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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

ExoMeta by mgxs

ExoMeta :GNSS: HumanProject.Alpha
The inability of the ancient humankind to solve their ecosystem problems in extinct Planet Earth, and the failure in colonisation of adjacent planets, forced the actual generation to create the Calix, synthetic recipient bodies that receives the brain and the heart of original specimen making possible to face the extreme condition in their new habitats.

ExoMeta belongs to “Genesis HumanProject.Alpha” series, which was inspired by “Lambogen”, i.e. Lamborghini Generator, a generative system that produces super cars aesthetics. The Genesis series is when “humans” are made out of car parts. ExoMeta in particular, represents “exuberance, something that evolves, adapts.” They set in a story in which the last humans create synthetic bodies to host organic brain and heart in order to survive in extreme conditions. For more backstory and characters read Machines and Feelings: MGXS Interview.

I Spy by Gavin Shapiro

“I spy two scarves, ten hats on ten heads, / Six shiny ornaments: three green, and three red; / Three green blocks, a tropical tree, / Some antlers, six presents, and a block with a Z.” Remember – it loops infinitely, so don’t count the same thing twice! Inspired by the classic “I Spy” books from my childhood. Music by Fobee.

Penguins are actually Gavin Shapiro’s first love. So I’m happy to see them back with dancing flamingos dancing around. You see what Gavin’s best at: 3D animation, warm comedy feeling that makes you smile, infinite loops, dancing music, stylized photorealistic rendering – very detailed complicated elaborate Christmas gift boxes, decos, store windows, snows. My personal favorite 2020 Christmas NFT.

‘Lost in the depths’ by harvmcm

Stranded, and lost, in the depths.

One of Harvmcm’s favorite artists George Condo coined the term “psychological Cubism” which I think suits this work very well too. By dismantling one reality and constructing another from the same parts, psychological cubism seeks to authentically represent the emotional and mental lives of the portrayed person(s). In ‘Lost in the depths,’ apart from being constructed by cubes, what’s more disturbing is the emotional state of the astronaut. He’s located at the wrong place – deep down the sea. Alienated, stranded and lost. The feeling is even more stressed by the use of dark color, which is very different from other brighter, livelier works done by Harvmcm previously.

You were defiant and beautiful in pastel neon by Giant Swan

In every corner of their movement, They are existing between a tension of explosive waves of inspiration and ideas. Their souls are stirring right in front of you, they speak to you with movement, carving and moving through the world as if they weren’t even really here. That tension is a path they move along with in step, weaving through forests and light in beautiful defiance or maybe it’s just a calming understanding of the forces that spark the fire of neon.

Giant Swan is my favorite VR artist. He totally mastered Tilt Brush and static VR art. There are no special effects, loud music, messy movements that distract or try to impress. His works are often quiet quests of souls, philosophies and deep emotions with great aesthetics.

Unlike most tilt brush art I’ve seen, the trace of the brushes is not prominent in an uncomfortable way. On the contrary, the tool helps build up his unique style. The painterly brushes are very exquisitely executed. The colors are usually bright and light. They contribute to the surreal other-worldly feeling because you can see they are clearly brushes that at the same time perfectly construct a beautiful world.

Subject wise, it’s often a human like figure in an ethereal world, having a poetic moment with him/herself.

*VR tools used were, tilt brush, gravity sketch. Blender and dimension also used. (info provided by GS)

1608201617943 by ertdfgcvb

01:37, 1440 × 2560

ertdfgcvb is the most special artist I’ve seen in a while. Just see the tags of this work: #ascii #asciiart #generative #perfectloop #pixelperfect #procedural #textmode #typography #vga… Can’t say I understand them all, but I don’t think we have another artist doing this kind of art on SuperRare. Also remember to visit https://ertdfgcvb.xyz/, so, so fun.

*ASCII art is a graphic design technique that uses computers for presentation and consists of pictures pieced together from the 95 printable (from a total of 128) characters defined by the ASCII Standard from 1963 and ASCII compliant character sets with proprietary extended characters (beyond the 128 characters of standard 7-bit ASCII). The term is also loosely used to refer to text based visual art in general.

*Video Graphics Array (VGA) is a video display controller and accompanying de facto graphics standard, first introduced with the IBM PS/2 line of computers in 1987, which became ubiquitous in the PC industry within three years.

The Golden Circle by Julian Brangold

“The Golden Circle” – HD Single Channel Video with sound – 39 seconds – 2020 –

Julian Brangold evolved from 2D tattoo art to 3D sculptures to 3D video art in less than a half year. I don’t think I’ve seen many this kind of video art on SuperRare yet, the narrative kind that tells a story like a short movie. It tells through inner monologue (it even has a subtitle). In this way, Julian introduced poetry to crypto art.

Interstellar Burst by Etiene Crauss

In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the universe.

Etiene Crauss’s translucent colors series is so good too. The light effect of the whole image looks like a negative film (but colored). In a world where everyone is using 3D motions to portray things/events with the help of the most complex, mean-to-impress visuality, Etiene uses a few colors, a few lines and repetitive silhouettes (butterflies and human bodies) on a 2D plate to tell a story about interstellar burst and saving the universe. Very genius.

Lordess Drop in Voxelized Blue Green GAN Painting by marjan

An animated painting derived from my Art Basel Miami 2019 #arthack, #Lordess has been featured in several articles, including the Contemporary Surrealism special issue of Trebeuchet international art magazine. Using my signature style of 3dCG figuration and animation, she is posed against a voxelized, glitched, Blue and Green, AI GAN-generated painting. She glitches a contrapposto with multiple amorphous “drops” within the body mesh, through intersection, re-arrangement, relocation, and scalar exaggeration. As Digital Embodiment, her “drop” explores the most extreme transformation of humanity resulting from technology. I created the sound design as a chirping, stereo-panning, electronic chiming backdrop. The Collector also has the option of receiving an additional signed 20″ X 30” archival, museum grade, mounted/ready-to-hang, Digital C print from several still options, PathTrace rendered at 15,000 pixels for the highest quality, accompanied by an AR app of the animated #Lordess for iOS and Android.

This is a typical marjan work: 3D CG figure and animation posed against a voxleized, glitched, AI GAN-generated painting. The morphs, re-arrangement, relocation, and scalar exaggeration of the 3D figure is visually so powerful. Marjan also created the audio herself. The piece is to “explores the most extreme transformation of humanity resulting from technology.”

Marjan is known and recognized for her original and distinct style of figuration and animation in 3d CG. She defines this aesthetic innovation as Chronometric Sculpture, which blends the ideals of sculpture with that of animation. Learn more about her, read Marjan Moghaddam: The Early Pioneer of Digital Art.

In The Flowers by Cullen Hassel

In The Flowers
Edition 1 of 1
If I could just leave my body for the night

Another artist who’s very much in love with nature. You see a lot of nature elements in his art. In this piece, the human body lies among the flowers that lighten up at night, reminiscent of Pandora at night in Avatar (2009). It’s so beautiful the body is dissolved into its environment – you feel exactly the mood “If I could just leave my body for the night.”

Elephant Dreams Part III by rac & Reisinger Andrés

Elephant Dreams Part III
Edition 1 of 1
Part III of the record breaking audio/visual collaboration in between Reisinger Andrés and RAC. superrare.co/reisingerandres x superrare.co/rac

The third piece in the Elephant Dreams series, an audio/visual collab by RAC & Reisinger Andrés. This is my favorite audio/visual NFT series of the year. Visual wise the seriality of apple(s) and the pink-red room is so good. In this piece there isn’t much variation except the slight change of light both from outside (as if there are cars passing by) and the flashing of Dan Flavin like fluorescent lights installed on the wall. The subtlety of it is very flirtatious.

And of course, the music is amazing.

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