Top 10 Picks by Karina


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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Karina (karinarafa_)

Pavidus by marterium

Kindness comes in many colors. Don’t close your eyes, or you might miss a moment of hope.

Seen in my dreams. Edition 1/3. by Render Fruit

Infinite loop. Original music. 1080 x1080 HD. 360 frames. Duration: 12 secs.

The Space Between by mick

This work is a combination of Anne Spalter’s dreamy AI-generated imagery and my scripting-based animation process and original audio. The work invokes both inner space and outer space, melding personal thoughts with the infinite energy of the cosmos.

Emerge by eliseohz

5668 × 7086

Climax by Jason Ebeyer

Climax, 2020 / Original audio by the artist. This is the final artwork I will be tokenizing for 2020.

fields-05 by mantissa

An ode to vector fields. (7680x7680px)

Blue 964 in a pool by Chris Labrooy

Blue porsche 911 964 in a pool with the lights going on and off. Year 2021

BabyDrone by Federico Clapis

One of Federico Clapis’ most iconic sculptures, BabyDrone represents the arrival of the children of the future; a new generation in which the tech element is inherent in its cells from the very beginning. Exhibited in physical version in museums and galleries it now takes digital form becoming a unique NFT. With hundreds of thousands of views it is one of the works that best represents the online success of Clapis’ works and now also marks its entry into Cryptoarte for which great projects of new creativity and growth are destined

all your wishes could be coming true by frankxtown

keep wishing

Cool enough by vic_wii

What is really cool? A fictitious model posing in a surreal golden grass. Everything can be cool,

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