Etiene Crauss: Making Masterpieces From Our Bedroom


Excited to announce that our upcoming exhibition “SuperRare GenZs” will open on this Friday (Oct 30) 4-6pm EST.

Featured artists: blacksneakersetiene craussFakitoFede BonafemzorfewociousharvmcmjonathanwwolfeKayShaMERCPINmushbuhparrott_ism

Time: Oct 30, 4-6pm EST

Location: Decentraland SuperRare Museum (55,94)


Etiene Crauss is a 20-year old artist from Brazil.

What’s special about being GenZ? 

I think now, more than ever, people want to be independent, they want to be free to do whatever they want, and I find that inspiring, both for my artistic career and for my personal life.

What’s special about being an artist in this generation? What’s the role of artists in today’s world?

Generation Z is all about technology, and with technology new ways of making art have taken over, and I think the more art is created, the better. In addition, we have social media, where anyone can share their art and it can be seen by thousands of people. In the past, only people with connections to galleries and etc. had this opportunity. I think the role of artists in today’s world is to inspire change.

Edition 1 of 1
I was made for sublunary, and in shades of blue lunacy.

What does art mean to you? Why you become an artist?

Art is everything to me, it is where I can vent without anyone judging me, it is where I can cry without shedding a tear. I never knew how to express myself in words the way I wanted to, that’s why I became an artist, I found that putting in the canvas all your feelings without having to explain it to anyone was really terapeuthic.

Your goals for the future? What kind of artists you want to be? What do you want to achieve/express through your art?

My biggest goal is to be financially independent, and rent a place with my friends, where we can create art 24/7 without anyone bothering us. What I always try to express with my art is the emotion, I want people to look at my art, and feel something, it can be anything, but feel something, something profound.

Fallen Angel
Edition 1 of 1
Like September I fall.

Where do you think you are at in your life?

I am in a weird place, where everything is changing completely, and for the best, and quickly. I would never have imagined that I would be in the position I am now in my artistic career in such a short time, I am extremely grateful for all the people I have met in the past months, and for my best friends, for always believing in me. 2 months ago I thought about giving up art and focusing on something else, because I didn’t think it would work, and now I’m here, wanting to do art for the rest of my life. At the moment I am very happy for everything that is happening, I still suffer a lot with mental health problems, but things have improved, all thanks to art.

Which artists in the history are your role models?

Joan Miró, Picasso, Francis Bacon.

How to be a successful GenZ artist?

Stay true to yourself, and market yourself, a lot. Talk to people, be out there.

Fire Angel
Edition 1 of 1
Now I am become Death,
the destroyer of worlds.

Technically define GenZ artists

I make all my art digitally, in Photoshop, in my work I do some sorta of digital mixed media. I also like to scan textures from real life and use them in my work. Texture plays a big part on my art.

What do you think of the established traditional fine art world/market VS. cryptoart world? Which one do you prefer? How do you imagine the future of cryptoart would be? 

I love cryptoart, because cryptoart gives a voice to us, digital artists. The cryptoart community understands the value of digital art, something that the established traditional fine art fails to do so, maybe they don’t see digital art as ‘real art’ but they will be obligated to do so in the future, as digital art/cryptoart keeps growing so much.


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