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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

A Villous Trophy by Richard Lord

30 seconds of Internal landscapes. Original Score – Daniel McCagh.

Richard Lord is the most underrated artist on SuperRare IMO. Besides the highest level of mastery and execution of animation and subject, his artistic style & themes are very unique that you can hardly find another one even come close to Richard Lord in the crypto art space.

Quoting what pirate_sheep once said to me: Richard Lord is one of the greatest Houdini-specialist artists… houdini artists (including the programmers themselves) look up to him for his high-end artistic works.

Valet by NewColossal

Edition 1 of 1
The Valet will attend to << s e l e c t e d . t a s k >>.

Fell in love with these beautiful metal objects that come to life in themselves. The mechanical sound, movements, switching on-and-off are very soothing and delicate.

DRANE by niko4696

Edition 1 of 1
From an ongoing illustrated worldbuilding project. Mixed 2D and 3D. 6004x8500px

niko4696 is the king of pipes, tunnels and tubes. Choosing such a unique subject, niko4696 builds and invites us to a futuristic world through closeups of pipes. How special is that. As stated on his website, his works are a mixture of black & white, Japanese culture, technology, cryptography and futurology.

Tokyo Summer Dreams by Elora Pautrat

A soothing night in Tokyo, watching the summer fireworks through the window

The work is amazing because you can feel a very strong sense of movements, dynamics, flickering of all the light, while it’s a perfectly static. I look at this still image and feel the power of a GIF. There’s light on the screen; fireworks light up all the buildings outside as well as the bedroom inside. It’s one instant whose very fleetness is forever captured. The immediate visual power brings you into the soothing night in Tokyo, you can almost hear the sound…

Way Out West by KILLER ACID

You must try the brains… Original “New Mexico Sunset” version.

Another underrated artist on SuperRare! Killer Acid is not only one of the earliest crypto artist, but also has big social media following (see Instagram), most distinctive, fun brand (specializing in screen prints, T-shirts, and a myriad of mysterious, humorous, and highly detailed psychedelic ephemera), and is just, so cool. A lot of chilling weed stuff going on. The artistic style is great too.

Soup Spoon. by Grant Wallich

Worms, a pickle, and a happy soup spoon.

Gotta love this remix and remake of American Gothic. Awesome details + wild imaginations. This is how the farmer couple from the early 20th century looks like in a parallel alien universe.

Dream Factory by hoodass

A place in your pocket where dreams came true.

Love how hoodass makes console (and lego, previously) into big rusty architecture deeply into nature. It’s a very different approach to the portrayal of pop culture – nostalgic, retro – like a cherished memory from childhood.

An Angel Called Night by parrott_ism

“Lailah chooses a soul from the Garden of Eden and commands it to enter the embryo. Lailah watches over the development in the womb and shows the rewards and punishments available to the individual. Then right before birth, Lailah strikes the newborn above the lip, making it forget what was learned and creating the philtrum. Lailah serves as a guardian angel throughout a person’s life and at death, leads the soul into the afterlife.” 2400 x 3000 pixels. Original Music by parrott_ism

The angle of night. There are amazing contrasts – both macro and micro – between light and darkness. All the little light sources – some are reflections, some are floating in the night – are so beautiful on the body of the angle or dancing around her.

Note: Original Music by multi-talented parrott_ism too!

Old Earth by Guy Warley

Returning to Earth to find the world had changed

One of my favorite new artists lately. Reads on his website: he draws intricate and detailed sci-fi inspired landscapes, architecture and technology. Having the ability to draw up and create a fantasy world, make it look so realistic by filling up all the details, creating a whole mood, the artist invites you into the world through the compelling visual & story-telling power.

Baiser at Mary Boone with GAN Collage Paintings by marjan

3d CG Animation by Marjan Moghaddam, Music: Blake Skipper, 43 Second 3d CG Animation. Based on the viral Internet hit staged at NYC’s legendary Mary Boone gallery, for this version I built a virtual gallery and created the paintings in the background by collaging over 20 GAN-generated paintings. Garnering over 2 million views on Nowness original post & the same on Outofvirals in 2018, the beloved animation was shared widely and celebrated for its unique style. Every generation has to define the new styles of figuration for its time, and Baisser’s appeal was that it re-interpreted love in a completely new and different way for our post digital and virtual world. The original is now part of Nowness’ Cultural Programming, Media Arts Pioneers. Uses my proprietary technique of Chronometric Sculpture animation style.

Marjan’s 3D animation of human sculptures is simply the best. “Marjan is known and recognised for her original and distinct style of figuration and animation in 3d CG, which still remains unmatched and unique in the world of digital and Net art, she defines this aesthetic innovation as Chronometric Sculpture, which blends the ideals of sculpture with that of animation.” (see The Early Pioneer of Digital Art) Baiser at Mary Boone with GAN Collage Paintings is a special drop on Valentine’s day. The interaction between the two sculptures captures all the intense dynamics in a relationship: intimacy, hurt, co-existence, growth & change.

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