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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

tangible data five by BARON LANTEIGNE

Fifth iteration of the tangible data series. This hyper dense mind-bending environment reveals the duality between data and its material infrastructure. Sound design by Eduardo Noya Schreus

BARON LANTEIGNE is the most “crypto artist” in its literal sense. All the works he’s tokenized on SuperRare by far are auto-self-referencing in the context of crypto art. His art is like crypto art becomes conscious of itself. Visually these artworks are already impressive enough. Highly recommend reading his Tangible Data to understand the genius and significance of this series as an open ended record of the evolution & real happenings of the crypto art space. These “loops” address things like data/metadata (embedded into blockchain), crypto art community interactions, blockchain transactions, virtuality, internet/post-internet culture, etc. Bringing awareness to the infrastructure special to crypto art – technology, creative process, interactions – his tangible data series constitutes “crypto art” on a meta level.

My last Effort by soulosaintt

My last Effort
Edition 1 of 1
is there anything you wouldn’t do for love ?

The psychological expressiveness of this piece is apparent. It makes you feel a lot of mixed powerful emotions at the same time: violence, pain, anger, lust, hurt, passion, desperation – all ready to explode over the verge of madness. The skin is peeled off, the background is fire-like, eyeballs are exploding because of extreme pain or excitement or maybe both. The tip of the gun is a mouth with its lustful tongue sticking out. The fired bullet looks rather cute. “is there anything you wouldn’t do for love ?”

STAR SEEKER by planttdaddii

Edition 1 of 1
Sculpted in Z-brush, rendered with Cinema4D/Octane.——- 2258×2913 px

You see danger and protection, piercing and enveloping, death and birth, prisoning and love/symbiosis all at the same time. It’s full of contradicting dynamics yet as a whole they coexist, inseparable and infatuated. Like a toxic relationship.

Waiting for Christmas by Six N. Five

Waiting for Christmas
Edition 1 of 1
It was a year full of changes, new challenges, new steps, and hard work. Waiting for Christmas came to life from the Desire for a mental break. Fortunately, Santa Claus had something for us for the next Year.

Aesthetically it’s a classic Six N. Five: the symmetry of the composition, the window opens to a calming sea, the use of tonal colors (mainly 2), the transparent lightweight curtain slightly moved by freeze, minimalistic interior & extremely elegant, clean furniture (chair). The sun is not in sight but it has its presence through the beautiful warming light & shadow. The diagonal, elongated shadow constitutes the asymmetry of the image, brings it the movement & liveliness of the passing of time. The title “Waiting for Christmas” makes the complete absence of Christmas, and so the “waiting”, strongly felt. It’s a mixture of relaxing serenity and melancholy emptiness.

Almost There. by solace

Almost There.
Edition 1 of 1
No description I’m almost there.

I wish I could decipher this painting but I could not. The details are so rich that they construct a small complicated universe where everything happens – whether co-related or not, having an ultimate message/storyline or not. Maybe it is like how Life is? There are like 50 houses within the art, each exists in its own universe/culture/story setting. I would love to know how each space is inspired, what they mean. What are the numbers about? The recurrence of “ON MY WAY & SEE YOU THERE”? The fire, comet, cartoon characters, signs… solace’s use of color in a naive way also creates a fairy tale touch to it. Anyway, the content is so rich, but so mysterious.

Alone with myself by Milton Sanz

Alone with myself
Edition 1 of 1
I was so desperate to get rid of loneliness that I scared away what I had to keep close to me. I excelled in my quest for an inner god. I am alone with myself, as usual, just me… with myself.

The classic Milton Sanz with the typical use of black, white and green. This is a piece about loneliness (read: Alone with myself.) Instead of exaggerating or being expressive about the mental state, “Alone with myself” is rather constrained, even suppressed. The only indication of pain is through the fingers digging into the eyes, out of which leaves grow. Loneliness is depicted as a state of quietly drowning in one’s own mental torture, in the infinite silence of emptiness (the background is infinitely empty, unlike Milton’s other pieces). The closeup to the head is also a focus on the mentality – it’s all self, inner self, alone with myself and nothing more.

Mercury by zomax

Edition 1 of 1
Sometime around january 2012, I merged bits and pieces from every science fiction movie I love into a big pile of scifi anecdotes. Buckle up Korben.

The retro Sci-Fi feeling of it can’t be stronger. You can find all the classic sci-fi elements in it. On the other hand I love how zomax makes it feel like a real home inhabited by a person for a very long time. The books, the cat, the mess on the ground, and the dark lighting help balance off the typical spaceship rooms where coldness, machines, outer-space lifelessness/loneliness and militant disciplines usually dominate. You feel cozy and exciting, taking an outer-space adventure and here you have a home.

Rebirth of Venus by lilmiquela

Rebirth of Venus
Edition 1 of 1
Old systems, identities and rules no longer need to bind us. If we decide something has value or a story meaning, then it does. My piece is a meditation on that feeling of throwing skepticism to the wind and accepting endless potential outcomes, realities and truths. – $MIQ

The controversy it stirred involves a wide range of complicated problems latent in the small verse of crypto art as well as the larger society of the 21st century. Whether you like it or not, the good and bad things people see in “Rebirth of Venus” will likely happen even more in the future, or already substantially exist. The coming of Lilmiquela did not bring a new set of problems to cryptoart, it only brought the uncomfortable truths of cryptoart to the surface.

By which I mean but not exclusive to: the increasing importance of social media influence and followers (or social media marketing) to an artist’s financial success, the further breakdown of boundary between art and mass pop culture/entertainment, between art and business, and between art and a social media post. The unequal distribution of money and attention, the overt capitalism of cryptoart where market dominates the narrative, the further death of “authorship” (who is the creator of “Rebirth of Venus”? An artist, an AI, a social media celebrity/influencer, or a company “backed by Silicon Valley money”?). On a larger social scale, it sees the complete blur of real and unreal, virtual and physical, simulation and reality. Does the distinction even matter anymore? It is also, literally, an AI intruding the final fortress humans have by far proudly secured – the creative field. She ‘replaced’ real human artists, topped the market record by a lot, all by selling a fake selfie of a fake person.

Conceptually it can be fun and futuristic. It’s even titled “Rebirth of Venus” to refer back to Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, implying her ambition to enter the art history by reimagining a historic painting through the lens of 21st century, even if it’s dystopian.

AI, virtual/digital, post-human, social media, influencer, cryptocurrency, market. These are the things to stay and we will have to face all the problems they imply sooner or later.

OCTOPU$$Y by Antoni Tudisco

Edition 1 of 1
octopu$$y by Antoni Tudisco

It achieves highly sexually charged animation by only four things – a tongue, an octopus wiggling and twisting around the tongue, water and mirror. Here you have everything you need for eroticism. Oh and the pun intended title.

Here Comes Fiat by Carlos Marcial

Here Comes Fiat
Edition 1 of 1
This is my first cryptoart anniversary edition NFT. Exactly a year ago (11/22/2019) I tokenized my first artwork here on SuperRare. I wanted to celebrate this milestone by combining for this first anniversary two of my most well known digital art series: ‘Infinity Rooms’ & ‘Fiat est Violentiam’. This has been one of the most interesting years in all of my life and for that I want to thank all the community around this new emerging artistic movement. LOVE YOU ALL! 🧡💎

This is the anniversary edition NFT of Carlos Marcial combining his most well known digital art series: ‘Infinity Rooms’ & ‘Fiat est Violentiam’. Besides his signature infinity room, the ONE DOLLAR Federal Reserve Note bank is an essential part of crypto, and therefore crypto art culture, where we poke fun at the printer go brrr, inflation, money printing fiat which considers itself superior to cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, and make art out of it. The problems of fiat that led Satoshi to create an alternative to money only get worse in 2020. By contrast, and maybe as a result, the crypto is growing stronger and stronger, despite of facing a decade of nay-sayings. This spirit of rebellion and persistence is same found in the cryptoart community, of which Carlos is undoubtedly one of the best representatives.

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