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by Nicholas Keays

Presented by Felt Zine as part of the “Principia Discordia” exhibition.
Edition 1 of 1
Sacrifices are made at the altar for the god Saturn who delivers onto us the gift of the present in which everything always has and always will exist
Inspired by

The image references ‘Romains de la décadence’ [Romans During The Decadence] by Thomas Couture. The work is a history painting, regarded as the noblest genre during the 19th century: it therefore had to represent human behaviour and convey a moral message. This was explained by Couture himself, who quoted two lines from the Roman poet Juvenal, (c. 55-c.140 AD) in the catalogue for the 1847 Salon where the painting was exhibited: “Crueler than war, vice fell upon Rome and avenged the conquered world”. 

‘Romains de la décadence’ took Thomas Couture three years to complete, Enis Ni Evil took me a full year.

Palindrome Artwork Title

Enis Ni Evil = Live In Sin; a reference to the common biblical phrase “Live in sin” and I’ve replaced sin with sine, as in sine wave to represent the ebb and flows/pendulum swing of life apparent in all things. The purpose of the name is to help people realise the view of a dualistic reality (evil vs good/ dark vs light) is purely to serve ego (superior vs inferior) and that the true nature of the universe is cyclical and in a constant state of flow (this could be compared to lunar cycles).


33: the number of skeletons i have included in the piece (pieces/jesus on the zodiac wheel, the number of vertebrae in the spine, 33 is the highest degree of freemasonry initiation)

12: 12 disciples, 12 sections of the zodiac wheel, 12 hours twice is 24 hrs. This project took me 12 months to complete

7: days of the week, colours of the rainbow, 7 deadly sins

8: Saturn’s number, number of statues in the piece, number of new beginnings 

3,6,9: Tesla said “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe”

Astrology Theme x Zodiac

The number at the base of the altar “1746″ is the number of fusion, derived when we add 666 “the sun” and 1080 “the moon”. This is another comment on the true non dual nature of the universe this non dual nature is even expressed/encoded in the word “Universe” Uni = one Verse = portion of writing)

More relevance of the number 666 is the multiple 6 x 6 x 6, which equals number 216 – the number 2160 is the number of years it takes for the equinox to travel through a zodiac sign. This is similar to our zodiac signs of where the sun is when we were born but instead of this cycle over 1 year, we cycle through something called the great year which is roughly 25,772 

The reason this is relevant is because the last 2160 years has been in pieces (pieces is 33 degrees on the zodiac wheel), this era and the symbol of pieces has been associated with the time of Jesus Christ, which further analysis of the zodiac wheel we see the polar sign to pieces is virgo (the Virgin Maiden – Virgin Mary), The Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus is also responsible for ushering in this new age and also shows the nature of opposite poles in generation of something new.

Auction end time relevance

The end of this 2160 cycle falls on an ancient Roman festival named ‘Festival of Saturnalia’ [December 17th -23rd 2020], this festival is the roots to the now celebrated Christmas. The Romans worshiped the God of Saturn (Father Time/ Chronos), the gift of present moment and time that are associated with Saturn. On the contrary, we celebrate “Santa/ Father Christmas” with material gifts and presents. 


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