Top 10 Picks by MaryAnn Ead


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Weekly Top 10 Picks by MaryAnn Ead (@Maryannead)

The Moth Orchid by Vini Naso

In ‘The Masks we Wear’ series, I wanted to bring together the folkloric fused with a futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic to create something that felt timeless or time agnostic. Ironically, the pandemic has made this series especially timely for our ‘new normal’

055 by Eric Lefaure

•  Hand-drawn animation  •  2000*2000  •  108 drawings / 214 frames  •   (Right-click/show image to see it in better quality)

Quantum of space-time waiting for reincarnation by francescomai

3D digital artwork created with Octane Render inside Cinema 4d. 5.500 X 5.500 pixels.

Apeiron by Totemical

For Anaxagoras, the initial apeiron had begun to rotate rapidly under the control of a godlike Nous (Mind), and the great speed of the rotation caused the universe to break up into many fragments. However, since all individual things had originated from the same apeiron, all things must contain parts of all other things. // 5839px x 3717px 15.9mb // Totemical 2021

Being Dead Isn’t an Apology. by TwistedVacancy

To tell you the truth. I’ve been waiting here for ages. Why don’t you come? But Sorry Dear, Being Dead Isn’t an Apology.

Les Fleurs du Mal – the new pope by warrenwolfstaff

“Evil is committed without effort, naturally, fatally; goodness is always the product of some art.” Our society moves between the definition of good and evil, but what do they mean?

Alice in CryptoLand by Hackatao

It’s always late for Metaverse date. Welcome everybody to the biggest illusion of humanity: time. Read or listen to Eleonora Brizi’s article:

Shape Shifters #2 by Glitch Black

Polygonal lifeform that must constantly change appearance to survive.  #2 of a series. Contains original exclusive music. / 2000×2000 / 46 MB / MP4   

Tokenized Cloud Sphere Ten (ATL to YYZ) by Martin Lukas Ostachowski

Unenhanced, computer-aided photo collage. Bring it to life with the Artivive App, soon web AR // This photo collage is part of the Tokenized Cloud Sphere installation of 12 cloud spheres, which were created from photo series taken on passenger flights across North America. The photos were stitched into panoramas using software and lightly retouched on the edges to allow smooth connections into a sphere. Colours were not enhanced. // Exhibitions & Features (individual pieces, sets or all 12 clouds spheres): 2018-11 Binary/Non-Binary, GESTE Paris, France // 2018-11 Featured in fall issue of Montreal-based Art/iculation Magazine // 2019-05 Rare Arts Fest 2, Bushwick Generator, Brooklyn, NY // 2019-07 Contemporary Photography, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, South Korea // 2019-09 Tropopause Contemplation, Centre Culturel et Communautaire Françoise-Dunn, Sherbrooke, QC

All-Seeing-Eye by motionbynick

It watches over us – hiding in plain sight. What does the All Seeing Eye want? We may never know. But know that it sees everything. Original sound design collaboration with Jeremy Sollod

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Creative, artist, geek and traveler. My art is physical on Earth and digital on Eth blockchain.


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