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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Absent by Han

All I can’t say.

Love Han’s minimalistic, abstract, B&W, geometric shapes in juxtaposition to the tiny human figure, which brings you the sense of immensity, infinite scales VS insignificance and void of existence. Make sure to read the stories behind the art.

Eve Reveal by mgxs

Eve is the firstborn from the Paint series, the child from the mother genesis empowering the creation of all feelings.

In contrast to his last piece ExoMeta constructed by car parts, Eve Reveal belongs to the artist’s another series ‘Paint’ as the firstborn of the mother genesis empowering the creation of all feelings. These two pieces represent exactly the two themes “Machines and Feelings” mgxs works on. Like two opposites, one is hard the other is soft; one is mechanically gray and cold, the other is brightly colorful and cheerful; one is set in a harsh post-human environment, the other is surreal and emotional.

Exhibition by MANARDS

Early morning exhibition in a remote area

Like a weird dream dreamed by an artist, there are familiar frames reminiscent of exhibitions, but they don’t really function as frames. Instead, together with other playful objects like a blue horn, tongue-like fur and Christmas bubbles, they are the exhibited artworks. The setting is unconventional too – an early morning in a remote area, a natural surrounding. Working on surrealism, MANARDS turned exhibition into the subject of art. It’s an exhibition of art set in a piece of art about the idea of exhibition.

CATHEXIS by xsullo

The process of allocation of mental or emotional energy to a person, object, or idea. NFT includes an Infinite Objects video print.

xsullo’s techno-dystopic/punk works are unique in their pink-purple-blue color palette as well as the combination of digital glitches and painterly touches. The drawings – the black lines are intentionally visible. In a way CATHEXIS appears less like a 3D work which we see a lot in the crypto art market, than a 2D animation inspired by Japanese 80s cyberpunk anime movies. What it depicts, i.e. “CATHEXIS”, also goes deeper from the tech surface to the mental & emotional energy movement within the body.

Technogenic by Alessio De Vecchi

“It’s a shame that she won’t live, but then again, who does?” – Gaff

We’ve all seen a lot of 3D bald heads in the crypto art world. Alessio has been extremely annoyed by the quantity (and perhaps lack of quality?) of them. So this time he tokenized a truly great bald headed CG character and kind of leveled up the whole game. It’s really impressive. It has the most intricate inner design, texture, lighting, animation, audio effect, and a philosophical/existential meaning behind it. For more details/WIP see his tweet thread.

Lost in the Crowd by Sinclair

Everything is connected. The first collector of this NFT will also receive the 1/1 physical ink drawing!

Sinclair’s (de)construction of portraits through lines (or one line) and multiple perspectives is so genius. Please have a look of his Twitter, he is one of my favorite portrait painters. They are like of Picasso’ cubist portraits, but Sinclair’s are more fluid and lively, light-weighted yet full of dynamics because of his use of crowded curvy lines and smaller parts that are all intertwined together. These portraits are always able to capture the essence of the people in a seemingly very easy way – that tells a lot about the artist’s genius.

Infinite CONSUME! by Carlos Marcial & XCOPY

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to print infinite fiat money to spend on plastic things! Best wishes, Carlos & XCOPY.

Another infinity room by Carlos Marcial to address the topic of infinite fiat money, while XCOPY once again brings his dark humor (critique) on the infinite CONSUME of plastic things. It’s a perfect Christmas NFT, you see the familiar XCOPY fire burning on Christmas trees, glitchy eyes watching you consuming and creating endless wastes during the crazy capitalist holiday season. It’s both like a harsh critique and a celebration of the doom of human beings.

Idiot by Sean Williams

Good art is many things: meaningful, passionate; a representation of the artist’s life and culture captured in a moment for the world to experience and process in their own unique way… Often times, though, ‘stupid’ is probably the best word to describe the energy behind what really gets people talking. Art like this usually pisses me off. And that’s what makes the story behind this piece even more dumb: Accidentally make a hole in your wall on Christmas morning, go viral on Twitter for it, after YEARS of planned, methodical work trying to do just that for ANY of my other work. Ha. Whether it’s slashes on a canvas selling for millions at Sotheby’s or a Banana taped to a wall at Art Basel for 120K – the strange things that pull at a Hümbans spirit and forces them to buy, to speak on art, or to REACT, never make sense, and it’s the traction that this piece received on Twitter that drives that point home even more deeply for me: an immediate perspective shift. Whether impactful, pretentious, or just plain fucking dumb, this piece not only perfectly encapsulates my 2020 as an artist, but it serves as the perfect capstone for a year of artistic discovery, growth, and understanding. Ahem* one might say “breaking walls” both conceptually, and now physically. It truly is a weird, wild, world. – “In this multidimensional, boundary shattering work, the artist interrogates our need, or perhaps desire, to be protected by the walls we’ve erected within ourselves and our society to keep us safe, or maybe isolate ourselves further.” [email protected] (Twitter) The Owner of this WEIRDWILDWORLD NFT will receive a 20″ X 30″ Giclée Art print with 1/4″ White Foamboard Mounting, printed on Torchon Paper, signed by the artist, as well as access to the digital RAW file & JPEGs of the piece

You seldom see conceptual art in the crypto art world. This one first caught fire on Twitter. Then urged by fellow crypto artists & collectors, Sean Williams tokenized this piece and got real bids. For the backstory, see original tweet that went viral on Christmas 2020. Instead of being cynic or trying to get attention by poking fun at art (like the annoying banana event at Art Basel), Idiot is actually so genuine and clever in a good humor way, that documents a hilarious accident happened to the artist, who kicked a hole into his wall on Christmas morning, and so decided to frame it and made it into art. Being very self-conscious about how ‘dumb’ and ‘stupid’ it was, Sean was also triggered to have a reflection on his artistic career throughout 2020, “a year of artistic discovery, growth, and understanding.”

As perfectly summarized in the description: “In this multidimensional, boundary shattering work,” Idiot breaks walls “both conceptually, and now physically. It truly is a weird, wild, world.”

FIGURES by smeccea

Right Person Wrong Time

smeccea’s works often have the central object(s) rotating in the midst of nature. In this grayish black and white piece, with the cracks on the body, the tone is set as sad as the description “Right Person Wrong Time.” Rotating in and out of the heavy mist, the two can hardly ever exist at the same time. But they still hold on to each other, trying to kiss, and not to let go.

rna vaccine by Adrià Gil

Digitally created artwork in hi-res at 2048×2058 pixels from “the pain and pleasure” portrait series. Created mixing techniques of generative code with artificial intelligence.

This Francis Bacon like human face is created by mixing techniques of generative code with artificial intelligence (!!!) The complete wrongness in composition of human face rendered by AI & code for the first time resembles the emotional state of a troubled artist who is painful and anxious. With such deep & intense existential/metaphysical expressions, it’s really mind-blowing to know this piece is NOT a traditional painting but the digital distortion and defamiliarization of machines.

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