SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


November 23-29

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 Alchemy by Esteban Diacono was collected by ryandeiss for $6,479

Edition 1 of 1

#9 REWIRE// by fvckrender was collected by sirnigel for $7,136

Edition 1 of 1
BRAIN REWIRING. Video 2048 x 2048 Sound by TheHoly

#8 Electric Nature by Reisinger Andres was collected by ohhshiny for $7,937

Electric Nature
Edition 1 of 1
Digital Installation part of Electric Nature serie.

#7 The Babadook 02Face to Face by Hackatao was collected by sirnigel for $8,278

The Babadook 02Face to Face
Edition 1 of 1
Dare to look me in the face. Try to put me in me place.

#6 Light Field Rendering by android_jones was collected by gltr for $10,077

Light Field Rendering
Edition 1 of 1
Digitally painted using a combination of Photoshop, Corel Painter and Zbrush.

#5 Half Doomed by Coldie was collected by sirnigel for $11,116

Half Doomed
Edition 1 of 1
What happens when humans take it too far? When nature is encroached and taken over. Can it be stopped, or is this more of a premonition of what lies ahead for mankind? Looking around during hikes and other outdoor trips, there are subtle hints that our pure nature is being infiltrated. A power line here, a cell tower there. If it happens gradually over time, some might not notice the change and accept this reality. This artwork blends a variety of photography I have personally taken which combines some of the greatest experiences of my life. Yosemite valley is my ‘happy place’ that I have been fortunate to have visited several times. Photography of Los Angeles and San Francisco where I experience culture that forms my creativity, and the ‘elephant in the room’ from Bansky’s 2006 pop-up show in Los Angeles I attended. Together they may tell one story to the viewer, but to me, the meaning is much deeper. An encapsulation of my life’s experiences in one scene. Originally a stereoscopic 3D still artwork tokenized in 2018 on R.A.R.E Art Labs, the ERC-20 tokens were all burned prior to purchase. I took the artwork and reimagined it for 2020, creating the first animated stereoscopic 3D NFT that uses red/blue 3D glasses to see the depth. This artwork will be tokenized on Super Rare, but it will be a unique sale, as it will bundle. The total contents of this sale include. 1/1 NFT on Super Rare Physical 1/1 canvas print, Signed/Dated Ultra-rare StereoMan 3D Magazine zine ft. the origins of this artwork from 2011. Signed in gold leaf. Signed Coldie/Hackatao 3D Glasses w artwork inscription Handheld side-by-side 3D image view (for 3D art in Zine) Extra unsigned pair of Coldie/Hackatao glasses to use to view 3D artworks.Size: 3000px x 4000px, Format: MP4, Length: 21 seconds

#4 Plastic Rain by Reisinger Andres was collected by Pablo for $13,870

Plastic Rain
Edition 1 of 1
Manifestation of transcendent forms of consciousness. This artwork is part of Plastic Rain serie. Quantity of Artworks in Plastic Rain serie : 6 artworks in total.

#3 Hortensia Chair by Reisinger Andres was collected by ohhshiny for $17,429

Hortensia Chair
Edition 1 of 1
First rendered image generated by Andres, which gave life to the world famous Hortensia Chair.

#2 Thirds by Glass Crane & Pak was collected by gltr for $17,586

Edition 1 of 1
👁️👁️👁️ is a collaboration between Pak and Glass Crane

#1 Möbius Knot by Pak was collected by tim kang for $42,720

Möbius Knot
Edition 1 of 1

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