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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Everything that’s left by Alessio De Vecchi

One morning, we’ll all be gone.

Alessio De Vecchi’s furry worm is light, sensual, full of life, moving fast and mysterious. You don’t know where they are from, where they are going, what the purpose of their life is. It climbs across nature – trees, trunk, rock and water. The water splashing effect is so good in this piece. The title “Everything that’s left” points to the existential aspect of it: the Autumn setting, the headless ancient Greek style sculpture, and the moving furries carry with them mortality, impermanence, and leave an existential void after they are gone.

Shared Vision// by fvckrender

Conversations between souls, ego’s apart

fvckrender often uses closeups of base mesh heads in his work. Surrounded by delicate objects like roses, chains and rotating/orbiting little pearls, these human heads have the focusing force of mindfulness that seems to drag you into the meditative world of the cerebral. In “Shared Vision//” fvckrender portrays the physical as well as mental intimacy between two human minds. Shutting their eyes, they are close to kiss but the mouths are apart. Instead, the two foreheads are connected by a small sphere, thereby happens the “conversations between souls.”

Juice by realimposter

One of the last pieces from my slime series. Inspired by my fascination with the “oddly satisfying” movement. Created with Houdini+Octane.

realimposter’s work usually aims for a mix of satisfaction and disgust. In “Juice”, it aims for being “oddly satisfying”. It’s an excellent 3D motion work inspired by “Satisfying Slime ASMR” real life videos that one can find a lot online. You can easily get addicted to watching & listening to these. It’s a true product of the contemporary internet culture.

Seasons by blakekathryn

A reflection of time passed within familiar walls ✧ Score by Mariode ✧ 1080×1350

Four seasons all happen fully indoor. In Spring life grows with freshness and youth, in Summer you chill by the pool, in Autumn leaves all turn orange and yellow and in Winter the air is clean and clear. This is what a perfect covid indoor life would be. We spent our 2020 in home, experienced the change of seasons in home. We missed nature, parties by the pool, and walks at clear nights. But in Blake’s Seasons – a perfect dream like life – we are together with the beautiful nature within our familiar walls.

The Fold Ep2 by James Owen

The Fold, part of my DesignEpisodes series, has been featured in various architectural and design publications around the world. A mesmerizing blend of fine art and motion design.

There’s always the lightness of being in James Owen’s art. “Gentle, elegant, and free-flowing” movements of a light object often happens in a minimalistic background, in this case complete blankness. The visual is very succinct and clean.

“Meta-Genesis” by Silvio Vieira

-Genesis. Life complex, Consciousness, Wires and Vertex, Peacefulness, We’ve found, Inside, Hidebound, Defied, Unbound.- (All work including sound samples created by Silvio Vieira, 2020)

I love that the human body is constructed by wires. In a sense they are like our veins, neurons, soft tissue that together make our bodies. It’s complex, interconnected, vital – life is the miracle of flesh and blood. Yet overall it is state of vulnerability and mortality. There are two sets of circles – the large one is both like a halo and an orbit. The small ones circle around the curled up human, as if he’s at the state of birth (guess that’s where the “Genesis” from). The light source in the position of the heart is the symbol of life. Then you have halos reflected around the head. They are the consciousness, mindfulness of soul. (I guess)

DEATH TO DUALITY by Nicholas Keays

Collaboration with Russian rapper Hofmannita. Size: 5500 x 5500 https://www.instagram.com/lhofmannita

It’s a collaboration between Nicholas Keays & Russian rapper Hofmannita, a perfect mix of goth girl aesthetics + vanitas + Lolita fashion. I love Nicholas Keays’ obsession with death (skeleton) and mysticism. Nicholas’ work always brings me to another world of magic, dark romance and myths.

Backstory provided by Nicholas Keays: “Hofmannita & I linked over Instagram dm – I am really drawn into the dark/beautiful elements of her brand. Her raw expression can’t be faked and the style is something I haven’t seen before, I almost want to call it TraumaChic? Despite the language barrier, it was such an organic collaboration in creating ‘Death To Duality’ watch this space as we have more to come… Check out her recent album, the English translation is ‘Trouble In Paradise’ [Неприятности в Раю], it won’t disappoint. The NFT world needs more Hofmannita..”

Aritmie by Fabio Giampietro

“It may seem impossible some days, but it’s not. It’s so important to find hope in every circumstance, no matter what happens.” ― LL, Two Mothers. In the Metromorphosis series the boundaries between portraits and urban landscapes collapse into a play of lights and shadows. Oil on canvas, 2020.

Aritmie (arrhythmia), irregular heartbeat, as heard in the audio. It’s about mothers, cityscape, warmth that makes boundaries disappear, protection, gentleness, light (the circle in the center)/hope/life, VS shadows (the danger and harshness outside of mothers’ protection).

Meridian by Victor Mosquera

Everything Is Connected

The power of this piece lies in its simplicity. Circles in their most pure forms often exist in Victor Mosquera’s art, either representing a sun like star or the absence of it (/total solar eclipse), or a negative space/a void (in this case the blackness around the red circle in the center). The size of it compared to the human below immediately brings out the surreal, sci-fi, eerie feeling of the whole space. From the shape of the reflection, we can tell the human figure is walking across maybe a river? Other than that, it’s an unknown place, full of emptiness and darkness. Everything’s centered and symmetrical – echoes with the title “Meridian”.

Crystal Deer by goldweard

Crystal Deer
Edition 1 of 1
A Crystal deer inside a glass case rotates and sparkles in the light.

Can’t have enough of goldweard’s luxurious, extravagant, delicate, expensive-looking object that you want to place it at your home as a highly cherished decorate. Esp. the glass ones, they are so delicate as if they can be broken at any second. The crystal deer is so elegant and fragile that it’s placed in a glass case. It rotates and sparkles like a Christmas gift.

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