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Excited to announce that our upcoming exhibition “SuperRare GenZs” will open on this Friday (Oct 30) 4-6pm EST.

Featured artists: blacksneakersetiene craussFakitoFede BonafemzorfewociousharvmcmjonathanwwolfeKayShaMERCPINmushbuhparrott_ism

Time: Oct 30, 4-6pm EST

Location: Decentraland SuperRare Museum (55,94)


Mushbuh is a self-taught 3d and 2d artist. They have 3 published comic books with two award nominations. Past clients include Cartoon Network, Microsoft, Brainfeeder Music, Fangamer, MALTINE, Adult Swim, works shown at Hasselt Museum of Fashion, Fumetto International Comics Festival in Switzerland, The Doug Wright awards in Toronto, CapsuleCorner in LA TWITTER – @mushbuh

What’s special about being GenZ? How it relates to your art?

The special thing about being born in this generation is that maybe it is one of the last few generations of humans to be born. We may be moments from mass extinction. How it relates to my art? Who knows. I think I am a more relaxed person knowing that at any moment I could get an emergency alert that we are all going to die because of something stupid.

funny animal town
Edition 1 of 1
funny animals going about their life in a fun little town. So cool, so funny.
What’s special about being an artist in this generation? What’s the role of artists in today’s world?

I don’t think artists need to fit any role, in any generation. Anyone can call themselves an artist. Being an artist isn’t something you need to earn, or a job, or anything. If you want to draw or paint, sing, whatever- you can call yourself an artist. I think a lot of more professionally trained creators may start to forget this. You can find a new arguement every day about how its ok to not meet certain criteria, or how you need to do a certain something. Oh well.

What does art mean to you? Why you become an artist?

This is one of the questions where if I read it in someone elses interview, i would probably skip reading it, or skim it. What does art mean to anyone? I do things because I like to do it. I’m lucky I can make money off of it. I think the more time you think about this question the less you produce from the heart. Just have fun and do what you like.

funny fishtank
Edition 1 of 1
ive always been fond/scared of fish tanks. They’re pretty intimidating. one of my earliest memories is being inside a fishtank supply store and getting really dizzy.
Your goals for the future? What kind of artists you want to be? What do you want to achieve/express through your art?

One of my goals for the future is to do an art installation. I had some lined up before covid but now I don’t know if it will ever be possible again. I would love to have my objects created at full scale for someone to walk through. I would be happy to see someone stare at whatever crap I decided to make. I’d realy love to throw a gaming pc into an aquarium filled with mineral oil as it renders an animation really slowly and project it onto a wall sprayed with AB foam. But, maybe I only think I want to do this because I can’t right now. I want people who interact with my work to feel a tactile sensation of touch, weight and momentum.

funny furni
Edition 1 of 1
being stuck inside has been fine for me, but really forcing me to notice the furniture around me. who decided a chair should look like that, or a lamp? Or whatever. I tried making some new furniture for this little mushroom/mole man over here. I’d love to make them in real life some day

It’d be cool to make this in real life.

Where do you think you are at in your life (struggles & growth)?

I can always get better and I can always learn more. I am happy with where I am, but I love to learn and I love to make things. I hope to learn more skills to keep myself entertained and inspired. As for struggles, I think I need to get over being embarrassed that I am autistic. I don’t think it matters anymore- it’s cool/funny now. I used to get bullied a lot but now I pay rent by playing on the computer, so whatever. Recently I learned how to make plushies.

his name is Peepy.
Which artists in the history are your role models? 

I don’t know much art history, honestly I don’t really care either. A lot of art history is a result of non-artists deciding what’s important. My favorite artists are Masanao Hirayama, Ventla/PLAMO, Robbie Barrat, Emamouse, David Lynch, Bugbuspiano, punimelt, SOPHIE, the people who work at the factories that make Mrs.Vickies chips, longmont potion castle, keita takahashi, super mario.

Masanao Hirayama
 How to be a successful GenZ artist?

I think the answer is just to create a niche and fufill it. Hopefully you can make some money to pay rent.

Technically define GenZ artists (like what tools are you using?)

anything, you can use anything. 🙂 We are lucky to have computers and iPads right now. I think if you want to draw you should use an ipad with procreate software. If you want to 3d model learn blender.

Edition 1 of 1
dayquil is one of the most important medicines of all time for an artist.
What do you think of the estalished traditional fine art world/market VS. cryptoart world? Which one do you prefer? How do you imagine the future of cryptoart would be?

The fine art market is lame, but I wish I was rich. The crypto art world is crazy too. Neither is perfect, but I think crypto art has a lower barrier to entry, which is good for artists. I think the future of crypto art needs to have less whales and less weirdos, and hopefully more cool artists. Cryptocurrency as a whole wastes way too much electricity. And for what?


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