SuperRare Secondary Market Weekly Report


January 18-24

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art secondary sales on SuperRare.

#10 Iniectio Pecunia by Gary Cartlidge was sold by fiskantes to kotori for $1,560
ROI: 1,358%
Artist royalty to Gary Cartlidge: $156

Iniectio Pecunia
Edition 1 of 1
The Money Injection of Ethereum into the systems. The systems controlled by the pyramids day and night. We will be creative and bright among the darkness of the pyramids 851 x 1211 Gif.

#9 burst_ X Yusaymon – ”The Real Donnybrook” by yusaymon & burst_ was sold by collin2 to devanh7 for $1,563
ROI: 47%
Artist royalty to yusaymon & burst_: $156

burst_ X Yusaymon – ”The Real Donnybrook”
Edition 1 of 1
…in The garden City the theme park was in very bad condition, lacked maintenance in the roller coaster… nothing stopped me one night to ride that ugly ”car” because I would not allow my sister to be there alone, I am afraid of heights but was more scary the rust that embraced this park of terror, clowns and scarfaces among laughter.. that day we survived… weeks later someone died.

#8 Meditation by petertarka was sold by __defi__ to javajam for $1,776
ROI: 13%
Artist royalty to petertarka: $178

Edition 1 of 1
Somewhere In The Pacific.

#7 QUARANTINE HEELS by miss al simpson was sold by Basileus to rustyq for $1,914
ROI: 444%
Artist royalty to miss al simpson: $191

Edition 1 of 1
Strong, forceful sunshine, beating down hard. She never planned for shimmering shards. She clicks her heels, Quarantine Dreams. The promise is never quite what it seems. Ribbons of detention and lockdown woes, all tied around, her manicured toes.

#6 Strength in nature by Criptocromo was sold by lev to l1qu1d for $2,434
ROI: 2,409%
Artist royalty to Criptocromo: $243

Strength in nature
Edition 1 of 1
Enchanted psyche finds strength in nature

#5 Samaso by WintEagle was sold by zeebrisk to scottbelsky for $2,502
ROI: 398%
Artist royalty to WintEagle: $250

Edition 1 of 1
Samaso / 2020

#4 Radioactive stream by Criptocromo was sold by oficinastk to l1qu1d for $2,750
ROI: 1,261%
Artist royalty to Criptocromo: $275

Radioactive stream
Edition 1 of 1
“Humanity can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation.” – Albert Schweitzer

#3 the hodlers by fabiello was sold by b_moni to blocksquiat for $2,922
ROI: 20%
Artist royalty to fabiello: $292

the hodlers
Edition 1 of 1
personal remake and redefinition of “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” photograph taken in Manhattan in 1932, the hodlers go up and down high above the city like the value of their bags, the prices of the cryptocurrencies that appear on the steel beam are those of december 17 2020. 4K UHD 3840×2160px 24fps 25.5mb 10sec loop mp4 animation

#2 “End-user” by Franksfriend was sold by Purple to okay for $4,158
ROI: 9%
Artist royalty to Franksfriend: $416

Edition 1 of 1
‘Digital dissociative drugs for breakfast’ – Mixed media piece combining digital painting, photographic manipulation & animated elements. Artwork: 3240 x 4400 pixels.

#1 Clod 951: a too small space for my dino! by Fabiano Speziari was sold by nalbacrypto to westcoastbill for $4,752
ROI: 420%
Artist royalty to Fabiano Speziari: $475

Clod 951: a too small space for my dino!
Edition 1 of 1
(1920×980 px) Clod 951, little land for a single building. Who lives with an elephant and someone with a dinosaur. Someone continues to believe in something that is no longer there and others give free rein to their desires. Each element is to be discovered and understood. I like to draw clods inhabited by strange characters and create impossible situations, but it is not simply creating something special to see. These are mini-stories, food for thought. Reflection on the human state, on life and on diversity. You who stop to look, after smiling for an overweight naked man dancing happily or for an elephant sleeping in an apartment, stop to think. You may find some ideas on which to reflect on what surrounds us. What makes us laugh is not always really funny, but it can hide stories that are worth listening to.

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