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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Signal by mgxs

Signal A transmission of instructions. Two worlds, opposites but complementary

Fluid morph of forms and colors, from the solid to the soft and back again. It’s like Yin & Yang, the opposites are also born from each other, complete each other and become each other. A constant state of becoming.

Ignition by Jason Ebeyer

Ignition, 2021 / Original audio by the artist.

Jason Ebeyer’s 3D models are instantly recognizable, with very unique and exotic aesthetics, and great animations (see tweet). The abstraction of background (in Ignition – pure fire) often focuses audience on the character’s state of being.

Surrender by Dániel Taylor

Personal illustration from 2020. – ““We are at our most powerful the moment we no longer need to be powerful.” – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Surrealism is one of the main motifs in Dániel Taylor’s work. The settings are usually like surrealism-noir, leading you into a night of dreams (or dreams of nights) where ghosts, mythical sculptures and secret places deep in the woods surface out of the darkness of your subconsciousness. We travel through these mysterious night adventures together with the artist.

Garden of Bells by lunaikuta

Transparent landscape of Daffodils, Tulips, and Canterbury Bells.

it always amazes me that lunaikuta’s flowers totally transcend the boundaries of digital and analog. Unlike majority of digital artists who render reality out of artificial constructions, Luna’s flowers are real and authentic as nature itself. They represent a rare kind of digital art/video art in the CryptoArt space. More than just photography, her art perfects the representation of nature to its most pure state of being through crafting the most gentle, feminine, beautiful, harmless form of life that gives birth to subsequent forms of life – flowers.

hiii a̴̡̺̽͋͜l̵̡̟̺͛̕͘i̵͙͕̽̿͝e̴̡̪̦̽̈́͝ń̴̦́͒͜ by YULIA SHUR


YULIA SHUR is a self portrait artist. (So I guess this piece is self-portrait too?) Anyway it shows how YULIA SHUR breaks the limitation of realism and brings elements of dreams, illusions, subconscious fantasies to this photography “diary,” visually recording what’s happening to the artist on the metaphysical level. Through surreal colors and blurred shapes, YULIA SHUR explores “poisoned beauty, death, and love.”

Just starting my journey by frankxtown

This is just the beginning.

frankxtown’s seemingly simple use of paralleled lines, near monotonous colors and repetitive patterns is nevertheless very powerful in constructing a surreal space as well as communicating a message/feeling to the audience. In frankxtown’s art it’s almost always a vast space of pure forms & colors VS. a tiny human figure who is going through a crucial state in life (beginning, end or crossroads), so you have mental states like anticipating the unknown, loneliness and self VS overwhelming life/universe.

窓: 1AM Tama, Tokyo by Gutty Kreum

窓 means ‘Window’ in Japanese. I love night strolls through dark and quiet neighborhoods and wanted to capture that atmosphere. The glow of a television will often catch your eye, and you’ll catch a glance through a window into the life of someone else.

GuttyKreum is the best (pixel) artist on SuperRare portraying the rural/urban scenes of Japan. It’s 1AM Tama, Tokyo, the artist is strolling through the street. You see all the elements that secure an ordered, rhythmic, functional life for the city’s citizens. You peak through the windows together with the artist, imagining lives led by someone else’s simple families. Perhaps the parents are watching TV, the kids are doing homework and grandparents just went to bed. Aided by curiosity and imagination, there’s a romantic sense of security & serenity floating in the air in this gentle night.

Severe Surrealistic Hallucinations by Mark Constantine Inducil

Don’t worry – this is all perfectly fine. || Created in Cinema 4d, Octane and Photoshop || 5000px × 3500px || Mark Inducil 2021

Compared to the same artist’s previous works tokenized on SuperRare, this piece has far more spacial depth with 1 point perspective. In this vast space, everything is a part of “Severe Surrealistic Hallucinations”. Colors become objects, minimalistic columns and rectangles are giant compared to the human figures walking across the “roads” leading to nowhere. There are bright light spots on the ground, in the sky, like super condensed celestial bodies. Huge human heads indicate perhaps ego and mental state. It’s a self traveling through his/her inner dimension, where all the abstract obtain concrete forms, and all the real becomes surreal. One cannot escape one’s own mind.

Why are colors so pretty by arc4g

Music composed by olga wojciechowska

Amazing that arc4g starts exploring colors in their art. Previously the colors the artist uses are almost all gold or silver. Not surprised that “Why are colors so pretty” seems to focus on the exploration of colors themselves instead of the movement/transformation of objects. The color combination and variation on columns and the color pastel are so eye-pleasing, almost like a luxurious deco.

So it begins… by Mari.K

-Last part of the “Simulation Trilogy” Voxel Art (made of 3D pixels/little cubes called “voxels”)

My favorite piece in the “Simulation Trilogy” which consists of a static image, a gif and this piece – an mp4. A tree with its autumn leaves symbolize life and nature with momentum. It grows on a chip-like land amidst water that supports the life of the tree. But it’s all a simulation, as the glitch in the end suggests. Mari.K tears apart reality through the smallest unit of world construction. It’s beautiful but sadly it’s not real.

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