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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Sphinxies by Sarah Zucker

These Sphinxies guard their precious Orb to protect its sacred signal. Signature VideoPainting by Sarah Zucker, 2020. 1991 Sony VideoPainter and original animation with Analog Glitch Processing on VHS. Digitally Transferred in 1080p. Single Edition Hi-Res looping GIF.

It’s impossible to miss the signature style of Sarah Zucker: analog video, vintage CRT Television, 1991 Sony VideoPainter, GIFs, glitch, feedback loop, VHS. The retro glitchy effect of Sarah’s art evokes the nostalgia for a time when technology captured people’s fascination and excitement for the new, unknown and unexplored. It was like something magical and brought with it a whole world of possibilities. Like said in her interview: “as I’m part of the first generation of true digital natives. I choose to focus on the beautiful aspects of that.”

Curse of the Dancing Flamingos by shapiro500

3D animation by Gavin Shapiro. Style transfer by Jeremy Torman. Music by cYsmix.

Once again impressed by Shapiro’s dancing flamingos. I love how he can put his dancing flamingos in literally all kinds of settings, be it physical or mental; cheerful, scary, solemn, or in this case – psychedelic. He then gives (the dancings of) flamingos totally different “functions”, moods, and meanings within various settings. This time his dancing flamingos go AI DeepDream, which is computer vision program that uses a convolutional neural network to create a dream-like hallucinogenic appearance. Now the flamingos keep dancing cheerfully in your psychedelic visions. What a mood.

Limbo by femzor

stuck between who I am, who I was, who I will be

This is a classical femzor erotic surrealism with the femzor red. It may look simple at the first sight, especially the construction of the space by what can’t be more basic 3D rectangles. However, when you look closely, there are so many weird, contradicting little details. It’s serene (the mirror like pond of water, swan, plant on the edge of it – all completely tranquil, the girl at the far end looking peacefully at the sunset/sunrise), scary (the fast flying swallow heading toward the wall, the spider on the butt, the three shark fins circling the red hand sinking into an unknown abyss – it is desperately crying for help, the red eye on the back of the woman’s head), sexually charged (two barely dressed women showing their beautiful backs) and illogical (the lighting of the space doesn’t make sense at all – the shadows on the rectangular, the redness of the wall/outer-space/land and the greenness of the sky and pond.) And why are there two almost identical women, one looking stealthily at the other’s back? Is she going to kill her? It’s like an erotic nightmare in an indefinite time and space, you want to and do not want to wake up at the same time.

Pink Room by animatttic

A room without a view.

animatttic constructs a surreal space with simple geometric shapes. It starts with weird title and description. Why is it “Pink” Room? Why is it a room “without” a view when there’s clearly a view inside of the space? The lighting, shadow and reflections are inconsistent or slightly wrong here and there, making the space feel fuller than it actually is. The thin wall in between is uselessly supported by two extremely slender poles. Then it’s the eerie feeling that the sphere has its own life. You wonder why it is there, and what relation it has with the circle window, circle light spot. And at last, the classical liquid crystalline object in a timeless monochrome space.

Instinct by aeforia

3D illustration by aeforia,
created in 2019. 4000×5000 px

aeforia’s 3D human head/face is chemically eroded like stones. aeforia has a love for faceless (or partially faceless) human figures. They are often mysterious, without clear identity/personality, wearing simple monochrome one big cloth, which is more like a body veil than real clothes. And the purple.

Love is a Riot by android_jones

Originally inspired by the demonstrations in Turkey in 2013, I felt like this would be a relevant image for the times we are currently experiencing. The expression of love is one of the greatest mysteries and it manifests in a myriad of phenomena. Love is incredible, love is crazy, love is pain, and ….Love is a Riot.

Although it was inspired by demonstrations in Turkey in 2013, “Love is a Riot” is, like android_jones says, not less relevant to what we are experiencing in 2020. From the bird’s-eye view, you see two people’s profiles, colored red and blue, close to kiss each other, with their hair on fire. Zooming in, you see two groups of demonstrations on the street, smokes of gunpowder and fire. But it’s not hatred, violence or conflict Jones sees, but love. Poetically says in the description: “The expression of love is one of the greatest mysteries and it manifests in a myriad of phenomena. Love is incredible, love is crazy, love is pain, and ….Love is a Riot.”

Little Doubts by David OReilly

The paralysis and relief of continual doubts.

David O Reilly’s super cute panda-like series illustrates surreal or existential states of being in the most direct, straightforward way. In “Little Doubts,” the character suffers – little doubts – like all of us do. It begins with the character walking through an indefinite all-gray smooth space. However, it turns into disturbingly colored (strong red, yellow, green, purple) nebula occupying the whole space. That’s the “little doubt” that ambushes and attacks us out of nowhere. With a shake of head, the character is able to shake the doubt away, keeps walking, but the doubts will come back again and again. The audio also stressed that the character is walking alone in its own mental space, with the clear echoing footsteps and the feedback sound symbolizing the paralyzing effect of doubts.

Melbourne Crossing by Marc O Matic

The people of the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia have just recently had their taste of normality after over 100 Days in Lockdown. Drawing Inspiration from the city itself and notably popular community building games like Animal Crossing, Melbourne Crossing was designed as a reflection of the city slowing coming back to life.
Beats by the Musically talented, proud Trawlwoolway man, RiverBoy (Narayana Johnson)
Made with Watercolor textures > Gravity Sketch > Blender 3D v2.83

In contrast to ISO iso made exactly around 100 days ago by Marc O Matic himself, which depicts a family size house under the covid life of isolation and social distance, “Melbourne Crossing” is such a lively picture (well, animation) of a whole city coming alive after 100 days of lockdown. You can feel the cheerfulness and energy exuding out of the city life from morning to night. The busy traffic of train, buses, cars and planes. People hanging with their friends everywhere. The green is flourishing. There are even fireworks. “Melbourne Crossing” gets inspirations from the style of Animal Crossing. It’s truly a piece of art recording its own time.

Signal Frame by Richard Garet

Richard Garet’s Signal Frame focuses on shape and colors itself insisting on nothing beyond its borders. The work emerged from flash-instants in a continuous stream of generative video imagery exploring the qualities and potentials of time modulation and light emission. Signal Frame begins with a stream of layers of color and form put into a constant and non-repeating state of excited motion. From this visually overwhelming flow, Garet then pulls discreet frames, which become the starting points for the digital manipulations that in turn become the final work. Each frame asserts a form that threatens to overwhelm its borders. The perimeter balanced or conflicting across strict boundaries approaches a kind of incandescence through their saturation and combination. The moving image comprised of frame compositions has the quality of an actual source of light, bridging the worlds of reflective and emanative luminous phenomena.

Richard Garet’s works question the perceivable reality and the process of perception in contemporary society in regard to images and sound. They are composed with the combination and interaction of colors. The colors are superimposed or arranged in perspective echelon. However, none of the color fields has sharp contour. Each frame “threatens to overwhelm its borders” with saturation so that at transitions one color would intermesh with the other to create intense optical effects – the color glows like fluorescent light. The animation only intensifies the effect. It’s reminiscent of James Turrell or Josef Albers in animation.

Idol 001 by Jason Ebeyer

Idol 001, 2020 3D Chrome sculpture created by Jason Ebeyer.

This 3D digital female nude sculpture bears Jason Ebeyer’s signature human form – glossy, sensual, alien-like facial structure, slightly disproportioned for the effect of eroticism body feature; and you can literally see her from every angle. She’s like the digital fashion model of next century.

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