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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

I got a sweet dream, small world in between. by Render Fruit

Dancing in perfect loop, forever. Artwork dimensions 2880 x 2880 px. Smooth loop.

Female body surrounded by emoji “Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes,” this piece makes you feel happy, both physically and mentally. You can imagine the itchy sensual feeling of having the emoji bubbles dancing around your skin, most sensitive areas on female body. The floating smiling faces’ cheerfulness is so contagious, even by just looking at them you participate a happy play.

CONTINUUM by Glass Crane

“The clouds were disappearing rapidly, leaving the stars to die.”

Glass Crane’s art focuses on human (mostly female) bodies and their relations with the environments. The bodies become part of the architecture, and the space becomes part of the sculpture. Together they construct a holistic experience of art. In this piece, two female figures entangled together almost sexually, yet it’s elegant, balanced, having a heavenly touch as they float in the middle of the air without being bounded to gravity. The existence of clocks makes the space feel like it’s where time – past, present and future – converges, it thereby exists in eternity.

/// /_()\/[=|_/-\|\ ) /// ⛰🗿📡 by eceertrey

Deep in the Rocky Mountains hidden in a lonely valley, this sculpture stands, a “face” in the mountains…

Highly recommend eceertrey’s AR sculpture art. Through AR, he combines abstract sculptures with real environment (usually very beautiful nature landscapes) to create the beautiful surrealism – bringing together two realities to provoke the most powerful and poetic image. Said in his interview, his “creation process for years has involved hiking into the woods and into nature and capturing scenes where I could imagine objects existing. Hiking up mountains and coming into an alpine clearing, my mind sees a foreign floating object, hovering off the ground.” And the piece of art is the result of “putting an export of [his] imagination right there.”

First Contact by natehill

This piece was created as part of my second solo exhibition and has a 30 second edit of an instrumental piece that was written using the art as inspiration. The concept was to select some of my digital landscapes and create a soundtrack for each piece. This resulted in an album of ambient post rock music that I (along with my mega talented friend Geoff Kerr) wrote, recorded and released under the name No Sudden Moves. The album was released on a limited edition, clear with blue splatter vinyl record. The exhibition was held in a record store.

So essentially I believe this is an audio-visual NFT, with an album of ambient post rock music inspired by nate hill’s landscape, and was exhibited at a record store. Unlike most of his artworks, First Contact consists of falling lines (long thin drips) and white concrete foreground occupying 1/3 of the frame, instead of his usual more abstract, pure black background and white lines. Overall it’s a very romantic piece. Snow falls from the starry night, the ground is covered all white. The small human figure standing in the midst wide, serene landscape, feeling the sublimity of it all.

RAP!D CYCLE by planttdaddii

Digital sculpture made in Z-brush. Rendered using Cinema4D and Octane.
2018 x 2218px

Another stunning sculpture by planttdaddii. You can see chaos and harmony coexist in this piece. If you look at the details, they are so dynamic, as if being caught in some dramatic movements. The color is also very diverse. In the middle, there are a bird and a human face, combined in illogical way. Surrounding them are abstract 3D shapes, some are solid, some are soft or fluid like – all displaying a strong sense of movement. Yet overall the sculpture achieves its balance like a Taijutu.

Kodoma by parrott_ism

And we were told to feast on the bread of the angels.

This render of Kodoma (木霊, spirits in Japanese folklore that inhabit trees) is so parrott_ism. He brings his futurist humanoid and love for nature together, reconstructs an ancient story into a 21st century science fiction of tree angels. If you look at his previous art tokenized on SuperRare, you can see he always puts his sci-fi like humans deep inside the nature – surrounded by greenness – plants, trees, flowers, grass, river, waterfall. This time the humanoid is literally part of nature itself, the spirit of trees, having greenness grown out of it. It is a very beautiful portrayal of the future, where nature and spirit are still fully alive.

Solo by Six N. Five

This image is a big deal in the Six N. Five career. It brought us incredible repercussion around the world. It came at the right moment, opened the right doors. It gave us the confidence to believe that we already had a style and that we could transmit emotions to the viewer. We feel that with this image, we contributed to the birth of the Escapism style in 3D.

This piece conveys peace, serenity, and calmness of mind to its viewers with high efficiency. It’s so powerful by being so clean. The minimalistic nature right in front of your view. Dark blue sky, dark blue sea, a full moon with its reflection. The minimalistic, monochrome, symmetrical design of the interior space, and four delicate objects sit quietly on the table. On the far left the curtain is gently moved by breeze, the same breeze moves the small waves on the sea. There are basically only 2 colors in the piece. Like says in the description, it’s a piece of “escapism.” You first escape to this interior space that has a beautiful view, then you escape to the nature in the view.

Hole by Zunino

Hole, or The Touch, is one of the most liked loops I’ve ever done and one of my favorite. 1200*1200, .mp4.

Zunino’s motion design is very unique in a low key way. If you watch closely you will see audio effect is as important as the visual design in his art (see Instagram). He is able to maximize the use of audios to fully express subtle movements, or even movements of lights – which are supposed to be inaudible. In this case, you can first hear the sound of hand moving in its leather glove. And then when the hand touches the circle, it lightens up. The extremely clear sound of the light moving and turning on/off dramatizes the visual effect overall. (It’s extremely soothing like ASMR I guess?)

Elephant Dreams Part II by rac & Reisinger Andres

Part II of the record breaking audio/visual collaboration in between Reisinger Andrés and RAC. superrare.co/reisingerandres x superrare.co/rac

RAC & Reisinger Andres’s second piece in the Elephant Dream series is so beautiful, both audio- and visual-ly speaking. Resinger’s infinity room has so many layers. Did you catch them all? In these pink & white colored rooms, there’re recurring apples with different sizes, books, clocks, a female upper body sculpture whose head is replaced by an apple, a room of plants, silver spheres, sands/desert and silver trunk. Some are sitting quietly, some are floating, some are moving. The combinations of irrelevant objects in illogical rooms, plus a title like “elephant dream” evoke the power of poetic surrealism.

nights feel colder without you by odious

nights feel colder, days feel longer when you’re not around

This piece is relatively simple compared to other works done by odious. However you can grasp the essence of odious’ art in this piece. There are only odious’ main colors – black and red; it focuses on the one recurring main character (with the devil horns) and its emotional state. Here the character is all black and sits in a dark environment. Red is only used for the heart, which is outside of the body, lying on the pedal, and bleeding. Around the blood there are 2 rat like figures – which make you feel the coldness and loneliness of a deserted place/person immediately.

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