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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Dystopian Feelings by petertarka

First portrait from my Virus Collection made back in the 2018, made in Cinema 4D and Houdini. 01-03

A series of three. The details are so, so amazing. It’s a combination of the organic with the metal to express futuristic (dystopian) feelings that are yet to exist.

Starry Night Sky by David OReilly

   ˚ .     .     *           ·     .   .     ·       ·   *      ˚      ˚        .   ˚   .    .     ˚     ·    ·  ˚               .       .         .   ˚   *     .   ⋆  .     ·     .    ˚   ·      .               ·      .       *    .   · .                .     * .          ·   . ˚   .        .           *      . double-click = fullscreen, scroll-wheel = zoom

Captivated by David OReilly’s obsession with the ethereal – cloud, stars, galaxy. His universe is beautiful, gentle, warm, full of colors and wonders. It reminds you of your tininess, but also of that you’re not alone, you’ve been accompanied by all the wonderful shinny stars from birth till death. To me his universe is the antithesis of the universe under existential crisis. You find life, meaning, beauty, mystery, infinity and miracle in this starry night sky.

Shedding by xsullo

Edition 1 of 1
Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

Another intensity max work by xsullo. Besides his signature color palette (as well as how well the colors are executed), you see the recurring themes of pills/bandage, the ‘shedding’ of human body, deterioration of flesh & blood, till you see the skull and skeleton, and the extreme emotional intensity (mostly pain & the struggle of the flesh).

BUFFERING_1990.gif by Julian Glander

Remember computers? A look at the way we used to live.

Instantly fall in love with Julian Glander’s colorful, kind of retro, cute weird living toys, and their living environments (the interior of rooms). Please visit his website: http://glander.co/. In BUFFERING_1990.gif he brings us to the 90s and brings back the pixelated nostalgia for old computer and printing machine. It’s clearly an artist’s desktop – the weirdly cute animal is in the process of printing and others are pasted on the wall. It’s an innocent time before the 3D XD

OUT OF THIS WORLD by Antoni Tudisco

A collaboration between Antoni Tudisco & fashion designer Ding Yun Zhang.

This piece is the digital art of the era. It has fashion (by fashion/YEEZY designer Ding Yun Zhang), space/outer-space, post-human, CGI, (simulation) glitches, psychedelic surrealism, and the quick flashback which looks like near death experience. It’s truly mind blowing. The audio is perfect too, there’s only the sound of the wind, it sounds like a time when human civilization is long gone.

053 by Eric Lefaure

•  Hand-drawn animation  •  3000*3000 •  103 drawings / 178 frames

I guess the reason I love Eric Lefaure’s hand-drawn animation so much is that it reminds me of Chineses anime of the 1970s (a rare time when quality actually peaked) & the traditional craftsmanship in drawing and animation. It has the same softness & lightness of shapes, swiftness of the movements, a strong dynamics where colors, shapes and lights constantly change from/into each other, and it’s a perfect infinite loop. But I guess the color is more “French” in the sense it’s very toned down, like Jean-Luc Godard’s use of colors.

Tell Me Everything by Cody Rutty

What did you see, what was it like, how did it feel? Tell me everything. It’s different for us all but safe to say the days and nights have passed a little more strangely over the past year. We’ve all been a bit more alone, exposed to ourselves, aware of simple things in life we miss. I miss stuff like feeling someone’s laugh vibrate the air, seeing someone’s cheek hair in the late afternoon sun, sharing the brilliance of some days or the stillness of some nights. This piece is a tribute to the time we have spent alone while longing to be together, now that there is an end in sight down the road. I think there is a lot of beauty in the simple wish to catch up with those we love, in missing people and their unique weirdness, in having the involuntary space and time to find yourself feeling love for others while being alone. It’s a true kind of smile to smile alone. So, how have you been? Tell me everything. Video work, 5000 samples per frame at 2400 x 1800 px 24 FPS seamless video loop, all components hand-sculpted in VR, animated and rendered in Blender Cycles, final output 2000 x 1500 px at maximum quality.

Cody Rutty’s 3D flower world is so elegant and beautiful. It’s a heavenly world/interior of lights, flowers, patterned decos, and ripples on the water. It’s quiet and clean, but things are moving, changing and gently affecting each other like a small ecosystem. He also kept his color palette from his 2D art.

the V01D / 034-002 by Joshua Davis

The V01D is a generative program written using processing (JAVA) + GLSL shaders. This unique render 034-002 (animation 034, variable/shader set 002), with audio by Zola Jesus (https://www.zolajesus.com) is a 30 second real-time generative animation that is accompanied with 11 rendered stills (still images 7131 × 7131 px). Buyer has the option of choosing ONE of the rendered stills which will be printed 24 x 24 in (60.96 x 60.96 cm) and shipped to you anywhere in the world.

The series of 3 is so stunning. I chose 002 only because this is the only one that’s not sold yet. GRAB IT NOW. The best audio-visual NFT you can have. By Joshua Davis and Zola Jesus. I mean why is it still unsold?!

Stop Killing Us by Brickspacer

Just stop it / Art by Brickspacer, created in 2020 / 3D Model by Sketchfab author Nataliedesign

The effectiveness of this piece is beyond my ability to describe. It can affect you deeply on so many levels just within a few seconds. It shocks you, it makes you feel sad, it touches your morality, it makes you feel love and empathy, it even makes you feel the sublimity of witnessing the great creatures of life swimming across the sky. I think it’s because of the juxtaposition of everydayness of the video (like how it’s like a random video shoot from your phone with the hand shaken, and it’s a time when people are off work and on their way home) with the abnormal – whales swimming across the sky, reminding you of their existence and how they are hurt and killed to extinction. Do we love them? Yes. But do we think of them at all? No. What a lovely scene to see them living among us, but the reality is we are forgetting and killing them. The cruelty from human beings are graffiti-ed on their bodies as if their skins are wasted walls.

So far I really respect Brickspacer that he does not only make great art, but also through art gives voice to important social, political, environmental issues of today.

in progress by Robert Sundelin

perpetual motion machine.

If Pak is celebrated for his minimalistic cubes, this should be celebrated for the opposite reason – maximalist cube? The details and the motions + sound effects of the those details are so amazing.

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