SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


November 9-15

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 To Keep the Shower Running by Osinachi was collected by kvg_dpc for $3,572

To Keep the Shower Running
Edition 1 of 1
One in the series, “COVID-19: A General State of Anxiety”, which explores how people navigate the realities of living in the coronavirus pandemic, this artwork references the psychological effects that being stuck in a space for too long could have on a person. From wiping down every surface to other heightened personal hygiene practices, there is a general sense of distrust between people and what they once regarded as their personal space. Given the realities of lockdowns, people are forced to lazy around indoors, most times leading to ennui.///// This piece is part of a larger exhibition at CADAF Online 2020 as facilitated by Kate Vass Galerie in collaboration with the artist.///// Reserve price is 8 ETH. There is also the option of buying this piece as an NFT+print bundle, which would mean that the NFT would go for a discounted price. Contact [email protected] for this.

#9 CONTINUUM by Glass Crane was collected by gltr for $3,749

Edition 1 of 1
“The clouds were disappearing rapidly, leaving the stars to die.”

#8 Living sculpture #1 by Jon Noorlander was collected by artcurious for $3,874

Living sculpture #1
Edition 1 of 1
Nature visualized with millions and millions of particles.

#7 Germinators by cryptospectr was collected by moderats for $3,904

Edition 1 of 1
People growing and blooming and withering like flowers, ideas germinating, cross pollinating and sprouting like seeds. We pass them on down through the winds of time. How many good seeds will we have before our pods are emptied.

#6 Don’t Scroll by XCOPY was collected by Simon Taylor for $4,588

Don’t Scroll
Edition 1 of 1
They got you by the dopamine

#5 Reflection Taunts My Empty Soul by Etiene Crauss was collected by etyoung for $4,703

Reflection Taunts My Empty Soul
Edition 1 of 1
I passed your house, it looked so cold.

#4 Seven Sirens by blakekathryn was collected by akira for $4,990

Seven Sirens
Edition 1 of 1
Character focus from Seven Sirens, a short film exploring the familial bond between, and allure of, the seven deadly sins ✧ Score by Mariode ✧ 1500×1500 ✧ Full short film at

#3 Love is a Riot by android_jones was collected by sith for $5,333

Love is a Riot
Edition 1 of 1
Originally inspired by the demonstrations in Turkey in 2013, I felt like this would be a relevant image for the times we are currently experiencing. The expression of love is one of the greatest mysteries and it manifests in a myriad of phenomena. Love is incredible, love is crazy, love is pain, and ….Love is a Riot.

#2 Wintermute by Fabio Giampietro was collected by etyoung for $5,874

Edition 1 of 1
A piece on spiritual individualism, part of the Metromorphosis series. In the Metromorphosis series the boundaries between figurative subjects and urban landscapes collapse into a play of lights and shadows. Oil on canvas. 1992 x 2780 pixels.

#1 Elephant Dreams Part II by rac & Reisinger Andres was collected by Pablo for $7,567

Elephant Dreams Part II
Edition 1 of 1
Part II of the record breaking audio/visual collaboration in between Reisinger Andrés and RAC. x

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