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The interview was conducted as part of the SR exhibition “Motion Design, NFTs, and Art.”

The exhibition features Gavin ShapiroaeforiabeyondbolaBlake KathrynSasha KatzAdam PriesterSteven BaltayJames OwensmecceaEsteban DiaconoAlessio De Vecchi, and Render Fruit (click links to view interviews)

Co-organized by SuperRare and Motion Designers Community.

Sasha Katz (aka wonderkatzi) is a 3d artist, based in Athens. In her most recent works Sasha is exploring female sexuality and the perfection of imperfection of female body. She portrays a delicate tenderness alongside a physical fragility that become tools to express her endless love for women. Her creations have been presented worldwide in the occasion of numerous group exhibitions. Selected collaborations: Burberry, Tumblr, Converse, Laura Strambi, Vogue Italia.

Edition 1 of 1
In the beginning there was Void, who had two daughters; one was that of Being, named Eris, and the other was of Non-Being, named Aneris. Once sterile Aneris became jealous of Eris (who was born pregnant), and started making existent things non-existent. This series is my interpretation of the relationship between two sisters.
What themes/subject matter/topics do you often address in your work

In my most recent works I’m exploring female sexuality and the perfection of imperfection of the female body. I’m inspired by the unconventional beauty. When I was a kid I created a series of queer erotical comics at school, my teacher took them from me and invited my mother for a talk about my inappropriate creativity. Since then I’ve been doing exactly the same but in 3D and no one can stop me. Currently I’m working on the series of softcore pieces, where I’m eroticizing my heroes in my eyes, the eyes of a woman. The art process really turns me on.

Your two breasts are like two fawns
Edition 1 of 1

‘Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle, that graze among the lilies’ 1200 x 1500 px / 30fps / 240 frames / 8 seconds
How do you develop your own signature styles, what tools do you use?

I love the balance between realism and grotesque. I avoid using of subsurface scattering, no transparent noses and ears. I use Cinema 4D, Marvelous designer and Daz 3D.

The role of social media in your art career?

Tumblr community really supported me, I posted new work and was growing as an artist. Currently I’m a bit confused, Instagram is deleting my works from other accounts for nudity, despite the fact that I’m making a ‘censored’ version for IG with nipples covered. I’m really unhappy that violence is okay and the female body is not okay. So I started a twitter account where there is no censorship and no virtual bras.

Should motion design be considered as art or design? What’s the difference between art and design in your opinion?

I think that design is solving problems and art is creating problems. I identify motion design as a form. It can be art and can be non-art.

if there is a perceived self-reflection – I call it art. If there is no self-reflection, it’s kitsch.

Concerning the difference between good and mediocre, original and copycat – I love my ‘kitsch or camp’ rule: if there is a perceived self-reflection – I call it art. If there is no self-reflection, it’s kitsch – the copy with the broken connection with the original, empty by itself.

What are the differences between the crypto art world and your original background?

Art needs context. I think that crypto art world is a perfect replacement for moth-eaten art galleries with extremely high entry threshold and lack of space. Let’s mix high-brow with low-brow and be happy.

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