100% of the benefit of this auction will go to charity La Source who works for underprivileged children by offering them art workshops. 2800 x 3500 px · 20 sec · mp4

Digital is at the origin of many technological advances in all fields. It is also thanks to it that we are  all united on this platform. These technologies, although digital, dematerialized and imperceptible, also find a very concrete application.  

It is from this reflection that was born the will to re-distribute what digital technology has offered us. The Black Winter artwork presented below is offered for sale through a charity crypto-auction, which will end the 22nd of February, 2021. The proceeds will go to the charity La Source, which  works daily to give underprivileged children access to art workshops, courses and other artistic stays.  

Charity La Source during a  workshop.

In the world of digital art, and more particularly of crypto-art, it is sometimes difficult to have  a concrete relationship with reality. Everything is dematerialized: currencies, works but also exchanges. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that these abstract elements can allow the  implementation of concrete actions. 

100$, which corresponds to 0.055 ETH at the moment, could allow a child to have access to a day of workshop with a professional artist. How many children can we make happy?  

Through my work, I try to propose, in my own way, a reflection and interpretation of the notion of beauty and digital identity. My goal is to create a surrealist version of the future. Fascinated by fashion, I have often wondered how I could contribute to the immense edifice that fashion images represent. That’s when the digital tool became obvious to me.  Digital allows an almost divine aspect of creation: everything is possible and there are no limits to this world: shapes, materials, lights and textures. Even the notions of physics and time cannot reach the digital world.  

Black Winter was born out of the desire to capture the freezing cold of this winter in Paris. Inspired by the latest collection of Rick Owens and Moncler, and especially by this black puffer jacket, which really marked me. The black and white on white background is a tribute to the fashion campaign of the collection. The idea was to reinterpret the identity of this garment, in my own way and with my references. I then tried to create a unique and charismatic model, which would be the most suitable to wear this emblematic piece. Sometimes, the creative spark can come from the most unexpected things. That’s what happened to me with this puffer jacket. 

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