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Los Angeles, CA
Inspired by the highly personal experience of spiritual growth, the artwork of JPierce explores the motifs of presence, divine connection, nature, and mindfulness. Drawing on influences of magical realism and Japanese minimalism, the artists intention for each piece is to draw one’s awareness to the sacred stillness of the present moment, and into the now.

Edition 1 of 1
Inspired by the highly personal experience of spiritual growth, this piece itself is a meditation. The artist asks the viewer to become present and bring their own experience to the work.

Concept Artist working in the Film Industry.

Always Running
Edition 1 of 1
An original Character design by Sam Rowan. Creature designer for Fantastic Beasts .

Ergin ishakoğlu


Balance & flow
Edition 1 of 1


Minas Gerais, Brazil
Just a lion-head guy who makes digital collage and surreal art on Instagram. I currently work for the music industry and I love to discover new artists on the internet

Big Brother
Edition 1 of 1
No matter how lonely you feel, there will always be someone close to you, watching you and you will feel safe from it, even if you don’t want to. We were never alone in this world.

Nate Mohler

Los Angeles
As a media artist and designer, Mohler is intrigued with the fusion of conceptual art and technology with unconventional space and sound. His work focuses on eliciting action and question through digital mediums such as projection mapping, immersive installations, sculpture and video art. Mohler treats each project as an opportunity to evoke emotion, challenge thought, or support social change. His series on Superrare explores the mind of the machine and Ai to create video paintings.

Edition 1 of 1
“Rome” — Mohler. Dec. 1, 2020. Video: 45sec. 3840px w. 2160px h. Ai neural style transfer treatment of footage of the Roman Forum taken by Mohler in 2018. First of the “Painted Cities” series which explores the subconscious of Ai and painted video.

Sean Mundy

Montréal, QC / Canada
Sean is a photographer, digital artist, and music producer from Montréal, Canada. In his work, Sean combines visual vocabulary from iconography, symbolism, and the surreal to probe at themes of division, isolation, and conflict through photography and digital manipulation. His work depicts scenes that are reliant on subjective associations and use the human form as a stand in for emotion, psychology, and physicality.

Barriers IV (Video)
Edition 1 of 1
Video piece comprised of multiple digitally manipulated photographs from “Barriers” photo series. Audio is composed and produced by Sean Mundy using granular synthesis.


LA ⇋ Tokyo
A͚r͚t͚ ͚P͚h͚o͚t͚o͚g͚r͚a͚p͚h͚e͚r͚ ͚/͚ ͚S͚e͚l͚f͚p͚o͚r͚t͚r͚a͚i͚t͚a͚r͚t͚i͚s͚t͚. <̷̧̜̀̌͌͐͌3̵͉̤͒ Through the rabbit hole into the world of my lucid dreams. Stretching the definition of photography using my toolbox full of shapes, lines, illusions, poisoned beauty, death, love and subconscious fantasies ☯

hiii a̴̡̺̽͋͜l̵̡̟̺͛̕͘i̵͙͕̽̿͝e̴̡̪̦̽̈́͝ń̴̦́͒͜
Edition 1 of 1


Accept yourself and dance with your demons

The Idea that never comes
Edition 1 of 1
The idea that never comes, one of the many stages of the creation journey. Belongs to Saboteur Me, a complete illustrated and animated project covering Self Sabotage. Concept, Illustration and animation: Atlaude Sound design and original music: Tonetest Sound Studio

Grant Wallich

My name is Grant (also known as “nogland”), and I am a 3D Digital artist with a background in illustration and fine art.

world of nogland.
Edition 1 of 1
What do you see?



Edition 1 of 1
I have been playing with the thought of extraterrestrial divinities and the warm, post-human aesthetic of the digital renaissance that will portray them.


Los Angeles
Strangeloop is a digital artist and creative director working in Los Angeles. He has done visual show design for acts such as Flying Lotus, The Weeknd, Bonobo, Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, Earthgang, David Gilmour, and Skrillex. His work has been featured in the Amsterdam Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, and in the feature films Perfect and Kuso. He is the co-founder of Strangeloop Studios, a visual content production company — and Spirit Bomb, the world’s first virtual artist label.

Edition 1 of 1
“In the mind’s eye, a fractal is a way of seeing infinity.” James Gleick. Music and visuals composed by Strangeloop // 1920×1920 mp4 29.97 fps 00:06 loop

Peter Javidpour
Peter Javidpour is a game developer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His visual work consists of vignettes featuring playful and absurd characters. He’s developed interactive AR & VR projects for Snap, Disney, and Björk, among others.

Bulky Item
Edition 1 of 1
A big, squishy duck carried by a robot dog. I like to think they’re friends. The music in this piece is an original creation by Peter Javidpour.

Eric Lefaure
2d animator

Edition 1 of 1
• Hand-drawn animation • 3000*3000 pixels • 86 unique frames / 132 total frames • A bonus PDF with messy scans of researches and keyframes will be sent.

16 yr old artist.

Edition 1 of 1
As the day slips away, there’s hope in tomorrow.


Tokyo / Kyoto, Japan
EXCALIBUR is a Japanese contemporary artist based in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. With the theme of reality or virtual or its overlap called “Street, Ethernet, Field”, He creates art that transforms into social records and reasons, by crossing personal memories and sensibility with “Japanese myths”. And then, He makes all boundaries of cultures ambiguous, such as club culture and otaku culture.

Alternate reality TV
Edition 1 of 1
This work suggests the endless view of life and death in contemporary times, with the theme of simulated reality. The real and virtual fields will project a new multiverse to us. Strangely enough, this series “NEW GAME+” had started just before coronaviruses broke out. When life intersects from the micro and macro viewpoint, the existence of COVID-19 gives us great awareness, what is bug or what is normal. NEW GAME+ means that we replay it with taking over the status of cleared games. When we reconsider the new normal day and the future, we can make better actions in the real world as a player. We will be able to start on “NEW (NORMAL) GAME” many times.

Nolan Pelletier

Toronto, ON
I’m a freelance illustrator and designer living in Toronto. I draw colorful, densely patterned illustrations inspired by a variety of different historical periods. I’ve worked with the New York Times, Netflix, Anna Sui, and a bunch of other people. DM me on instagram @NolanPhillipsPelletier if you have any questions!

Temple of the Sphinx
Edition 1 of 1
A short looping animation inspired by an ancient statue of a Sphinx with some bright colors and Art Deco squiggles thrown in for good measure. Exclusive to SuperRare. 1080X1080 MP4 3 Seconds.

Karl Poyzer
Here lies the shrapnel of my imagination. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair. Hugely inspired by Alien, Judge Dredd, Alien, Akira, Ian M Banks, Alien and Alien. Karl is currently working on writing a bio in the first and third person.

Edition 1 of 1
This is a piece of cover art I created for ambient music artist Jupi/ter. This was later adapted into a moving image video but this image remained in my archive.


Melbourne, Australia
Designer. Artist. Animator, born 1981. Cornel is a German 3D surrealist / crypto artist based in Melbourne, Australia and creator of weird stuff since 2003. Featured on Behance, Stash Magazine, and Motionographer. –

Edition 1 of 1
1080x1080px, mp4 Part of the surreal motion poem: And Then I Vanish. As we rose from the ashes, sparking entities bygone. With all their dreams and hopes I share. They are never quiet. Never. I only dare to answer: I am the goddess of the void.

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