SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


December 14-20

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 Meteorite by Six N. Five was collected by sirnigel for $5,600

Edition 1 of 1
A pearlescent meteorite has arrived in this digital age, and we encapsulated it a year ago. On this journey throughout our career, it was definitely the most important discovery of 2019. Artwork size 7196 x 4795.

#9 Sprite Garden by Totemical was collected by gltr for $5,613

Sprite Garden
Edition 1 of 1
“Life exists only at this very moment, and in this moment it is infinite and eternal. For the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it persists for ever.” ― Alan Watts // 11719px x 8874px 38.9mb // Totemical 2016

#8 Sohcahtoa by Gavin Shapiro was collected by bitbuzz for $6,181

Edition 1 of 1
Journey through a never-ending Sierpiński triangle, surrounded by an infinite number of comforting flamingos. Music by FIBRE.

#7 The Divine Molecule by GMUNK was collected by matrix for $6,460

The Divine Molecule
Edition 1 of 1
I took another hit, my vision softening – the blooms intensifying, those familiar kindles of light satiating my periphery. As the ego diffused – I found tranquillity deep within the submerged mind. The Neurogenesis began. Embrace the Subliminal.

#6 It Came from Latent Space by quasimondo was collected by thecircle for $6,505

It Came from Latent Space
Edition 1 of 1
This is the first work from my “Latent Fiction” series. It is the result of a model I am still in the process of training on early pulp illustrations. Whilst I am still uncertain of the final destination this exploration will take me to, this image is the first one I find compelling enough to call it “mine”.

#5 Lunch in a boat by Six N. Five was collected by mrbridge for $7,113

Lunch in a boat
Edition 1 of 1
We create digital imaginary spaces where we would like to be. In this creation, we also decided to remove the mosquitoes. From our collection of favorites made in 2020.

#4 The Overture by Reisinger Andres was collected by flamingo_dao for $11,621

The Overture
Edition 1 of 1
The apples are “the beginning”, biblically. And it’s my way of expressing this new metaverse world opening. The frosted glass is the friction we have with the metaverse at the moment because of technology. Only some of us can envision through a frosted glass and create how the future world will be.

#3 Distortion Routine by Pak was collected by gltr for $19,670

Distortion Routine
Edition 1 of 1

#2 [secondary sale] Chrysalis by Trevor Jones was sold by G○C△ – Gallery of Crypto Art (profit 868%) to etyoung for $25,757

Artist royalty to Trevor Jones: $2,576

Edition 1 of 1
The original painting Chrysalis was commissioned by artmag, Scotland’s most widely distributed art magazine. It’s the only artwork created specifically for the magazine’s cover in its 13 year history. The publisher was interested an augmented reality magazine cover and so after a productive meeting I left the office with a bundle of older artmag issues in hand and I went to work. We agreed that the AR element would showcase my painting process, which included collaging ripped up pieces of past issues. I took video and photos throughout the creation of the artwork to produce a video that could be accessed via my AR app and their magazine cover. This work became the UK’s first art magazine cover. Music: Les Files D’attente by Law’ purchased from Jamendo. Invoice # JAM-WEB-2015-0000793 Painting information: Chrysalis, acrylic & torn artmag on canvas, 105 x 80 cm, 2015. More information about Chrysalis at my website:

#1 In Titan’s Light by Sutu & deadmau5 was collected by fastackl for $49,306

In Titan’s Light
Edition 1 of 1
This audiovisual collaboration between Sutu and deadmau5 imagines a new frontier. Inspired by the deadmau5 track, SATRN, the artwork is set at a space station on the Titan moon. This collaboration was born during the creation of the RAREZ Series 1 NFTs with *The owner will also receive a 4k lossless render of the artwork

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