Elephant Dreams


SR interview with RAC & Andrés Reisinger

Elephant Dreams Part II
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Part II of the record breaking audio/visual collaboration in between Reisinger Andrés and RAC. superrare.co/reisingerandres x superrare.co/rac

How did you get into cryptoart? 

RAC: I’ve been into crypto since 2017 and witnessed the first iterations of NFTs back then. A lot of ideas were thrown around but it stayed off my radar until 2020. I felt like I was stepping into an alternate world separate from the more financialized DeFi movement. Something that had blossomed into a vibrant marketplace right underneath my nose. 

Andrés Reisinger: We owe my presence in the cryptoart to RAC. He presented me with this world and was the mind behind our series of collaborations.

How did you two know each other? Your relationship before the cryptoart era? 

RAC: I’ve been a big fan of Andres for a while and when I was looking for artwork for my album “BOY”, I thought he would be the perfect fit. 

Andrés Reisinger: I’ve been a fan and early listener of RAC for many many years. RAC wrote to me one day to collaborate in his album “BOY” and I was like sure, it was like a great excuse to craft some beautiful art for his latest project.

What is it like to collaborate with each other? 

RAC: Even though we’re coming from different fields, I think there’s a lot of overlap in aesthetic. I gravitate towards simple concepts and I think Andres does that really well. 

Andrés Reisinger: Actually It’s really smooth. I find myself creating what really resonates to me. And RAC’s always pushing forward. That’s really a key to our collaborations.

An overall explanation to your art subjects, styles and moods? 

RAC: I’m coming from such a wide background, but one key approach has been consistent, which is emphasis on doing something appropriate for the subject matter. It’s not about showcasing myself or any specific skill/technique. It’s always about the subject and showcasing that as best as I can. 

Andrés Reisinger: Sure you know me for my surreal dreamscapes approach on aesthetics. I’ve been working on my “Digital Installations” for many years. You have to think that right now we have some friction between devices and humans. But with time, that friction will disappear to the point where the word digital will be disused.

Give us more details about the series?

RAC: Without giving too much away, I’m constantly inspired by surrealist settings. Something that seems natural and plausible on the surface but is clearly different.

Andrés Reisinger: By mixing up very distant worlds I usually find new surrealist experiences to expand my work.

What problems can cryptoart/NFTs solve for the music industry? Your predictions for the audio visual NFTs in the future? 

RAC: 5 years in the future? It could solve many problems related to digital scarcity. However today it resembles more of a fine art model, which is already quite groundbreaking. It hasn’t been an option for musicians in the past. It’s assumed that music should be widely distributed and this challenges that. There’s space for all kinds of models and experimentation and I’m just happy to see all of those things flourish. We don’t know what the future holds and that’s cool and promising. 

How’s your experience with cryptoart by far? How should cryptoart improve to really scale in the future?

RAC: There’s perhaps a few technical limitations in size and length that I would hope would improve. I think they will, but there’s also something kinda fun about working around a technical limitation. Similar to how physical paintings can’t animate. NFTs are inherently just a container, so the sky’s the limit. 


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