Milton Sanz X Oxeegeno: Insurgent Wanders


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Milton Sanz X Oxeegeno: Insurgent Wanders

This is not a transcendence of the body, an exit from body conditions, but an escape into them. There’s a call of attention on the subject, the things, the phenomena.  

Someone once said “iv always questioned myself why is it that when I turn a corner, a sign tells me that a dangerous curve is coming, why another one doesn’t tell me: danger, cherry blossoms”. The collaboration carried out by the artists implies talking about a delirious investigation about this kind of possibility: the sudden impression with which the objects in a place are revelled. How do they do that? Upsetting every detail of the scenario: were there should be a walking figure we find it floting, playing in the air, were there should be a face with its eyes wide open wondering, we find a cut, were there should be a dry floor, we find a river has grown.

Artistic activity undoes, reimagines and remakes the known land. Assume the dispute over the composition of life forms, discuss the technologies of our life or modes of existence is an echo that inhabits this work. 

Each moving image has a length on time, but each one sculpts the duration in a particular way, here we find ourselves in a narrative that gathers, moves, regroups, changes, arranges, carries from one place to another elements and ways of appearing. “We are interested in transfers” told me the artists, for whom their work seems to happen in the middle of an earthquake, where something that was always there is altered. Here what’s altered is the correct being of things. 

Insurgent wanders
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Video is a specific way of producing space-time blocks, material images, ways of perceiving and knowing. In this sense, this work it’s a time that opens to experience the multiplicity of becoming. A plan that involves a mutation. Defrost identity fixations, undo the impotence to carry out transversal complicities and insubordinate mixtures.

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