VXN: Sacred Waste


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by VXN

Sacred Waste
Edition 1 of 1 on SuperRare

Dirty. Rotten. Raw. Pure. 
I am wasted. 
I am decomposed matter.
I am rotten. I am broken. 
I have eaten so much, I can’t find myself anymore. 
How can I be so empty and so full, all at the same time?
So dead yet so alive?
I must surrender
To this loud Silence.

“Sacred Waste” originated from roots interlaced inside of the earth.
A mass of dry rocks, a cluster of living matter and rotten flesh.
Bones and guts. Deathless branches trying to find their own sense of space.
A decomposed tree growing in vacuum. An immortal statue.
Different “selves”, expressing their forces – forces of life, forces of thought –
all broken. Souls whose ultimate aim is to fight in a lust for dominance.

Excercising sovereignty and rising up to dethrone themselves.
They are falling into a temporary abyss of their self-contempt.

— Poem by Aida Moreno Kiernan

Author profile

Space distorts as human beings try to find a place to inhabit. The perception of geometry that surrounds it, is constantly building or deconstructing a different reality, where we are all trying to create our sense of place. Graphics, nature-inspired textures and futuristic worlds feature the work of Victoria Campobello; alias VXN. Abstract shapes of amorphous forms coexist in highly textured images that seem to blend into a three dimensional space.


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