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Weekly Top 10 Picks by MaryAnn Ead (@Maryannead)

Community is the theme of this week. 💎

Rasch Driveby by fergemanden

2 of 3 short films in the”Rasch-collection”. In this film he finds himself on a busy nightclub street on a Saturday night. Scared confused and wet.

Colours on details by Hackatao

I dreamed that my flow of drawn thoughts was colored. And so I did it.

Free federations of communities and cooperatives by Yura Miron

Steampunk rejects the actual future that happened in favour of a fantastical future filled with democratised technologies and anti-authoritarian sky-pirates fighting the forces of empire. Solarpunk, in turn, rejects the hypothetical “cyberpunk” future in which states and corporations rule an even more dispossessed populace in an ecologically devastated landscape. Instead, it imagines the future we might have if we took the very “alternative route” which now lies before us: replacing states and corporations which free federations of communities and cooperatives, using decentralist and ecological technologies to create a world beyond economic scarcity and social hierarchy, defined by autonomy, mutual aid, diversity, and inclusiveness. From ‘Social Anarchist Futures’ by Connor Owens. Artwork was created using Artbreeder app was created by Joel Simon

Quarantree by Kirsten Zirngibl

I created this piece during the Covid-19 lockdown. It celebrates technology’s role in holding communities together amid the pandemic. Remote collaboration is a miracle, one that’s easy to take for granted in normal circumstances.

The winner took it all (I) by mlibty

The winner who took it all was never in this place. This is a place where MLIBTY Shadow protagonists 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14 and 20 live. You can find MLIBTY Shadows protagonists under Marko Zubak contract: ◙ MLIBTY Shadows represent people in general, but also shadows behind the curtains, invisible inhabitants you never meet, but you feel their presence. Sometimes they are watching you, sometimes they smile, black and white, no hands and no legs, shadows with faces.

Beautiful Chaos by Stelcart

Second installment of my Club Kids collection, inspired by a story told to me by an actual NY club kid and member of the crypto art community, Alissa Christine. She remembers clubs being huge, with a different vibe in every room, and once you were lost it was impossible to find your friends. This is a magical element of the past, having no choice but to let yourself be lost, spending time with who you find yourself with, rather than who you came with. Beautiful Chaos is a collaboration between myself and @ViciosoEdgar who provided the exceptional soundtrack.

Parklife by ghostshoes

Everything’s fine here, we’re simply waiting. | Digital collage

We Met On Dinder by Wrong Bedroom

Virtual World Tinder | 2840 x 3818 PNG

The Wall Of The Robin Street by Gary Cartlidge

Robin Hood put a wall between Wall Street and the game. The game of manipulation went to a new generation, gamers sit in whatever world they please because they are the builders of the next generation. Mixmedia piece, photography, vector and digital paint.

Bunch of Friends by Vegard Aarhus

Bunch of Friends. Fred, Mathilda and other little creatures. Some are shellshocked others are crazy, but they are all ready to make some chaos. size: 8192*8192px Only one(1) edition available! Artist: Vegard Aarhus Year: 2020

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