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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

WINDOW SHOPPING by izzy/vngnc

socially-distanced wet market for excavated data. we sell data from almost any network you can think of. you need it, we have it. no questions asked. privacy and safety guaranteed, we’ll provide unmarked paper bag for your purchased materials. come visit our store for all your big data needs! [] izzy/vngnc 2020 | 1920×1920 MP4 video | 14 seconds loop | original soundtrack.

izzy’s obsession with infinite pop up windows is the best! Here data are for sell and the guy is having a “window shopping.” A very humorous sarcasm & social critique of our time. The audio is made by the artist himself, it’s amazing too.

UTERUS by Render Fruit

Once a month.

This is exactly what it means to be a woman. Render Fruit enlarges the part that defines us biologically, but also gives us so much pain throughout our life. The blood – you can almost feel the pain by looking at it.

To exclusively self-destruct by Milton Sanz

Muy justo es que quien tema, tiemble.

Milton Sanz’s extreme close up shot is as amazing as his other full body shot art. This time “the Milon Sanz green” is inside of the body (mouth), unlike usually – the green leaves form the outside environments for the human bodies. But you can still tell it is 100% Milton Sanz’s.

they will see. by solace

“a wise man told me it ain’t nun for us to leave.”

You can find poetry, drawing, painting, text, image, abstraction, figuration in it. Reminds of Basquiat.

Duchamp Dreams of Skygolpe by Carlos Marcial & skygolpe

An INFINITY ROOM collaboration between myself, Skygolpe and the channeled spirit of Marcel Duchamp.

Carlos Marcial’s infinity urinals in an INFINITY ROOM, where graffiti are on the bathroom walls. There’s no better place to place Duchamp’s Fountain. skygolpe’s faceless men are cool, even aloof, and non-judgmental, overlooking you when you piss.

#3 by wonderkatzi

In the beginning there was Void, who had two daughters; one was that of Being, named Eris, and the other was of Non-Being, named Aneris. Once sterile Aneris became jealous of Eris (who was born pregnant), and started making existent things non-existent. This series is my interpretation of the relationship between two sisters.

I love wonderkatzi’s portrayals of human nudes so much. It’s so clean, so beautiful, with high contrast colors. They look like porcelain, but they also look fully alive, got caught in the constant movements. See more here.

Hollow World by kytten janae

There’s a big part of my identity that I don’t speak on often. While most know me as a city girl (LA born and raised), I actually spent most of the summers of my childhood and adolescence on a rural working ranch in Granby, Colorado called C Lazy U. My parents loved it so much they built a home there, and we’ve been part of the ranch for over 20 years now. / / / I started working on this when we first heard that the #EastTroublesomeFire was a threat to the county. I wanted to try to rectify the idilic pastoral memories of my childhood with sheer helplessness and despair I felt every time we got an update. How could humans have so much abundance and beauty, and let this happen? For all the hope and miracles nature brings us, how could the world feel so empty? Why do I have to say goodbye to the past? I don’t want to. / / / On Saturday, my parents packed up their valuable things and the animals, and evacuated early – fearing the worst. Shortly after, all 200+ horses were also evacuated from the ranch, and most families packed up and followed suit. And then on Wednesday, the doom feelings grew as smoke crept over our meadow. By night time, the smoke over our meadow turned to flames, and we watched the house become surrounded by fire, smoke and embers. And then the cameras turned off…. I won’t speculate on the damage to our home, our friends and neighbor’s homes, the ranch, or the county. It’s still too dangerous to even begin to assess, but I fear so much of it is completely gone. The fire is still burning, and today’s weather conditions don’t bode well / / / I can’t tie a nice bow around this. I don’t know what’s going to happen next or what will still be standing. This place holds the happiest and healthiest memories of my family. I hope some of it remains. We will cherish this in our hearts forever. . I have more to say that I couldn’t fit here, so please check my twitter to read the rest. / / / 2500 x 2500, rendered in RedShift with hand painted details, exclusively on Super Rare.

Dreaming something you no longer have. What has been real and important to part of your life now becomes a painting framed on the wall. It looks like a window to the garden, but it’s actually a dead end. It portrays the most lively nature but it’s like a specimen hung like a decor. This breaks my heart. kytten janae is so good at mixing the sweetness with the bitterness.

A Portrait of the Artist at 29 by Osinachi

The role of the artist is to make human reality even more real, as seen in this self-portrait portrait of Osinachi to mark his 29th birthday.

Osinachi’s self portrait as the artist turning 29. There’s a painting within a painting, where Osinachi is drawing a zebra. However there’s no canvas or a frame – there’s no limitation to art. The zebra mixes into the reality. Osinachi brings it to life. This is the power of an artist.

Bojos by winteagle

Bojos / 2020

The elongated human bodies placed in a light, heavenly environment. Everything’s crystal clear & bright. And the faces – are those baby faces in space helmets?

Cleithrophobia by shapiro500

What if every time you tried to escape, you ended up back at the beginning?

Never thought Shapiro’s dancing flamingos can be this scary too. Infinity dancing flamingos in an infinity ghost house.

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