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Interview with retrocoin

Hi, nice to meet you guys, can you tell us about yourself and the work that you make in one or two sentences.

Hi, my name’s Blizzy and I’m a 3D designer who creates artworks based on TV shows and characters reimaged in 3D. I also make artwork for large influencers and creators on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Twitch.

I’m Caleb, the graphic illustrator and creative director for RetroCoin, I handle painting an accurate and creative reference, via sketches/ character design/ background concepts and anything that has to be illustrated.

I’m Baran, a motion designer/ 3D artist who creates 3D artwork and works aside Blizzy to bring Caleb’s sketches to life. Once the 3D design is done, I animate the artwork in After Effects. 

How did you guys meet and started coming up with the idea of the Retro Coin collective? 

We met through working for the same organization in the Summer of 2019. The fundamental way we came up with RetroCoin is a desire to collaborate as a group on artwork that we feel could really set new standards in the crypto artwork field. All 3 of us each were talented and skilled in our own fields, it was almost like the perfect setup for a perfect brand. All 3 of us came from building our own brands inside of the gaming/youtube community and worked with a lot of large creators like Faze Clan, David Dobrik, etc. As an illustrator, Caleb could sketch out the character concepts and ideas, and since Baran and I specialize in 3D, we would bring Caleb’s sketches and concepts to life in the 3D space. Baran also specialized in editing and motion design, so he would animate the pieces once finished. 

Artists collectives have always been a part of the art scene, is there any artists or movement you are inspired of?

Some of the biggest inspirations we’ve come across while making artwork are actually also making artwork inside of the crypto field as well. Some of the artists who’ve helped shape our artwork to what it is today would be artists like Yulmanova, Butch Hartman, Mohamed Cahin. These artists are always setting new standards and always finding new ways to make creative and inspiring art pieces. They always like to set the bar a little higher and to us, that’s one of the most important things about art, never resting and always wanting to learn more. 

Juice WRLD: Remastered
Edition 1 of 1
Featured on XXL Magazine, this is the first-ever artwork created by RetroCoin (crypto exclusive artwork studio). Authentic animation of the original still piece.
How do you see your crew and body of work evolve over time? 

The brand of Retrocoin is something that we all feel could evolve into something much larger one day. We want Retrocoin to evolve into something bigger than just artwork. We want it to be more like a hub. A place where new artists can ease into the field of crypto art. We want to make them feel like they have a starting place and a chance to make it. 

The inspiration for new art pieces/body of work is hard to comment on because it comes sporadically. But by working together I think we can improve on the styles, characters, and execution of the 3d modeling as well as animation. As with anything else the more you do it the better you get at it.

Can you describe your creative process? How does a piece come to life with your 3 minds?

When we decide to make an art piece, we make a list of popular influencers/artists and we make a separate list of popular TV shows and movie styles. We then mix and match two styles which is more of an art than science. As the illustrator / creative director, Caleb starts by making a concept sketch. We then all comment on the concept sketch and refine it until we’re all happy with it. Then Caleb finalizes the sketch and then it’s up to Baran and I to ‘bring it to life’ through 3d modeling and animation.  

For example for the Juice Wrld one, we decided to incorporate a popular artist (Juice Wrld) with a popular TV show (The Simpsons) and we followed the process I mentioned above.

What words and phrases would you use to describe your work?

Diversified, creative, and inspiring

How did you first find out about CryptoArt?

I found out about these artworks through people that I knew in the gaming community who were moving on to different styles of artwork outside of their usual work.

What hypes you about the movement? 

What excites us is that we’re trying to do something different. What we’re aiming to do is to make a conglomerate and a recognizable brand. Every artist wants to do their own thing and be recognized individually but nobody stepped outside of that box and try to make something bigger.

Who are some of your favorite artists on SuperRare?

RTFK, Yulmanova, Fewocious, etc.

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