Dangiuz: the artist who saw the future


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Leopoldo D’Angelo, better known by the pseudonym “Dangiuz“, is an Italian Visual Artist and Art  Director. His art, heavily influenced by Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk culture, just landed on SuperRare. The 25 years old Italian artist rose to prominence in the late 2010s along with other digital artists, which then led him to be invited to various art related events, networks and TV shows, for  example Arte Tracks, Juxtapoz Magazine, the “Heart of Cyberpunk” exhibition and others. As a digital artist, he works with many different 3D and 2D softwares to create his art, which depicts the  polymerization of technology and humanity where we, as humans, are getting increasingly enslaved  by the advancements of technology and are getting lost in the space. His art betrays the futuristic and dystopian visions of the world that we associate with sci-fi. Inspired by Blade Runner and Altered Carbon, he cites Vincent Van Gogh as one of his all time favourite artists. 

One of his most popular and worldwide known artwork is “Grand Challenge“. “Grand Challenge” is  the glorification of self made people success. A 4:5 aspect ratio artwork, featuring a legendary looking Samurai standing on top of one of the highest buildings, in one of the most congested, futuristic and fictional cities, almost representing that peace and tranquility are obtainable in such chaotic scenarios and lives.  

Grand Challenge
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The two-toned artwork is perfectly balanced, with the orange sun being the perfect juxtaposition to the cold aquamarine tones, often recurring in Dangiuz artworks: the orange sun is eyecatcher, breaks the scheme and confers epicity to every object, serving the purpose of silhouetting everything in front of  it. The raw architecture is, once again, the juxtaposition to the ethereal beauty of the atmosphere, of the subtle dust, the stars and the slight change in tones. There is absolutely no sign of nature or other life forms other than the godlike looking Samurai, symbolizing, in full Cyberpunk style, that very few make it in the rat race, in a world controlled by big corporations, and those who do are usually alone. 

Could that actually be the real Grand Challenge? What’s power, wealth, if you have nobody to share it with?

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