SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


October 12-18

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 A Science Fiction Story by number41 was collected by crypto_northerner for $5,547

A Science Fiction Story
Edition 1 of 1
I created this piece during the lockdown in April, it tells a story of a magic encounter I had at this time. It was a beautiful vibrating, shining, mysterious, piece of art, but could only have a glance at it and saw it diseapear in a dark haze.

#9 Deep Inside by number41 was collected by maxstealth for $5,661

Deep Inside
Edition 1 of 1
We all have a dark side deep inside, aren’t we? Sound ON for a better experience!

#8 Conscious Stardust by Reisinger Andres was collected by maxstealth for $5,663

Conscious Stardust
Edition 1 of 1
This artwork is part of “Terrace North” serie. Quantity of Artworks in “Terrace North” serie : 4 artworks in total.

#7 Fire Angel by Etiene Crauss was collected by doodledots for $5,999

Fire Angel
Edition 1 of 1
Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

#6 [secondary sale] Peepers by Hackatao was sold by collector VK Crypto (profit 2,924%) to maxstealth for $7,561
Artist royalty to Hackatao: $756

Edition 1 of 1
When you do something out of the ordinary (like Cryptoart), everyone looks at you. It’s often embarrassing, but with time you get used to it.

#5 CYBERSNEAKER by RTFKT Studios was collected by ericwithac for $11,357

Edition 1 of 1
The OG CYBERSNEAKER viral virtual sneaker. #1 on Elon Musk Reddit. Covered by Unbox Therapy, Complex, Bleacher Report. The design has been appreciated by over 50 Million people, this is your chance to be the first to own this viral metagrail by RTFKT. *Please note this sneaker has been previously worn by Elon Musk in another simulation 🌐

#4 [secondary sale] Departed by XCOPY was sold by collector Rare Scrilla to maxstealth for $11,583
Artist royalty to XCOPY: $1,158

Edition 1 of 1
Self beware

#3 Star Crossed by 3LAU was collected by m4t for $12,936

Star Crossed
Edition 1 of 1
S̷t̷a̷r̷ ̷C̷r̷o̷s̷s̷e̷d̷

#2 [secondary sale] A message worth repeating by Carlos Marcial & Lucho Poletti was sold by CryptoSteve (profit 2,919%) to maxstealth for $14,249

A message worth repeating
Edition 1 of 1
This infinity room collaboration by Carlos Marcial & Lucho Poletti showcases a selection of Lucho’s Bitcoin art displayed in the infinity room, including the Satoshi icon mask, Better Money campbells soup can & red bull labels, framed design elements from the Creation and Destruction piece, PR man, and Satoshi’s Citadel. Using a variety of visual styles, the message is consistent. Bitcoin is better money. 1024 x 1080px. GIF

#1 Коломна by Fabio Giampietro was collected by crazypiano for $17,217

Edition 1 of 1
A portrait. In the Metromorphosis series the boundaries between portraits and urban landscapes collapse into a play of lights and shadows. Oil on canvas, 2020. 8712 x 9018 pixels

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