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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Jed

Crossroads by gric

“Free me as free is the forest fire, as is the thunder that laughs aloud and hurls defiance to darkness.” — Rabindranath Tagore | MP4-loop, 1920 x 1920 pix / 1 min. | Music: “Ephemera” by Scott Buckley –

artonomous self-portrait 2020 by Pindar Van Arman

artonomous self-portrait 2020
Edition 1 of 1
Self-portrait painted in a collaboration between me, photographer Kitty Simpson, and artonomous. artonomous painted this work over the course of two days using feedback loops, computational AI, and deep learning neural networks. It is made up of 22,053 individual brushstrokes.

if I leave this here by chenell

“if I leave this here, would you notice” a very personal piece made on the rainy fall days in New England. built in unity. 1068 x 1902, 24 fps. seamless audio created in logic.

Damnatio memoriae by francescomai

….Even beauty can be condemned…. 3d digital sculpture.
4.800 X 6.000 pixel

The Corridor by gric

“I cannot lie to you, because a lie doesn’t exist.” the emissary said, intruding into my thoughts. “I can tell you only about what exists. In my world, only intent exists; a lie has no intent behind it; therefore, it has no existence.” — Carlos Castaneda (The Art of Dreaming) | MP4-loop, 1920 x 1920 pix / 33 sec. | Music: “Angelic Message” by Tulpa | Dusha (

Strings of Attachment II by gric

“Though surely to avoid attachments for fear of loss is to avoid life.” — Lionel Shriver ____ MP4 video-loop, 1920 x 1920 pix / ~2 min. 4K version on request. Music: “Borealis” by Scott Buckley –

Euterpe by oxeegeno

The muses and Apollo gave music to humanity to avoid pain and sorrow. Euterpe in cotidian days. She was the muses of the music in the greek mithology.

Half Doomed by Coldie

What happens when humans take it too far? When nature is encroached and taken over. Can it be stopped, or is this more of a premonition of what lies ahead for mankind? Looking around during hikes and other outdoor trips, there are subtle hints that our pure nature is being infiltrated. A power line here, a cell tower there. If it happens gradually over time, some might not notice the change and accept this reality. This artwork blends a variety of photography I have personally taken which combines some of the greatest experiences of my life. Yosemite valley is my ‘happy place’ that I have been fortunate to have visited several times. Photography of Los Angeles and San Francisco where I experience culture that forms my creativity, and the ‘elephant in the room’ from Bansky’s 2006 pop-up show in Los Angeles I attended. Together they may tell one story to the viewer, but to me, the meaning is much deeper. An encapsulation of my life’s experiences in one scene. Originally a stereoscopic 3D still artwork tokenized in 2018 on R.A.R.E Art Labs, the ERC-20 tokens were all burned prior to purchase. I took the artwork and reimagined it for 2020, creating the first animated stereoscopic 3D NFT that uses red/blue 3D glasses to see the depth. This artwork will be tokenized on Super Rare, but it will be a unique sale, as it will bundle. The total contents of this sale include. 1/1 NFT on Super Rare Physical 1/1 canvas print, Signed/Dated Ultra-rare StereoMan 3D Magazine zine ft. the origins of this artwork from 2011. Signed in gold leaf. Signed Coldie/Hackatao 3D Glasses w artwork inscription Handheld side-by-side 3D image view (for 3D art in Zine) Extra unsigned pair of Coldie/Hackatao glasses to use to view 3D artworks.Size: 3000px x 4000px, Format: MP4, Length: 21 seconds

Returning Within by Silvio Vieira

-Leaders!? Heroes of drama, Trying to change our point of view, Keeping us, Keeping you, Lost, Is the new normal, Best, Is the new, New, Isn’t always the best, Best, Is to turn off their story, And find our own glory.-


This work is part of a series of 3 perspectives interpretation of Salvador Dali 1934 painting “Skull with lyric appendage”

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