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by George aka Radarboy3000

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CryptoArt Week Asia (CAWA) is a not-for-profit, artist-first endeavor, aimed at strengthening bonds within the artist community in Asia and promoting Asia-based artists in Asia and abroad.

CAWA takes place from 20-30 January 2021 in Singapore and virtually in the metaverse, at various galleries on Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.

Asia is under-represented in cryptoart and many Western collectors have had little exposure to Asian crypto creativity up until now. While Asia represents a significant proportion of the planet’s population and the majority transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, very little of that is in art. Many Asia-based artists have not even heard of NFTs, and the barriers to entry are still too confusing. 

Here is our selection of some of the best Asia-based artists and artworks on SuperRare…


Yogyakarta, Indonesia
rubahitam (Rifqi Ardiansyah) is a freelance motion designer, 2d animator & 3D artist based in Indonesia. He loves to create 3d in cel-shading style. Also, recently food artwork is one of his favorites to work on.

One is immediately drawn to Rubahitam’s artworks. His art tells stories of how technology has melted into our being. His use of bright fun colour, feels simultaneously full of J-Pop optimism and something like a commentary on techno overindulgence. 

As a child he’d always wanted his own phone and one night he dreamed he owned a transparent Siem*ns Digimon Digivice. This is the device from the dream – The SIEm3nz 310.

SIEm3nz 310
Edition 1 of 1

in my younger days, i’d always wanted to have my own phone. Until, one night I had a dream of having a transparent Siem*ns & Digimon’s Digivice-inspired phone. I call it SIEm3nz 310. Encoded in H264/MP4 (1080×1080 PX//looped 0:10) – 30FPS Original music by rubahitam

Transparent Gardens aka lunaikuta

Transparent Garden is the first cryptoart floral atelier. View each artwork in full screen to peer inside each aquatic tank of transparent plants. These artworks merge bio-engineering studies of tissue morphogenesis with traditional practices of aquascaping, a supernatural reality created by Luna Ikuta

Transparent Gardens is a multimedia artist and the world’s first cryptoart floral atelier, allowing us to peer inside each aquatic tanks of transparent plants. Transparent Gerbera Daisies mesmerizes in their beauty, merging bio-engineering studies of tissue morphogenesis with traditional practices of aquascaping, creating a supernatural hyper-reality.

Gerbera Daisy
Edition 1 of 1

Transparent Gerbera Daisies

Alessio de Vecchi

Alessio was born in Italy and graduated from Istituto Europeo di Design. After starting his career as an industrial designer in Milan, he moved to New York in 2006. He has been working as an art director and cg artist in New York, Milan, Tokyo with clients like Adidas, Ford, LG, H&M, Margiela. His creations have earned positive attention from Vogue, ID Magazine, The Creators Project among others. He’s currently residing in Tokyo, finalizing his debut short movie as a director.

Born in Italy, living and working in Japan, with over 120 thousand followers on Instagram, Alessio de Vecchi’s beautiful and often witty creations have earned the attention of Vogue, ID Magazine and The Creators Project and more. 

The Drop takes on the style of strategy games like Age of Empires, to make a wry comment on the big NFT drops we are seeing today, that sell out in seconds. It reminds me of lemmings jumping off the cliff, jumping because the lemming before it jumped. Here the mini ancient warriors jump with blind and dedicated fervour and mission into the hole in the ground, the swallows them. 

The Drop
Edition 1 of 1

Gone in twenty seconds.

In the age of Covid-19 and germaphobia, de Vecchi’s ‘The Seed’ plays on our darkest fears of others. A beautifully disturbing piece that you can’t turn away from. 

The Seed
Edition 1 of 1

A journey in the depths of the mind.


self-taught CG artist with a background in film from indonesia. works include artistic direction for 3D animation, motion graphics, music video, and live visual. i keep all of my nightmares, 3 am thoughts, and reflection in a book to drive all of my creation. (fka vngnc)

Izzy is self-taught CG artist with a background in film from indonesia. She keeps a book  filled with all her nightmares, 3am thoughts and reflections that drives her creations.

ISS crash site: genesis
Edition 1 of 1

the first crash site of many to come. i have this personal nightmare of witnessing the fall of our civilization during my lifetime. international space station falling from the orbit perfectly embodies my fear. happy 2020. [] 12 second loop in 1280px x 1280px @ 30fps MP4 video.

A sculpture of the end of the world. The image of the International Space Station falling from the orbit is perhaps the perfect embodiment of Izzy’s nightmare of witnessing the fall of our civilization during our lifetime. Perhaps, this simplistic yet beautiful almost architectural model-like artwork, embodies all of our denials. 

mera takeru

I take pictures of my surroundings and digitally process them on a smartphone or laptop to seek the possibility of new expressions.

Mera Takeru turns the analogue world into digital abstraction infused with wit and Japanese psychedelia… Takeru is also an active musician and his pieces feel like they have a musical quality to them –  an fascination he picked up as a young child in seeing painting as a kind of music. 

the brain of a cooked rice man -炊飯男の脳内-
Edition 1 of 1

I’m almost there. The hand finally grasps something. もう少しだ。その手が漸く何かを掴むのだ。
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