Top 10 Picks by MaryAnn Ead


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Weekly Top 10 Picks by MaryAnn Ead (@Maryannead)

Tea Time by Eran Mendel

Yin & Yang tea, 900X900 px, 110 frames.

ISOLATION by mlibty

Isolated Mlibty Shadow in this piece is a real sculpture, born in 2014. ◙ MLIBTY Shadows represent people in general, but also shadows behind the curtains, invisible inhabitants you never meet, but you feel their presence. Sometimes they are watching you, sometimes they smile, black and white, no hands and no legs, shadows with faces.

Blue Mind by adelepazani

Blue and Beautiful Mind

disconnected by catelloo

Edition 1 of 1
3d illustration by catelloo, 2019, 2666x3333px, png

Creative intuition by Yura Miron

“From these reflections there arise intuitive insights of astonishing clarity, and because there is little difficulty in remembering them after the effects of the psychedelic have ceased (especially if they are recorded or written down at the time), the days or weeks following may be used for testing them by the normal standards of logical, aesthetic, philosophical, or scientific criticism. As might be expected, some prove to be valid and others not. It is the same with the sudden hunches that come to the artist or inventor in the ordinary way; they are not always as true or as applicable as they seem to be in the moment of illumination. The drugs appear to give an enormous impetus to the creative intuition, and thus to be of more value for constructive invention and research than for psychotherapy in the ordinary sense of “adjusting” the disturbed personality. Their best sphere of use is not the mental hospital but the studio and the laboratory, or the institute of advanced studies.” quote by Alan Watts

Scary or funny? by Max Retoka

What are you looking for?

Peak A Boo by android_jones & Glass Crane

A depiction of inspiration. The type of inspiration that cascades downward to uplift and encourage. The particular brand of controlled chaos that is meant to inspire. Collaboration with @glasscrane.

Spirit of the Ocean by Matt Buelt

A chance encounter with an ethereal being.

Little Doubts by David OReilly

The paralysis and relief of continual doubts.

Left Behind by k0ch

The light is leaving us all. Full dance performance tokenized (4:13 min). Made with OpenFrameworks.

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