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by AngieTaylor

I’d heard about cryptoart in late 2019 and had begun observing the scene. I’d hear about Cryptovoxels being a good place to explore the art in VR so I donned my headset and dove in to see what I could find. As I stumbled around empty, white streets aimlessly.

I saw a few artworks that caught my eye but nothing that stopped me in my tracks till I happened upon a gallery by an artist with the name AlottaMoney. I was blown away by the style of the art on display. One piece that stuck in my mind was a ship’s hull, complete with nautical figurehead, made entirely from voxels. I loved the creativity and the humour of this work. Right then I knew that cryptoart was the place for me. And I knew that one day, I wanted to collaborate with this artist.

Getting to know AlottaMoney on Twitter has also been a pleasure. It’s so refreshing to meet a great artist who is humble, kind, funny, entertaining, clever, witty and extremely bright. One day I plucked up enough gumption to challenge him to collaborate with me. To my joyous surprise he accepted the challenge! And so here we are today with this, our first, and hopefully, not our last, collaboration.

We had no plans on what we’d create, but I just knew that I wanted to do this. My feeling was that we’d instinctively and subconsciously come up with something if we just started chatting. So we played Tweet-Tennis for a couple of days, sending references and inspirations back and forth. We spoke a lot about doing something about the old celtic connections between France and Scotland.

The Auld Alliance was initially set up as a military partnership to strengthen both country’s positions in regard to quarrels with the English. But this brother/sisterhood of nations has resulted in a far stronger bond that stretches into art, literature, humour, gastronomy, not forgetting alcohol and cigarettes – the Scottish passion for Claret was a direct result of this delicious liaison. (

Auld Alliance
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So, it was decided we would pay homage to this alliance between Jacobites and Jacobins! Salute the revolutionaries who inspired us from each nation. Simultaneously celebrate and grieve the European bonds that have been built and broken over the centuries. Revel in the glorious gastronomy of our two nations. And see if the resulting cacophony of creativity resulted in something other people might enjoy. We will leave you to be the judge of that. Join us on SuperRare on Friday January 8th (the 24 auction kicks off at 10pm CET) for the auctioning of our first single edition collaboration.

Angie Taylor


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Angie Taylor is a digital artist, sculptor & animator. A digital artists since the 1980's - Angie was a deejay in London & an integral member of the UK punk movement. Her work juxtaposes the DIY ethic of punk, fresh immediacy of naïve art & complexity of digital technology. She explores themes of isolation. Her work often champions the misfits of society & the geeks. Angie creates digital paintings and sculptures using a combination of VR art tools, 3D software and digital paint synthesizers.


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