SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


January 18-24

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 Skekzoid – Damage Unleashed by spacedpainter was collected by nigelfarange for $8,631

Skekzoid – Damage Unleashed
Edition 1 of 1
Initially inspired by Skekmal (AKA The Hunter) from Dark Crystal and his relentless power, the vision of a somewhat synthwavy dark character started to emerge and soon gained a life of it’s own through the lens of Taoistic pairs. Contained and trapped inside this cosmic glass card, the “Control” side of this conceptual being meets his opposite unhinged twin – the “DAMAGE” – who breaks free to unleash the dynamic duality of this ETHernal battle within. I’ve sculpted and hand painted this piece in VR then filmed and edited it synchronized to the ever inspiring Extra Terra & Lazerpunk track “Damage”. Glass shattering royalty free sound effects added from ZapSplat. 4K render for your viewing pleasure.

#9 SpaceStation by hoodass was collected by y_kymin for $11,136

Edition 1 of 1
Press the button. Blow on the disc. Close the tray. Grab the controller. Get ready for lift-off.

#8 To Exist Is T o Survive Unfair Choices by Malavida was collected by caktux for $10,698

To Exist Is To Survive Unfair Choices
Edition 1 of 1
From Khatun to Nina : « If you stay, there is no more suffering. All the pain of life, gone. Soon, you won’t remember any of it […] You can go with your father and be in painless peace together… or you can take the bird and find out who you really are. » « That isn’t a fair choice. » « To exist… is to survive unfair choices. » — First piece of 2021 inspired by the beautiful meta mind-bending story of The OA.

#7 Imma Let You Finish by Sinclair was collected by westcoastbill for $10,979

Imma Let You Finish
Edition 1 of 1
Kanye interrupts Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. This is the first one line animation in my series of “iconic moments”. Each frame is hand drawn using only one line.

#6 Bernie by Sinclair was collected by westcoastbill for $11,079

Edition 1 of 1
Bernie Sanders becomes a fashion icon at the presidential inauguration. Created with one line only.

#5 Puss in Boots… more like Puss in Sneaks! by frankynines was collected by jim for $12,077

Puss in Boots… more like Puss in Sneaks!
Edition 1 of 1
A hot twist on the slyest cat in town.

#4 The Drop by Alessio De Vecchi was collected by kanosei for $12,240

The Drop
Edition 1 of 1
Gone in twenty seconds.

#3 Furry Lisa by Muartive was collected by scott belsky for $13,182

Furry Lisa
Edition 1 of 1
The Furry Lisa, the first part of the six-piece FurryArtworks collection. Furry Artworks series has dominated Behance’s special selection for 3 months. Founder of Behance, Scott Belsky, appreciated and crowned the Furry Artworks series with the title of the most innovative reproduction technique of 2020.
Furry Artworks series has also been appreciated by Saatchi Gallery, Designboom, Plastik which are the inspiring organizations of the art world. ADOBE which produces software to increase and enhance the productivity of the digital art community also promoted the series through its own digital communication channels.

#2 F.A.C.E.S. by zaidkirdsey was collected by Fastackl for $13,709

Edition 1 of 1
F.A.C.E.S. Friends Always Care Even when Sad. The definition of a true friend, what is it to you? The older I get the more apparent it becomes that art is one of the few constant things in my life. It’s always there for me even when the world seems like it’s completely stacked against me. A true friend. This piece is my first NFT ever & first piece of 2021. Very excited to join the crypto art community. 1/1 edition 1/1 physical archival matte print available to the first collector. Thank you for looking. Fun facts: 7092px x 9456px 186 minutes to complete Done using Procreate Done using only 4 layers 102688 strokes Started this last year in October.

#1 Peak A Boo by android_jones & Glass Crane was collected by sith for $16,518

Peak A Boo
Edition 1 of 1
A depiction of inspiration. The type of inspiration that cascades downward to uplift and encourage. The particular brand of controlled chaos that is meant to inspire. Collaboration with @glasscrane.

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