Weekly Top 10 Picks by Collector crypto_northerner


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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Collector crypto_northerner (Twitter: @G79Manc)

A Science Fiction Story by number41

I created this piece during the lockdown in April, it tells a story of a magic encounter I had at this time. It was a beautiful vibrating, shining, mysterious, piece of art, but could only have a glance at it and saw it diseapear in a dark haze.

Deep Inside by number41

We all have a dark side deep inside, aren’t we? Sound ON for a better experience!

‘Stuck in limbo’ by harvmcm

find your own way out.

The Watering Hole by sea_well

Bring a bucket <3

Inolesco by James Owen

Made up of 365 pieces, Inolesco is about the growth and change experienced throughout a year. During this period everything can change, adapt, and evolve…except for time itself. Time drives the structure at a consistent pace while the individual pieces ebb and flow to the rhythm of daily life. 2020 has been a particularly challenging year for most of us, but we’re still here, time is still present and persistent, and so we must grow, adapt, and develop along with it.

The Djinn by Nils Hansen

Inspired by the stories of “Thousand and one Nights // 1920 x 1600 px // 25 sec

0202 / 2020 by yusaymon

Trypophobia by number41

Fear has many eyes and can see things underground. Miguel de Cervantes

Mayhem by Michael Jordan

Sometimes we can find beauty in disorder

LS₿ by jscrilla

This is a hand crafted piece that brings together my original music, detailed doodles and maybe some mind altering substance I prolly didn’t purchase using ₿itcoin. Audio, Art, Video all Done by me J-Scrilla aka Rare Scrilla Tools: MPC2000XL, Pro Tools 7, Copic Markers, Paper, Photoshop 6, Final Cut 10, Shotcut GNU

“Eye Spy” by sea_well

Eye Spy w/ my little eye.

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