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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Reassembly Required by Mark Constantine Inducil

Sometimes all you need is a restart. There’s a certain anxiety that comes over me just before I start to create. The fear of not being able to produce something that I’m happy with is a daily hurdle. It’s very frustrating when nothing works. I really dread that and at worst times it adds to my depression. I created this piece during one of those times. I felt exhausted and empty. I remember getting through it by slowing things down, gathering myself and removing all pressure. I needed to go back to the mindset when I first started doing this and just have fun. Created in Cinema 4d, Octane and Photoshop

Very unique style: abstract, surrealistic, dream-like images using shapes, colors, lights & shadows to express emotions & psychology. Mark’s art always has a giant head at the center, surrounding it are color planes that construct – from nature to universe, from abstract geometry to liquid forms. This piece in particular is inspired by the artist’s emotional process – reassembling from anxiety of creation.

Light Rain by kldpxl

Pixel Art 4000 x 3000

One of the best pixel artists on SuperRare. It’s truly amazing how kldpxl constructs very detailed, complicated, elaborate cityscapes by using pixels. He turns pixel art – a usually very rough kind of art with its intended low-res style – into something exquisite. And there’s always a very strong feeling conveyed through these city scenes. Empty, without a soul, but it brings up some old memories, in this case a memory about a rainy, gentle night.

ALMA by Victor Mosquera

All the energy passes through you.

One of my favorite sci-fi artists. Victor’s use of surreal colors, intensely bright light, pure geometrical forms & bodies and transformation of things is very unique and powerful. His futuristics aesthetics is also highly spiritual, like the description states, the piece is about the movement of energy. The human head splits and dissolves into a cosmic light. What’s left is a small pyramid – the condensed relic of the spirit.

Hidden Hyperspace by Alfie Dwyer

A 4-Dimensional breeze through nature. 2160 x 2160 pixels, with SFX.

The best psychedelic piece I’ve seen on SuperRare. This is “One is all, All is one.” Everything’s interconnected and changes into everything else. I love that, besides nature, there’s a small human soul walking/running through it, an ego that seems to be in panic, rushing through the universe, trying to find the peace/home.

‘The Void’ by harvmcm

A stagnant feeling. Where all life is at a halt, a feeling many of us experienced in 2020.

Love the dark area of harvmcm. The emotions are more subtly expressed, yet stronger. The protagonist is still the astronaut, who just ‘Lost in the depths‘. In this scene, the astronaut seems to be in the right place, the space, the void, where all is empty and silent. But it’s a terrible feeling. A work about experience in 2020: void, halt, stagnation.

Re-Cities by annibale_inward

What will the cities of the future be like? RE-CITIES is one of the megacities of the future that I imagined. Modeled entirely in 3d, this work tells us about a future civilization forced to a vertical expansion due to total saturation of the building land.

As the most technology advanced genre of art, crypto art discusses a lot about the future. Among all the crypto artists, annibale_inward is the architect of the future cities. The artist imagines and designs various kinds of megacities, based on “a future civilization forced to vertical expansion due to total saturation of the building land.” Go visit annibale_inward’s Instagram, you will get a feeling all these visions of future will come true one day.

Until The Light Takes Us by zomax

“Skalli and Hati are two norse wolves that hunt the moon and the sun until the world ends. At the day of reckoning, they finally outrun and devour them, fulfilling their eternal destiny and turning the sky dark for all times. With their infinite supply of energy and humanity long gone, they fall back to their natural pattern of seeking the brightest point of energy until they devoured every light in the universe.” I built that at the brink of finishing university. I spent close to 3 months of everyday work to finish it and it was very stressful compared to other works I made at that time, with tons of iterations and changes through the whole process.

In a post-human universe, two “two norse wolves that hunt the moon and the sun until the world ends.” The story is about the consumption of energy until every light in the universe is devoured. It sounds scary and dystopian, but this is exactly what human civilization is doing to Earth too.

Besides the story background, the piece is distinctively zomax’s: a kind of retro look control room of a spaceship: dark, deserted, only “animals” left around.

The gift of loneliness by Milton Sanz

As soon as the night comes, they all come with me, they all shine to please me, and I shine with them all too.

Milton Sanz is getting better and better at weaving an intense emotional state into the world he creates, the world surrounding the protagonist. This series of 3 (the second piece There were 7) readdresses the dark endless night, insomnia, loneliness, struggling with self/ego, co-existing with what brings the self both pleasure and destruction. I guess Milton hopes the insomniac pain ends soon, but it is also where he finds all his superpowers.

Innerdimensional by corey meyers

An exploration of innerdimensional traversal, or the act of discovering one’s self from the outside.

Voxel ground, giant human head, turbulent sky, clouds, cosmic lights, car with red exhaust entering the mouth of the head. Overall it’s a very surreal, dreamlike, futuristic piece existing on a blue-black dimension outside of the objective reality. It’s about the ‘inner’ dimensional traversal, a discovery of one’s inner self from the outside.

Hallways Scenes For Things To Regret by Malavida

If you’re familiar with Interpol’s track « Rest My Chemistry » you might recognize where that title comes from. It’s no secret that a lot of my artworks are inspired by songs and this is a really special one to me. I’ve been referring to this track several times throughout my creative journey, naming pieces after some of its lyrics as a way to remind me to celebrate and be grateful for each year of sobriety. So naturally, for my 6th year, I’ve sticked to this tradition and created « Hallways Scenes For Things to Regret », a complex yet bright piece of work. See it as some sort of battle between dusk and dawn. Sobriety is a rollercoaster, it’s disturbing, painful, but also beautiful and enlightening. These are all feelings I wanted to convey for my first drop. It’s me, and it’s special. My creative journey had a huge impact on sticking to sobriety. It taught me so much. Patience, Passion, Love, Resilience… And I’m so grateful to be able to share it with you today. Overall, I feel like this artwork sums up a lot about finding peace through chaos. Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

A piece inspired by a song « Rest My Chemistry » and the artist’s 6th year of sobriety. Under the beautiful surface of colors & abstractions, Malavida’s works are often about mental health, contemplation and color therapy. For Malavida, art is a tool for self-expression & self-observation. In this piece, there’s the “battle between dusk and dawn”, the emotional rollercoaster of sobriety. All the feelings are transformed into colors and forms.

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