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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

CryptoArtLand by XCOPY

welcomes YOU! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This is what I’ve been thinking recently: does artist CV – so crucial and indispensable in the traditional art world – matter in the crypto art world? I used to work in galleries where we staff had to spend most of our time formatting pages after pages of artist statement, education, exhibitions and awards to the extent that the artworks themselves don’t seem to matter by comparison. All you need to see are the length of resumes to validate the value of art. For better or worse, this doesn’t seem to apply to crypto art anymore. Whether or not you graduated with an MFA from a top art school, you’d been exhibited around the world, your artist statement is written by a famous curator or have a CV that is pages long (in fact, there’s no place for you to put it on artist profile), the market doesn’t really react accordingly. You can be totally anonymous, have a one line artist statement like “An artist.”, haven’t even graduated from high school yet, or have only made your own exhibitions in the metaverse and still be successful. This is liberating, and we are seeing new world rules figuring themselves out. So XCOPY really captures the spirit of cryptoart in this piece. We “burned” the papers like bitcoin burned the paper money, with a naughty smile and an anonymous face.

Compassion by Yura Miron

ཐུགྶྰྲྗེ Mixed Ai techniques & digital painting. 2020. 4X4K PNG

I think it’s hard to find your own artistic voice by using AI, a tool that is so prominent in its novelty and instrumental trace that it can easily eclipse an artist’s own artistic intention and expression. Many artists might end up only trying out the tool for its exciting unpredictable outcomes instead of forming their own complete storytelling.

But Yura Miron has been doing AI art persistently for so long, and you can see his artistic identity becomes clearer and clearer as days, months and years passed. As a mixed AI techniques & digital painting, Compassion is a recent excellent example of how Yura is able to take control of the distinctively weird formal patterns of AI generated art, integrate and transform them into a perfect abstract painting. You just have to appreciate how he masterfully combines extremely vivid colors, wildly weird forms and unique AI “brushstrokes” altogether into an AI Abstract Expressionist painting. The tool no longer overrides, the artist has tamed the tool.

Innerbloom by yugal

This piece is about vulnerability, emotionally and physically. It’s about how when we express our true selves, we are a spectrum of emotions, feelings, and colors. Nothing can be painted black or white, and we can find peace through just being and sharing with one another. Soundtrack composed by : Samarth Arora

I love how the colors flow through the crystal bodies like a visualization of energy moving across this universe, from one living human being to another. It’s about relations with ourselves and other people, how emotions are both from the inner selves and a result from interactions with the others. The interexchange is vulnerable and beautiful at the same time.

トポロジーの呪い by Frenetik Void

Disconnected, compact manifolds.

A rare black & white Frenetik Void and also a rare instance where there is no clear human figure. Instead, there are two rock mass that slightly resemble two human figures being heavily wrapped like mummies. Other than these, you see the recurring sea & sky environment, (but unusually it’s at night and stars are showing in the sky) and the recurring flat metal plate floating on the sea, supporting the human-like mass. The two “human figures” are interacting with each other. The one above is imposing like a menacing character, with its larger scale, overshadowing position and dawning movement. The smaller one sitting on the plate looks up, rather helplessly. The use of abstract forms of mass, the interplay with size, dynamic yet mysterious movements, indefinite space & time and curious lighting all evoke the power of surrealism. A dark dream about gravity and anti-gravity, substance and void.


Emerging from pools, he is wide awake. ——–3092x1829px

The most beautiful frog on earth. It looks like a luxury sculpture with its metal like quality and extremely intricate designs. Vivid colors are overflowing, dripping and becoming forms, substance themselves. Then you have various kinds of shapes, texture, color/light effects. The frog is crisscrossing the boundary of being figurative & abstract. It even looks delicious, fluid. Then it looks metal like and luxurious. The body part is so detailed aesthetically (instead of realistically). You can totally get lost in this psychedelic world of exuberant colors and infinite forms.

Roarrr!! by Suryanto & tagapaw

I can do anything, I am strong, I am invincible. I’ve got the eye of Lion…the fire…dancing through the fire because I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.. A collabs between 2Dx3D visual animation with @tagapaw

Suryanto’s art has been very, very two-dimensional (in a good way) till this happened. It’s so exciting to see all those 2D paints, brushstrokes, color plates, suddenly have their own 3D depth, getting animated and coming to life. It’s like living in a world of Basquiat’s paints. The second scene by tagapaw is more realistic, you have a nature landscape and a perfectly structured 3D lion. But it’s covered in Suryanto’s paints, making it look like a porcelain or the elder of a tribe because of the excessive decoration and facial makeup. Either way it’s a very interesting piece, where you travel through art, imaginations, nature and time with a roaring lion.

Your two breasts are like two fawns by wonderkatzi

‘Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle, that graze among the lilies’ 1200 x 1500 px / 30fps / 240 frames / 8 seconds

Appreciation of female bodies comes best from females themselves, and no one portrays better nudities & interactions between them better than wonderkatzi. The appreciation is sexual, poetic, loving and intimate. Unlike the typical nudes sculpted under male gaze, there’s nothing violent or voyeuristic about it. The female bodies are not objectified or “exposed” to please the eyes of the opposite sex. Instead, it’s a self-sufficient self-love existing between the two – pleasuring themselves, loving and enjoying each other’s body with no need for audience.

Friction by Esteban Diacono

On the road to nowhere.

The hilarious absurdity of this piece is such a mood. Ever seen a man running so hard with steam and dusts flying around yet not really moving forward? Yes, I see them every day everywhere and I see him in myself. Literally on the road to nowhere, but it’s still a lot of effort.

Girls & Love #3 by JENISU

1 of 1 edition of the Girls & Love series by Jenisu 4000×4000 px

I love how the girl dresses. This is exactly how the cutest girls dress in Asia. On the busy food street, you see neon signs of McDonald and Sushi, Japanese lanterns and pink cherry trees. Even the ACs and train wires appear romantic in this setting. The girl with her dog is on the way to a dinner date. I really love the crowdedness of it, a result of space structure, number of things portrayed, high contrast use of colors and attentions to complicated details. Overall, the mood is exactly “girl & love.” It’s girl’s love for life, for beautiful things, and the world around her.

Bugs – Dragonfly by zunino

Have you ever seen bugs bug? Available in its amber case which should last, at least, a few millenniums. 1200*1200, .mp4.

“Have you ever seen bugs bug?” The multiple puns of this are so cute and clever. You have the tv no signal color bars on the wings of the bug. Again the audio effect is amazing – it so effectively conveys the bug situation to you. But all in all it’s frozen forever in an amber, a beautiful table object I would love to have. It has a lot of nostalgia in it.

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